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Phish 04/26/14
New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans, LA
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Entered by Terry Watts
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Source Summary flac16, 44kHz; (FOB/ROC/90deg/Head Mount) DPA 4021's > Naiant PFA's > Sony PCM-M10; Unknown Transfer; Source and Transfer by Eric Wilkens 
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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
New Orleans, LA
April 26, 2014 Saturday
DPA 4021 Tinybox PFA Sony M10
90deg 5'7" head mount stealth
About 60' back (20' from the rail), 20' right of center FOB
Recorded by Eric Wilkens

01. Kill Devil Falls
02. Moma Dance
03. Rift
04. Wolfman's Brother
05. Lawn Boy
06. Party Time
07. Ocelot
08. Funky Bitch
09. 46 Days
10. The Line
11. Character Zero

12. Down With Disease
13. Birds Of A Feather
14. Twist*
15. Sparkle
16. Free
17. Light
18. Sand
19. Harry Hood
20. Cavern
21. Grind
22. Encore Break
23. Julius

*featuring Carlos Santana guitar quotes
# FYI I am not a "human mic stand". A couple of beach ball hits and a few ducks to move stuff
or see what's going on behind me. Thanks to the great quiet people around me. Dude from
Houston, nice work calling the first song of each set ; )

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daaffeb13829e07d00b33d4894591dda *phish2014-04-26a04.flac
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7e9ac26fa89e48939b6ae0612afab2f6 *phish2014-04-26a08.flac
bd4e6082574ddaf535f55d81dda07ee2 *phish2014-04-26a09.flac
b17b652a47800dc9c5cd3da3e30d0831 *phish2014-04-26a10.flac
e4814891956634c97f49981b639fcbac *phish2014-04-26a11.flac
f2f4841a17ad58027e04753380ef6fa3 *phish2014-04-26b01.flac
6ae2d40a555097f5d531678ae8a98abf *phish2014-04-26b02.flac
5e77cb0a1673536f22a9a67f84d1f9ba *phish2014-04-26b03.flac
be541f07b1dcd75f564a53cd7411a15a *phish2014-04-26b04.flac
44ed1cc966260cbee52eac2484447e8c *phish2014-04-26b05.flac
3ab39a3e69d5afcf1ffa7f499d2fc215 *phish2014-04-26b06.flac
645261a57f60f4b86cfbe498c18049e8 *phish2014-04-26b07.flac
26493e0ee92413aec7af9bb68fb4e1e9 *phish2014-04-26b08.flac
68cc63d5e24e82a7d8a50bf528fcdf9a *phish2014-04-26b09.flac
342d5fbfd2670fe498bde89b595dc589 *phish2014-04-26b10.flac
f8c272a286583467df6f24439eeba500 *phish2014-04-26b11.flac
5fa0444bb4b6b564bc77b24ea7a5c452 *phish2014-04-26b12.flac

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