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Grateful Dead 10/22/90
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany
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Source # 12833 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums st5 , shn-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary 2 Beyer M160> Sony TCD5M Front Of Board Master Cassette> CDR via unknown seeder 
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Grateful Dead
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany
2 Beyer M160> Sony TCD5M Front Of Board
Master Cassette>CDR

Greatest Story
Peggy O
Wang Dang
Foolish Heart
Desolation Row
Bird Song
Valley Road

Standing On The Moon
Uncle Johns

The Weight
Show Checksums
42deda32c7f15d179545641549728012 [shntool] gd-90-10-22d1t1.shn
13b7694ea12fd00b1577172c92b1618e [shntool] gd90-10-22d1t2.shn
c389852cc44f3c06e3d502c81b03584b [shntool] gd90-10-22d1t3.shn
3968a9f45f6ed0643b696bd6bb7c820a [shntool] gd90-10-22d1t4.shn
74662ac8522edbb22b67962570727d1f [shntool] gd90-10-22d1t5.shn
1d70dcdefb03b73d3722564a20fd9d1b [shntool] gd90-10-22d1t6.shn
8fe9a21dcb0aacd7fa26e260f0133d23 [shntool] gd90-10-22d1t7.shn
178de77d2c67a0bbe008900d7cfad5ac [shntool] gd90-10-22d1t8.shn
b79d9425a6991e041f7129d34dbacb16 [shntool] gd90-10-22d2t1.shn
c3cd1cb96bb4b9214ebcbc1ab4386455 [shntool] gd90-10-22d2t2.shn
6456071d0878c741d0faefcf3a687557 [shntool] gd90-10-22d2t3.shn
ed1ecbcf4508e42f8f4644e74abd868f [shntool] gd90-10-22d2t4.shn
21380f2bdb8eae88ffe2128e1ee8de3c [shntool] gd90-10-22d2t5.shn
73b12f056df672d545e92ff92446b827 [shntool] gd90-10-22d3t1.shn
4e19beb9595ed80a6f49f8e23887e42c [shntool] gd90-10-22d3t2.shn
8c1836797a75b52c6ea2ed34345b8114 [shntool] gd90-10-22d3t3.shn
0df0ce2faa20bf44f629f5697bc133ca [shntool] gd90-10-22d3t4.shn
dc2254508832ee870c57b8b18d6e2418 [shntool] gd90-10-22d3t5.shn
c1cb4e6f60687c2df63bd387137cd634 *gd90-10-22d1t8.shn
30298b115938fcb8593b37df869ba965 *gd90-10-22d1t2.shn
1efbcea2f9ee45d1c08dc57498bf029f *gd90-10-22d1t3.shn
b52f8d983f3e25056a3cf2a70ae9268d *gd90-10-22d1t4.shn
5602c1b807243b80bf92ae4489adc666 *gd90-10-22d1t5.shn
ac0716abd6a3a471face47f458bd1694 *gd90-10-22d1t6.shn
bf8e9a0d68ac07b62eb95ab0c715d3d4 *gd90-10-22d1t7.shn
f1d68e53e7fcfdae6bb4b03785c35fb6 *gd-90-10-22d1t1.shn
87a04851f23fcca298625cf1e2081efb *gd90-10-22d2t5.shn
870f7e7bceb4962da5dd87b0fc755e0a *gd90-10-22d2t2.shn
053f092848ebeed4438f4c565930e841 *gd90-10-22d2t3.shn
c2a3f2ca3bc2fc3c96b56d975d72e70f *gd90-10-22d2t4.shn
1d25efbb00c80c183d8162dea1fce92d *gd90-10-22d2t1.shn
1e23a50795aa034ed18ef0fd2198ac56 *gd90-10-22d3t5.shn
19ae606c8dce7d772d41b04ac4425439 *gd90-10-22d3t2.shn
85369435d1521816a0cfeb2a80864e61 *gd90-10-22d3t3.shn
3836ca9f57296fd98860aa73e745e9ed *gd90-10-22d3t4.shn
04c28a163c536e1c6bb130eb0736367d *gd90-10-22d3t1.shn

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SBD>DAT>C>DAT>CDR; Seeded... (0) SBD>CM>D>CD>EAC>SHN,... (2) DSBD > CD > EAC > SHN; No... (0) flac16; Source:... (0) flac16; Master... (0) flac24; Master... (0) flac16; Schoeps CMC... (0)
Date User Comment
03/27/2004 Smiler These are the notes that I added to the info file when I fixed and burnt my own copy of this show. I don't believe that I've recirculated the fixed copy thus far.


original (messed-up) version posted to usenet late July 2002.

Every one of the original .wav files was cut to an incorrect
CD sector boundary. except for d3t02.

Close examination of the .wav files revealed:

d1t01 - d1t02 (20 samples from end of d1t01 repeated at start of d1t02).
d1t02 - d1t03 (no detectable overlap, although there is a volume adjustment
that coincides with the track change).
d1t06 - d1t07 (cassette flip - natural break, no repeated samples)
d1t07 - d1t08 (no definite overlap, although possible volume adjustment
masking 19 sample overlap).
d2t01 - d2t02 ( 7 samples from end of d2t01 repeated at start of d2t02).
d2t02 - d2t03 (18 samples from end of d2t02 repeated at start of d2t03).
d2t03 - d2t04 (14 samples from end of d2t03 repeated at start of d2t04).
d2t04 - d2t05 (38 samples from end of d2t04 repeated at start of d2t05).
d2t05 - d3t01 (cassette flip - natural break, no repeated samples)
d3t01 - d3t02 (31 samples from end of d3t01 repeated at start of d3t02).
d3t02 - d3t03 (14 samples from end of d3t02 repeated at start of d3t03).
d3t03 - d3t04 (27 samples from end of d3t03 repeated at start of d3t04).
d3t04 - d3t05 (cassette pause or flip - natural break before encore, no repeated samples)

I found overlaps extremely difficult to detect, both audibly and visually
in disc #1. They were easier to locate in d2 & d3, but were in all cases
inaudible. If I missed any (in d1), they are probably inaudible anyway.

I fixed all the duplicated samples by simply deleting them in the 2nd of
each pair of .wav files, then running shntool fix over the resulting
collection (each disc separately - since there is a (set) break between
d1 & d2, and a tape flip between d2 & d3).

The resulting .wav files were then re-shn'ed and renamed (ie as dxtxx).