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Medeski Martin & Wood 07/08/11
North Sea Jazz Festival (Congo Stage), Rotterdam, the Netherlands
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Entered by duggy
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Source Summary flac16; Source: Source: DPA 4060 > DPA MPS6030 > (Oade) Marantz PMD-620; Tracking/Encoding: 24bit WAV > WaveLab 6.11 (downsampling/tracking/fades) > Trader’s Little Helper (fix SBEs + FLAC Level 8) > MP3Tag (ID tags) 
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Medeski Martin & Wood + Soulbop (Randy Brecker & Bill Evans)
North Sea Jazz Festival (Congo Stage)
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
July 8, 2011 (Friday)

Source: DPA 4060 > DPA MPS6030 > (Oade) Marantz PMD-620
Recording: Approximate HRTF, fourth row, center
Mastering: Adobe Audition 3.0 (EQ, normalization)
by Aaron Isaacs (aaronji AT live DOT com)

Tracking/Encoding: 24bit WAV > WaveLab 6.11 (downsampling/tracking/fades) > Trader’s Little Helper (fix SBEs + FLAC Level 8) > MP3Tag (ID tags)
by dug (crookedbirds AT gmail DOT com) – May 15/2014

- One Set -
01.  [01:56] - 'Announcer/Crowd'
02.  [15:53] - "Unknown North Sea Soulbop"* (w/ Bass'n'Drums/Bass)
03.  [00:38] - Clav Intro >
04.  [13:53] - Tit for Tat* (w/ Drum Solo)
05.  [03:40] - 'Bill(y) Speaks'
06.  [11:52] - Junkyard+
07.  [00:32] - 'Crowd'
08.  [10:36] - Dixie Hop*
09.  [00:38] - 'Bill Speaks'
10.  [01:08] - Bass Solo >
11.  [09:05] - Bemsha Swing/Lively Up Yourself^
12.  [10:17] - Cool Eddie*
13.  [01:15] - 'Bill Speaks/Announcer/Crowd'

* Soulbop tune -- I'm not certain about the title for track #2 - dug
+ MMW tune
^ medley -- part of MMW's repertoire

- Soulbop -
Bill Evans - sax
Randy Brecker - trumpet
- MMW -
John Medeski - keys
Billy Martin - drums
Chris Wood - basses

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- by dug [crookedbirds AT gmail DOT com] 2014-05-15

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a832e04dada2ebe44a40205f63ef810f [shntool] mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t01.flac
94d15dabd4ec1177309c491fcdd5e94f [shntool] mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t02.flac
43c230d5bb67f6d55aafbc6371691e38 [shntool] mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t03.flac
d94215ca8c62f7ffcb0dec9c3ae3cd80 [shntool] mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t04.flac
377565f289d673d363c0c73f4dc23867 [shntool] mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t05.flac
57aaa4408004f3e50890a4a5a9be2f59 [shntool] mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t06.flac
672816f918f3d4391a26c645c734b569 [shntool] mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t07.flac
9d92b8f766e29a9585d5a37ccc78e799 [shntool] mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t08.flac
b8adc087be3ba23b880e2e1fbf947766 [shntool] mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t09.flac
dc765b5a918728e1de90a40d30bacec5 [shntool] mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t10.flac
8ae656bd48f0e660d47fd40e79a524f6 [shntool] mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t11.flac
8e914654793101b13e8a10413aab7f2e [shntool] mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t12.flac
ef8ecf50d72445d30b2a2ff1c599c788 [shntool] mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t13.flac
05a03c67b8fb8af9545a2d5170cbe3e0 *mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t01.flac
020d1a422bad6764b762a008cd48fdfc *mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t02.flac
ecc892a97944fa6075294a8cdf728bc1 *mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t03.flac
1282894733cb0f238259acaccaba5d93 *mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t04.flac
c6523819d0949e274f08d8bdde290a2c *mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t05.flac
82f99db51c16b696ae58db755b095c7c *mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t06.flac
6210229e39cd77a14ba612749e9339ad *mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t07.flac
99797bd50227fe59bf176e346742464b *mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t08.flac
19b47cca45be97d17dd787fe632fd32d *mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t09.flac
adf855ad129014ccf07190d49cfab269 *mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t10.flac
d483af2e077b5260b87a1c9123bdbde8 *mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t11.flac
4fdfa3c89e290bee0acbfff641c9ecee *mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t12.flac
afc00f50cd576f0b9f68a8486890ffc7 *mmw+soulbop2011-07-08t13.flac

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01/19/2015 duggy I have added the taper info to the text file:

Recording: Approximate HRTF, fourth row, center
Mastering: Adobe Audition 3.0 (EQ, normalization)
by Aaron Isaacs (aaronji AT live DOT com)

I stupidly forgot to put that in before seeding! Please update your texts!