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Doc Watson 09/19/64
Strong Hall, Rochester University, Rochester, NY
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Doc + Merle Watson
Strong Hall
Rochester University
Rochester, New York

1. Sweet Heaven When I Die
2. Doc's Talking
3. Train To Carry My Girl
4. Worried Blues
5. Little Stream Of Whiskey
6. Tale Of Otto wood
7. The Lone Pilgrim
8. Fisher's Hornpipe
9. Run Back To Jerico
10. Fiddlers>Whistlin' Rufus>Ragtime Annie
11. Hey Miss Liza
12. Nashville Blues
13. Life Gets Tedious
14. Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
15. Deep River Blues
16. "Preacher Joke"
17. Sittin' On top Of The World
18. Little Sadie
19. House Crafter
20. St. James Hospital
21. Am I born To Die (skipping/static in track)
22. We Shall All Be United (skipping/static in track)

CD Extration via EAC
Unknown taper

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DocWatson 09-19-1964t01.flac:adc3b5613061725ebfe90b8c0d45de90
DocWatson 09-19-1964t02.flac:0c21eb295d9232a2fe3cc2803ab00cf3
DocWatson 09-19-1964t03.flac:8dccc2d8ce631719ba78642dd6f80b37
DocWatson 09-19-1964t04.flac:c31231734c2bf95f4849c29cf06e406f
DocWatson 09-19-1964t05.flac:ce708e0655a7189e6e98926698f7f734
DocWatson 09-19-1964t06.flac:0cc3b32e03f335ac15fe375b9fd00923
DocWatson 09-19-1964t07.flac:b013d0971686177705950e0fbf7e4073
DocWatson 09-19-1964t08.flac:c86cafce4d9c336904f64dff918ec2d0
DocWatson 09-19-1964t09.flac:afddddde016dacdcdfff99f5b3cf301d
DocWatson 09-19-1964t10.flac:0f953f0aa4d9f3f8e2bc2efe1332695a
DocWatson 09-19-1964t11.flac:93d2473d52c81e5005e3202b13592d52
DocWatson 09-19-1964t12.flac:3da1e7292a381840c430660aa3b0e031
DocWatson 09-19-1964t13.flac:ea0e3cf209dae6bad5104679e4271018
DocWatson 09-19-1964t14.flac:17dafa6820da1bff9dd19f0778081553
DocWatson 09-19-1964t15.flac:09344f228c6ce31c4c559ceb8536ec1a
DocWatson 09-19-1964t16.flac:d5e090b0cd06f5cba001a0e0f792c7b8
DocWatson 09-19-1964t17.flac:33c4196fa119a8019d4a150973083c6f
DocWatson 09-19-1964t18.flac:80ff0abf6cb8b2ee79305e02c2e5e0f1
DocWatson 09-19-1964t19.flac:924ec6b8c35923398d521626b107565d
DocWatson 09-19-1964t20.flac:2814562437e10ab2125fe87d461c35ac
DocWatson 09-19-1964t21.flac:770bed5360dbb2f65a39227f8e41b4bf
DocWatson 09-19-1964t22.flac:1b34d756bf30fcfe62e5a0aa82ee5337

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