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Grateful Dead 05/07/78
Field House, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
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Source # 130513 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 1.04 GB (1111490560 bytes)
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary flac16; Fresh Legs Matrix using shnid=80126 and shnid=91347 
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Grateful Dead
R.P.I. Field House
Troy, NY

FRESH LEGS, VOL. 10  (Matrix)

SOURCE 1:  SBD  (shnid=80126)

SBDMC > PCM > DAT > CD w/Aud MC > DAT > CD >
EAC(secure) > Cool Edit > mkwact(seekable)
shn conversion [email protected]
thanks to Jeff Cook for the cd's

SOURCE 2:  AUD  (shnid=91347)

MotB Release: 0022/16-bit
Release Date: March 24, 2007
Source: Audience FOB Recording
Media: Maxell UDXL II 90
Lineage: Nakamichi CM300's > Sony 158SD > MAC
Transfer: MAC > Nakamichi DR-1 > Benchmark ADC-1 > AES >
Sound Devices 722 > wav
Taped by: B. Glassberg
Transfer by: A. Egert
Mastering by: D. McCabe

SOURCE 3:  Patch AUD/2nd AUD  (shnid=8763)

Audience Source:MAC>DAT
Audience Mics: 1 Sony ECM-33P + 1 AKG D1000e>Teac PC-10
Dat > Sek'd Prodif+ Card (48>44.1) >
Sek'd Red Roaster (fades, edit) > Cdwav (splits) > Mkw
Boundaries verified with Shntool
Source Dats: Matt Vernon
Dat > Shn Transfer: Dale Shepherd


Set 1:

s1t01 - [crowd]
s1t02 - Jack Straw
s1t03 - Dire Wolf
s1t04 - Funiculi, Funicula
s1t05 - Mexicali Blues >
s1t06 - Mama Tried
s1t07 - Tennessee Jed
s1t08 - It's All Over Now
s1t09 - Friend of the Devil
s1t10 - Passenger
s1t11 - Brown-Eyed Women
s1t12 - The Music Never Stopped

Set 2

s2t01 - Scarlet Begonias >
s2t02 - Fire On the Mountain
s2t03 - Estimated Prophet >
s2t04 - He's Gone >
s2t05 - Drums >
s2t06 - Iko Iko >
s2t07 - The Other One >
s2t08 - Black Peter >
s2t09 - Around & Around
s2t10 - ["A Hand For Our Drummers"]
s2t11 - U.S. Blues

CAVEAT EMPTOR: The SBD cuts out near the end of Black Peter.  The rest of the show is AUD-only.



- Thanks go to everyone who worked on and made available the sources used in this matrix.  Obviously, this project would have been impossible without their efforts.

- This release represents a substantial upgrade over the SBD in circulation (see Source Notes, below).  More than any other matrix I've done, this one felt like an exercise in audio restoration.  As a result, it's probably my most important contribution to the catalog even though it is far from the best show I've done.

- Ever wonder what the Dead were up to exactly a year after their legendary 5/7-5/9 run in 1977?  Well, so did I -- and here it is!  Is this show as good as the ones from a year before?  No, of course not.  But it has a nice loose, casual feel to it, which leads to some interesting moments... though also to some sloppiness.  One stray observation: This show has some real great stage-banter.  Check out Jerry before "Estimated": "Shit, I can beat you with my nine aces!"


- Both sets are continuous.  Source 2 is nearly continous in itself; but it is missing (a) the opening of "Jack Straw" and (b) part of "Drums," both of which I patched with Source 3.

- The SBD source is riddled with serious problems.
* It has numerous drop-outs, both long and short
* It is 2-4% fast, which borders on Chipmunk territory
* The channels are reversed
* The first set has a loud 60Hz hum throughout
* Both sets are overlaid with white-noise
* Once in both sets, the volume radically drops off
* It has all sorts of channel problems (esp. during Mexicali)
* It has all manner of pops, clicks, crackling, etc.

The drop-outs include:
* The first half of the "Finiculi, Finicula" bit
* The end of "FOTD"
* Several short drop-outs during "Scarlet"
* The very last beat of "Fire"!
* The end of "He's Gone"
* A couple drop-outs during "Drums"
* A couple short drop-outs during "Iko Iko"
* A short drop-out during "Black Peter"
* Then the SBD cuts off entirely near the end of "Peter"

I did all new patching for these drop-outs.

I pitch- and speed-corrected the SBD with the iZotope Radius algorithm; I used Source 2 as my reference, as it appears to be at the correct speed/pitch.  Set 1 is 3-4% fast; Set 2 is 2-3% fast.  (Fine-tune syncing was done in Logic Pro 9.)

I swapped the channels and widened the stereo image a bit.

I did my best to tame the 60Hz hum in Set 1.  Traces remain.  I also did my best to tame the white-noise without compromising the music.  I did what I could with the various pops, clicks, thumps, and channel problems.  Some are now undetectable; many remain audible, though they are (I hope) less obtrusive now.

- I used Source 3 both as a patch (to fill in drop-outs in Source 2) and, in a few cases, as a second AUD source to fill out the sound of Source 2 during SBD drop-outs.


- The sources were remastered and mixed in Logic Pro 9.  Clean-up was done using iZotope RX 3 Advanced.  SBE's were fixed using Trader's Little Helper.

Roger Eichorn
July 6, 2014

Show Checksums
063fd75d7d2d76b0a62ec9970da057c0 *gd78-05-07s1t01.flac
196c782214295bda5ca8aa0bb6a39de5 *gd78-05-07s1t02.flac
a4927fa0e23171433080686776ed4305 *gd78-05-07s1t03.flac
ac06d649760b5ce751e1f7690331c648 *gd78-05-07s1t04.flac
7b3c9ea7356b695ac0a53d907f3ebb05 *gd78-05-07s1t05.flac
9ec4177cd58d79ff5337f0b0fb1f003f *gd78-05-07s1t06.flac
f92b49561a86bf9d411dd1c0d9a21265 *gd78-05-07s1t07.flac
3d247fcee113e08a16554304a79f012d *gd78-05-07s1t08.flac
bc00c8ac81351e41e2ba6965000a75c2 *gd78-05-07s1t09.flac
1060b959d2853fb5ab5d51caa41d9853 *gd78-05-07s1t10.flac
29f1502e1674c316ee4c6b31cf6e3610 *gd78-05-07s1t11.flac
07ffebc4e2a49c143640b0f677c7aa39 *gd78-05-07s1t12.flac
5b5d9d4edc40a31e6bc6e0e64de4e11d *gd78-05-07s2t01.flac
d0bd58289d5ab8a46c811ccfe1b13981 *gd78-05-07s2t02.flac
3f602b0a595b16887ffbd3c907ad5a0a *gd78-05-07s2t03.flac
d899c34c34fe538b9f8f2615ffdbc68c *gd78-05-07s2t04.flac
743ac4e2bf2bc5afd80399c640f57b81 *gd78-05-07s2t05.flac
b4b47d1f2bce25e6a60915d6b2d8f5ee *gd78-05-07s2t06.flac
80304a29e1d619d00247a3a7461de844 *gd78-05-07s2t07.flac
f8a534188795ffcc12f683659337cb58 *gd78-05-07s2t08.flac
1256c27cb2f84633eaacb7fc9d9f6724 *gd78-05-07s2t09.flac
b98fa0b5be86c9d662756b9077ca9ee5 *gd78-05-07s2t10.flac
e4a39ab9f46edfab5bc6e2d7150fdbab *gd78-05-07s2t11.flac

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