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Phish 08/14/97
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien, NY
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Entered by Jeff Mitchell
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Source Summary flac16 48kHz Set 2 only; (OTS)Sennheiser K6RD/ME66>D8 sampled at 48k; Master DAT>DA-P1>SPDIF>M-Audio Audiophile 192>CD Wave/DirectWav>flac Level 8>Traders Little Helper; Taped and transferred by Greg Nash 
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Thursday, 08/14/1997
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien Center, NY

Source: Sennheiser K6RD/ME66>D8 sampled at 48k
Transfer: Master DAT>DA-P1>SPDIF>M-Audio Audiophile 192>CD Wave/DirectWav>
flac Level 8>Traders Little Helper
Taped and transferred by Greg Nash

Fresh transfer uncirculated source as of 4-24-2014

****I still only have the second set of this source. The first set snapped
during transfer. This show and these tapes were pretty sentimental to me. Of all
the Phish I've seen, this remains my favorite show. It was my second attempt at
recording these guys. I know I had about a dozen decks patched out of mine so
there has to be a copy around somewhere. If anyone knows of a copy anywhere, I
would love to get one. Please help if you can, ask around, someone has the tape in
a box in the closet or basement somewhere. Sorry it's only one set.
There used to be never ending debate on using audio DATs vs. DDS tape. This and
a few other audio DATs have broken during transfer, and for the most part, the DDS
have been fine. I guess my conclusion is that for me, DDS tape had much better long
term storage.****

Set 2: Chalk Dust Torture, Love Me, Sparkle > Harry Hood -> Jam >
Colonel Forbin's Ascent -> Merry Pranksters Jam[1] -> Camel Walk, Taste

Encore: Bouncing Around the Room, Rocky Top

[1] Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters.

If I Only Had a Brain, Frankenstein, Maze, and Somewhere Over the Rainbow
teases in Merry Pranksters Jam Notes: The second set featured a remarkable
jam after Harry Hood ended and before Forbin’s began, as well as an appearance
by Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. Listen for several teases during the
Pranksters Jam, including If I Only Had a Brain and Frankenstein teases
from Phish and Maze and Somewhere Over the Rainbow teases from Trey.

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01 Chalkdust Torture.flac:eec4f2b07debdccf6ab17fc3dce6bf85
02 Love Me.flac:d4a1190415798c2c464add1769793f27
03 Sparkle.flac:0119c28c35f27bd04b02e0973a6c3b89
04 Harry Hood.flac:d08da5e3e95af6fe43ceccd048a84c4c
05 Jam.flac:e159755297917f14f0034ffd69fb1ce1
06 Colonel Forbin's Ascent.flac:096ebce543cafeda9dd3bc6f63741ed7
07 Merry Pranksters Craziness.flac:28703bda717f94f8cb26b3dc307c9920
08 Camel Walk.flac:83c5ead69a0e26f0277391759dc808af
09 Taste.flac:ef10bd9bd81f4bcad85e533d17a2c20a
10 Encore Break.flac:945922c6edb32d0fc619f3315f47dd29
11 Bouncing Around The Room.flac:6130d99d0458afacdff0ffb803fe4abd
12 Rocky Top.flac:62b0556b8f474ab35dedb6e0a596f78c

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