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Drive-By Truckers 12/30/10
Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY
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Source Summary Drive-By Truckers,2010 NYC New Years Shows (Brooklyn Bowl 12/30 and Terminal 5 12/31) 
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Drive By Truckers
Brooklyn Bowl,Brooklyn,NY

cd # 1
Your Woman Is A Living Thing Intro
A Ghost to Most
Feb 14
Marry Me
Play It All Night Long/Ain't That Pretty At All
Get Downtown
...I Told You So
After the Scene Dies
Birthday Boy
Girls Who Smoke
David Hood Intro
Dancin' Ricky
Respect Yourself
Everybody Needs Love

cd # 2
Tales Facing Up
Women Without Whiskey
A World of Hurt
Shut Up and Get On The Plane
E:I Used to be a Cop
Self-Destructive Zones
18 Wheels of Love
People Who Died

Front Left Corner Of The Soundboard:DPA(B&K) 4011s->V2->Luminous Synchestra Signature XLRs->SD 722 @ 24/48.SD722 -> CD Wave (tracking) ->
Wavelab 5(edit/resample/dither)->FLAC.Recorded and processed with a little luck by Mark Lynn.
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DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d1t01.flac:c8cf92e4f79c1ab5a20fcbef70df64ab
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d1t02.flac:1e94d7566e7adadf5c5ff1a1840171b7
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d1t03.flac:4d72d07dc2b0ee14c3d6b4593c2d74b8
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d1t04.flac:fe6cd663b7905b1def2f5040432c0dee
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d1t05.flac:29a9e1d6bc89215487e6d2febfc787c5
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d1t06.flac:602158b1430cb0c90c8eef3f2a1feac4
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d1t07.flac:54cf638c0f0a63133314ee05ea99d4b5
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d1t08.flac:75289959cef191948f0809703f2dcae8
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d1t09.flac:bdcb312767a8f5990f9389de782e18c7
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d1t10.flac:316270494ad80025cf7853ec1132683c
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d1t11.flac:4a7fbb3170c3ca435a20e08a8617f3b3
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d1t12.flac:5ad25335fa71dc029889eb3bb6aefb8b
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d1t13.flac:02dbca64150ae3dadfd1430782163fe5
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d1t14.flac:64aa1902882ced70e1de353dcaeef42c
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d1t15.flac:d4d34f40cc45caabbe21a9b752656f23
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d1t16.flac:035393929228f83180b82e44e65ffb97
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d2t01.flac:c180f4d89f1743211d9d88037b59061b
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d2t02.flac:4f265c95d0d7a396a9844e5a170ce2ab
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d2t03.flac:99c0b1bfb2c5525ad39bc9ccc154fec5
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d2t04.flac:cd2ac22bec5e8e2c18715bd6bc6dfdf8
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d2t05.flac:72a137f1146ba48f72defd387609ec12
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d2t06.flac:7910adb75ab00b64beacce699746ffed
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d2t07.flac:5a829cb9e98080cc953667056b7cfd4c
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d2t08.flac:b170882774d898e4482d6ebf56b8ae07
DBT 2010-12-30 4011s d2t09.flac:24f2cc75d4ee9421076ad2740c3c2539

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