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String Cheese Incident 06/22/13
The Sheridan Opera House, Telluride, CO
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Source Summary SCI2013-06-22, Sheridan Opera House, Telluride, Co, (MK41's-NOS-Balcony-DFC) 
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String Cheese Incident
Sheridan Opera House
Schoeps mk41\'s(NOS)>kc5>cmc6>Oade m118>ACM Mod HDP2 @ 24/48
cool edit pro>cdwave editor>flac16

Taped by Barrett Miller
transferred and uploaded by Richard Skaggs.

[email protected]

01- Intro
02- Shine
03- Outside Inside
04- Boo Boo\'s Pik-a-Nik
05- Come as you Are
06- Lochs of Dread
07- Impressions
08- Telluride
09- White Freightliner Blues*
10- Ain\'t gonna Work Tomorrow$
11- Sittin\' On Top of the World^
12- Zombee Jamboree^
13- Quinn the Eskimo^

14- It is What it Is
15- Texas^
16- I Know You Rider^

*w/Andy Thorn
$w/Andy Thorn & Drew Emmitt
^w/Andy Thorm, Drew Emmitt, Vince Herman and Wally Ingram

This was a Team 4 Corners Production
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9b54430fb2dadef57dd46c4add088d17 *SCI2013-06-22-t01.flac
b777a0881f5e354964cc467554b5c601 *SCI2013-06-22-t02.flac
11bf3d5db755ca748cb14bbe70b966d7 *SCI2013-06-22-t03.flac
1a8106ed14e5052e1608ca7c0fa85fe2 *SCI2013-06-22-t04.flac
bb949edc60ccfd0ad6279f4616b6c9ea *SCI2013-06-22-t05.flac
80aacbcb12e935d3d5bbb87c5578b1d7 *SCI2013-06-22-t06.flac
40a4372f01e4e9a754a8a4b277169cf3 *SCI2013-06-22-t07.flac
d4f1acfcc710614d7e0f7855e2c04a6b *SCI2013-06-22-t08.flac
d38bb77afaa510898e418c5f6094699b *SCI2013-06-22-t09.flac
fec912e49a6102e4421b26eea52441b3 *SCI2013-06-22-t10.flac
7e5d85ce7b3db4a6ca63d636e23f41ab *SCI2013-06-22-t11.flac
94d4fd94ff00e4d9e05f16238cc7bcf3 *SCI2013-06-22-t12.flac
2049228843b99d5836c454b43a8e535c *SCI2013-06-22-t13.flac
b766b3a33580f94a47df9852af45c4c8 *SCI2013-06-22-t14.flac
65dc5b2d1cba50ded29365243f509371 *SCI2013-06-22-t15.flac
1a5b92c0a13113aae9e5302d8d43b3bb *SCI2013-06-22-t16.flac

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