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Medeski Martin & Wood 10/31/02
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums both
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary MBHO603/kn500> MP-2> SBM-1> M-1> WAV> SHN; DFC 1st balcony 3-4 ft straight over the rail; taped and transferred by Tim McDonald; note this is apparently the initial version with RIFF chunks and SBEs; at least one reseed now in circ instead 
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Medeski, Martin and Wood
Hammerstein Ballroom
New York City, NY

Source: MBHO603/kn500>MP-2>SBM-1>M-1>WAV>SHN
DFC 1st balcony 3-4 ft straight over the rail
Tim McDonald   [email protected]

Set 1: improv > The Dropper, bass solo > Ten Dollar High
Macha > drum solo > Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho

Set 2: *Stridulations, Dracula, Partido Alto, Pappy Check
Your Name is Snake Anthony, drum solo > Fire > Smoke
The Saint, Uninvisible

Encore: I Wanna Ride You

Comment: * about 6 percussion people
-DJ Spooky on Dracula and Partido
-Mauro Refosco on percussion for Dracula and Partido
-Smokey Hormel on guitar for Partido and Pappy
-Uninvisible horns of NYC (Steven Bernstein, Briggan Krauss
Howard Johnson on tuba and Curtis Hasselbring on trombone.) on Snake Anthony, The Saint
Uninvisible, and I Wanna Ride You

2 patches: Jeff Gillis & Ian Stone
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45891321d4030261210b25384d4c40d3 *mmw2002-10-31d01t01.shn
86cf9b4636450ba715b82cd9d1005091 *mmw2002-10-31d01t02.shn
10150a287ba25657362c649c9b0e28ca *mmw2002-10-31d01t03.shn
76e899add647228635727be5f894f4a5 *mmw2002-10-31d01t04.shn
357fe747133488da15a70c57698a6a65 *mmw2002-10-31d01t05.shn
31c06412abb0a5a6172fc6ffc08598c3 *mmw2002-10-31d01t06.shn
1257abd172b2de44902587c36d74e65f *mmw2002-10-31d01t07.shn
396dc76c6823b38096998f1fc63405b6 *mmw2002-10-31d01t08.shn
3ce2b9b67777fb8528d7c17f5fafb170 *mmw2002-10-31d01t09.shn
29195ee1a4bcc8be2b720c6f5d26cd3d *mmw2002-10-31d01t10.shn
6fa6ec92842a0c1cf60a5e26ed5493f3 *mmw2002-10-31d02t01.shn
25fcfbea7330e70bf5f1059b3215254d *mmw2002-10-31d02t02.shn
4a64d29f1c5c95cd17f2ea4d7a084467 *mmw2002-10-31d02t03.shn
646799b8465c151188e086fcab24261e *mmw2002-10-31d02t04.shn
cf96fa5c961ae228a7dc0186e6ffdb50 *mmw2002-10-31d02t05.shn
8bd61b3ec0e0011a02389ef7cde5c0dd *mmw2002-10-31d02t06.shn
024428bf015d392b33099cae8034a359 *mmw2002-10-31d02t07.shn
86f4498b5f13018c710226f7fef7dfb7 *mmw2002-10-31d02t08.shn
46712d3e2afbd22747d8c1196895a591 *mmw2002-10-31d02t09.shn

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shn; Source: fixup... (4) shn; Source: Neumann... (3) flac16; Please do not... (1) flac16; Source:... (1)
Date User Comment
04/20/2007 shackman3000 Stridulations: MMW, SB, MR and Carl Nilsen
06/04/2007 shackman3000 Actually, there were only 5 who performed Stridulations that evening: MMW, Steven Bernstein and Carl Nilsen--Mauro Refosco wasn't part of that performance (although he was active on percussion throughout the evening).