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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/01/96
Saratoga Winners, Cohoes, NY
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Entered by duggy
Checksums d1shn-md5 , d2shn-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary shn; Source: Audio-Technica 822 Stereo Mic > D7 > CDR (Phillips CDR 880) >EAC> SHN; taper T. Holmes; tracking/shn by P. Rocco; known flaws missing <2 sec ITAHTLMJ intro; splices in Billy's spiel at the end of Syeeda's; cut into encore bass solo 
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Medeski, Martin & Wood
Saratoga Winners, Cohoes, NY
Friday, November 1st, 1996

Source:  Audio-Technica 822 Stereo Mic -> D7 -> CDR (Phillips CDR 880) ->
DAE/1* -> SHN

*DAE done using EAC with a Plextor Ultraplex 40Max drive (secure mode,
non-caching, w/C2 error correction).  ALL TRACKS extracted to 100% track

Taped and Seeded by Tom Holmes ([email protected]).
Tracked, Shortened, and Seeded to E-Tree by Pete Rocco
([email protected]).

Disc One, Set One:
01.  [06:34] - Is There Anbody Here That Love My Jesus (fades in)
02.  [12:32] - The Lover >
03.  [10:06] - Lifeblood >
04.  [12:19] - Jelly Belly > Drum Solo [@8:58]
05.  [07:51] - Syeeda's Song Flute
FILLER: Encore:
06.  [10:20] - Bass Solo > Chubb Sub [@1:36]
[TOTAL DISC ONE TIME:  59:37.34]

Disc Two, Set Two:
01.  [07:35] - Night Marchers >
02.  [09:30] - Henduck
03.  [09:40] - Think
04.  [09:25] - Dracula
05.  [05:54] - Macha >
06.  [05:10] - Wiggly's Way
07.  [11:11] - Lonely Avenue
08.  [06:01] - Bubblehouse
09.  [06:06] - Crosstown Traffic
[TOTAL DISC TWO TIME:  70:33.71]

Known issues:  
1.  ITAHTLMJ fades in; if anything, 2 seconds are missed of the bass

2.  During Billy's spiel at the end of Syeeda's, there are a few 'splices'
where I guess Tom hit pause by mistake.

3.  For the encore, it starts with the bass already playing.  I don't know
how much, if any, of the bass solo is missing.

NOTE:  On my personal copy , I put a 5-second pregap on the first disc to
seperate the Encore from the end of the first set.

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7019dc298ac964050582e83a0056311e *mmw96-11-01d1t03.shn
b2e78ad875f7a1247c7b5830b52074fb *mmw96-11-01d1t04.shn
a5dfe7021de3530b04684078e80b0d5c *mmw96-11-01d1t05.shn
ea97812d7757ca555daf775b05bca3e8 *mmw96-11-01d1t06-E.shn
c7cde44a524d4fa27a482093bae86ac7 *mmw96-11-01d1t02.shn
7461cde517a256757ca6f678204ef28c *mmw96-11-01d1t01.shn
0fc65882165139398f09644f73469b9e *mmw96-11-01d2t04.shn
f943b62803ec7db61ef9fa56cf2e86b7 *mmw96-11-01d2t03.shn
f753c1b47f16025974266a2e40517e30 *mmw96-11-01d2t05.shn
4170059690e99164c0823bed4473f2f2 *mmw96-11-01d2t06.shn
0e4e3d0428a2fc6b88d10533cd328f78 *mmw96-11-01d2t08.shn
4337a9b6f04f9bca83e0d7778cd184ae *mmw96-11-01d2t07.shn
b85c2492c29d4ecb4d1492b4df6cc054 *mmw96-11-01d2t09.shn
f4f63f9db295eeaf9c088210af4af2e4 *mmw96-11-01d2t02.shn
2ae948813b3dd962bd9def9856054fbd *mmw96-11-01d2t01.shn

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12/01/2001 mattyrigs Besides the few minor flaws the sound quality of the recording is perfect!
03/27/2007 twilight Added md5 files.
12/02/2011 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, track times, etc.)