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The Big Wu 10/27/12
Quixote's True Blue, Denver, CO
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Source Summary Source: "on the fly" Matrix [SBD + (onstage/split8') Beyerdynamic MC803 > Dmod UA-5 > R-09]
Lineage: R-09 > PC > Wavelab > CD Wav > TLH > .flac > tagged in foobar2000
Taped, transferred, mastered and uploaded by Corey/KIND Recordings 
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The Big Wu
Quixote's True Blue
Denver, CO

source: "on the fly" Matrix [SBD+(onstage/split8')Beyerdynamic MC803 > Dmod UA-5 > R-09]
lineage: R-09 > PC > Wavelab > CD Wav > TLH > .flac > tagged in foobar2000

taped, transferred, mastered and uploaded by Corey/KIND Recordings

~Set I~

01. Let The Good Times Roll
02. SPMC
03. Puerto Rico
04. Ready To Burn
05. Mr. Charlie
06. Take The World By Storm >
07. Midnight Moonlight
08. Black Rain
09. Allgood

~Set II~

01. Shoot The Moon >
02. Samson and Delilah
03. Tequila
04. Break Of Day >
05. The Music Never Stopped
06. Southern Energy
07. Dancing With Lulu >
08. The Ocean
09. encore banter


10. House Of Wu
11. Shantytown >
12. You Can Call Me Al >
13. Shantytown
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14fc2a61ab766094e3fecc5fc3ca3209 *bigwu2012-10-27s1t01.mtx.kindrec.flac
28b054a2e1c253600f4bd582e2bd742b *bigwu2012-10-27s1t02.mtx.kindrec.flac
e4077addba7cc2d0468845d52950ee8d *bigwu2012-10-27s1t03.mtx.kindrec.flac
360bf23787a3e88d7c7c0d0d43af4abe *bigwu2012-10-27s1t04.mtx.kindrec.flac
8a5031484d0c8fef66b408609ffcaaa9 *bigwu2012-10-27s1t05.mtx.kindrec.flac
ae8e00d67aec4cacab77556c21b3b00b *bigwu2012-10-27s1t06.mtx.kindrec.flac
a32911fc4b2d7d24456dca3d1427971c *bigwu2012-10-27s1t07.mtx.kindrec.flac
65e19f5690d5c8f705d53c1202426b16 *bigwu2012-10-27s1t08.mtx.kindrec.flac
8b20aba669af10ad38ca87a07ca715d3 *bigwu2012-10-27s1t09.mtx.kindrec.flac
68e84596bfc1668addf5aa93f3957cfc *bigwu2012-10-27s2t01.mtx.kindrec.flac
4afffa2173c7cfed029a3734fcd37545 *bigwu2012-10-27s2t02.mtx.kindrec.flac
12732f0c12c26d591ecc49664395c9c0 *bigwu2012-10-27s2t03.mtx.kindrec.flac
5e68491a2746a3dcfc8f76e4e7de64ed *bigwu2012-10-27s2t04.mtx.kindrec.flac
912b4e75b6b485d1e5200a463f306903 *bigwu2012-10-27s2t05.mtx.kindrec.flac
b741d480525b94784a921bb97e2823d6 *bigwu2012-10-27s2t06.mtx.kindrec.flac
7105cdcff0e225c58064e87133d3ced1 *bigwu2012-10-27s2t07.mtx.kindrec.flac
6acabcc38c288e94064017a18018d49f *bigwu2012-10-27s2t08.mtx.kindrec.flac
f3edf92c1f8fccc72e3db89e520ef150 *bigwu2012-10-27s2t09.mtx.kindrec.flac
f2ecc531be0c63316f548aa154207571 *bigwu2012-10-27s2t10.mtx.kindrec.flac
f375b76a39ef8aa893386c98685683b8 *bigwu2012-10-27s2t11.mtx.kindrec.flac
adf2d22cea032bd9c6a03feee213639c *bigwu2012-10-27s2t12.mtx.kindrec.flac
4af8633b5a401b0a992aef668a676080 *bigwu2012-10-27s2t13.mtx.kindrec.flac

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