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Phish 08/17/97
Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, ME
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Entered by Terry Watts
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Source Summary flac16, 48kHz; Sennheiser K6RD/ME66 > Sony TCD-D8 > DAT(m); DAT(m) > Tascam DA-P1 > M-Audio Audiophile 192 > CDWave > FLAC; Source and Transfer by Greg Nash 
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Sunday, 08/17/1997
Loring Commerce Center at Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, ME

Location: Audience OTS
Source: Sennheiser K6RD/ME66>D8 sampled at 48k
Transfer: Master DAT>DA-P1>SPDIF>M-Audio Audiophile 192>
CD Wave/Direct Wav>flac level 8>TLH
Taped and transferred by Greg Nash

Fresh transfer uncirculated source as of 5-29-2014

Set 1: The Wedge, Beauty of My Dreams, Dogs Stole Things, Vultures,
Water in the Sky > Maze, Bouncing Around the Room > Tweezer ->
Taste, Carolina

Set 2: Down with Disease[1] -> Bathtub Gin > Uncle Pen,
Also Sprach Zarathustra -> Art Jam > Harry Hood

Set 3: Buffalo Bill -> NICU, Weigh, Guyute, Dirt, Scent of a Mule ->
Digital Delay Loop Jam -> Scent of a Mule, Prince Caspian

Encore: When the Circus Comes, Tweezer Reprise

[1] Unfinished.

∑ Cities and Simple jams in Tweezer
∑ Proud Mary tease in Bathtub Gin
∑ London Bridge Is Falling Down tease in Digital Delay Loop Jam

Notes: This was the second show of The Great Went festival. Tweezer featured
a Cities-like jam and Simple teases, and the Digital Delay Loop Jam
included London Bridge is Falling Down teases. Disease was unfinished.
Bathtub Gin contained a Proud Mary tease from Page. Throughout the weekend,
fans painted pieces of wood that were assembled into an Art Tower. During
Disease, Page and Fishman painted their portions of the Art Tower; Mike
and Trey painted theirs during 2001. The Art Jam saw the crowd carry the
pieces of the bandís art to the side of the venue where it was hoisted onto
the Art Tower and added to the fans' art. During Tweezer Reprise, the Art
Tower was burned to the ground as The Great Went came to a close. As the
Hood jam kicked in, Trey asked Chris to turn the lights off and the band
jammed while the front section of the audience engaged in the first Hood
glowstick war. Trey remarked to the crowd at the end of the jam that the
visual display was cool. Between the first and second sets, the Bangor
Symphony Orchestra performed selections from Stravinsky and Debussy as a
red-smoke-spewing glider synchronized its swoops and dives to the music.
Buffalo Bill was played for the first time since December 31, 1994 (204 shows).

Show Checksums
01 The Wedge.flac:94e1cdf420ea798f25a7274ff410ac23
02 Beauty Of My Dreams.flac:23908bf3c85f74f4a9954843c27e16a7
03 Dog Stole Things.flac:7ba289c123850b6cb019804efceed0d3
04 Vultures.flac:d2fd8dace993a900572c4da930ab0073
05 Water In The Sky.flac:0a7bf86ee6b3f3c44038572c2a8cee7d
06 Maze.flac:09531b4c4b3888bd2f7d2665db27d24b
07 Bouncing Around The Room.flac:6cb4bc172b1e692df850fe8434074941
08 Tweezer.flac:e4e4f69b82e1c8066264a1bb0544516e
09 Taste.flac:3c4632f0e58c7e57533b73d715276ede
10 Carolina.flac:2b8a872941425fcdc85b37a2ad39b4a8
11 Down With Disease.flac:82724c43f027f36942008009d8b1d457
12 Bathtub Gin.flac:2f1743a8156854a96d27aa36b964e4ec
13 Uncle Pen.flac:587f73d244b2eb87f42265b9a96a2b51
14 2001.flac:676ec13a5258163939535df00fbabcbf
15 Art Jam.flac:1a14f6b09b8d328702c371a1d9ae76db
16 Harry Hood.flac:64fe58552f73cace30b21f7f65d60013
17 Buffalo Bill.flac:5b123d2b36eb08c8f501af77637f56b0
18 NICU.flac:99566f1405301df11b7a398d9d973497
19 Weigh.flac:30cc72a0731c8949a42b1db38f7d319b
20 Guyute.flac:609078b03abe3159597d195b046b88fe
21 Dirt.flac:2b3bd58ecebe53efbd3733c2586eb02a
22 Scent Of A Mule.flac:4042dfe3af7c8d38d2da8ff7664768f0
23 Prince Caspian.flac:ee44a6211f64ee32c428c09c386d7be4
24 Encore Break.flac:2b54ddd47b2a67e4cca1320901af5f9e
25 When The Circus Comes To Town.flac:2f63d25d25e0355751c037f5bdf151f6
26 Tweezer Reprise.flac:79f7386ffc98bb73e6b45d4ad7a4eb54

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