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Grateful Dead 01/18/79
Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Source: FOB AUD Master Cassette > DAT >CD-R > SHN. Mikes are allegedly Sennheiser 441's via Fishman 
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Grateful Dead
Providence Civic Center
Providence, Rhode Island

Source: FOB AUD Master Cassette > DAT >CD-R > SHN
Mikes are allegedly Sennheiser 441's

Disk 1

The Promised Land
They Love Each Other
Mama Tried >
Mexicali Blues
Friend of the Devil
Cassidy [4:50]
Looks Like Rain
Ramble on Rose [8:15]
Minglewood Blues [5:29]
Deal [6:47]

Disk 2
I Need a Miracle >  (1)
Bertha >
Good Lovin' >
From theHeart of Me
Ship of Fools
He's Gone
Truckin' >
The Other // One //

Disk 3
Wharf Rat
Around & Around
U.S. Blues [5:16]  (2) (3)

Transcribed from DAT to CD-R to SHN by
JR Fishman
[email protected]

(1) Some minor oversaturation in 1st 15 seconds of Miracle
(2) For better continuity, you may want to make disk 3,  He's Gone
to the end of the show on Disk 3
(3) the Transcriber walked out of this show at the beginning of Wharf Rat
in utter disgust.  To the transcriber, the performance was much better than being
there.  Also the transcriber was the one of 2 designated drivers  
so he was completely sober.  The transcriber doesn't know what this means but
maybe you'll find more enjoyment than the transcriber experienced on that cold
January evening.

Show Checksums
1eade01c2b74846c97e8ff1300d4fd45 *gd-1979-01-18d109.shn
a56eea4d5ebf5e5af8e3b459c99a562e *gd-1979-01-18d103.shn
cd8322a88911b8e219ab09c13043ddb0 *gd-1979-01-18d104.shn
7c450a77d6b964a59de93a98770f34e0 *gd-1979-01-18d105.shn
a8bf08a9cc91b02508c1dbcd269b5a98 *gd-1979-01-18d106.shn
b81bd84acb1fbd4e5da78a32a11ba8d2 *gd-1979-01-18d107.shn
62dc129d8497652f9cebc4591fb3e84c *gd-1979-01-18d108.shn
2473b7ab187c95cd1b2e386e29dc5a94 *gd-1979-01-18d102.shn
d669b19f385fcfd56e872666af8129dc *gd-1979-01-18d110.shn
f08290162b2e82b8f10de9b302b857ae *gd-1979-01-18d111.shn
b7a0b1943cd6e09d341e721024177052 *gd-1979-01-18d116.shn
2311d36fad069bf9b889c55ac4cc2110 *gd-1979-01-18-d209.shn
81f0836ecff8771a542d69df6504b588 *gd-1979-01-18-d203.shn
c6ea6d5e3919be532f45db459dc91cd1 *gd-1979-01-18-d204.shn
af4513eedc0d9b79df0609ed69620dbb *gd-1979-01-18-d205.shn
c10b1c3940690892a4e9868ec5fbdb95 *gd-1979-01-18-d207.shn
39a3242beda0f105954ead6e123c40eb *gd-1979-01-18-d208.shn
26bc6cea79413170ee4b13fdaf6618e1 *gd-1979-01-18-d202.shn
aa1376a9652d1fc4a1bcfb86933894e2 *gd-1979-01-18-d210.shn
168d618a076feb533982e30c3d81ae04 *gd-1979-01-18-d211.shn
92d365148ae4c9045c16dd90717d9f33 *gd-1979-01-18-d302.shn
4be44b1b382a2256b806c9a49826f8b4 *gd-1979-01-18-d301.shn
09e4929bc083425b69b70f6d7a5683b4 *gd-1979-01-18-d303.shn
ec35963fad0d9350b57e89eb41569671 [shntool] gd-1979-01-18-d202.shn
46d14aab091ba2a2f4c64d8e1910ba02 [shntool] gd-1979-01-18-d203.shn
474972f5ffa9128f1498658b81dcda78 [shntool] gd-1979-01-18-d204.shn
7212ff2368ca29c252b9b50eec05926e [shntool] gd-1979-01-18-d205.shn
37cf4a8a92587872b53d203d57dd82e5 [shntool] gd-1979-01-18-d207.shn
f16a154959e48a5dd97ab03cb7bda514 [shntool] gd-1979-01-18-d208.shn
ec29d8984d863aa7905edd2b1998c771 [shntool] gd-1979-01-18-d209.shn
29fe2385c752435c6a61787eaa67cccb [shntool] gd-1979-01-18-d210.shn
d7bc5f4c7af5088ac03933ca122a2fd3 [shntool] gd-1979-01-18-d211.shn
193ddd8477304773291d6ca968409d85 [shntool] gd-1979-01-18-d301.shn
9c5aa47fc1d189ee1d0460e8d68b6085 [shntool] gd-1979-01-18-d302.shn
9b4b372ba3dd6bcf5adb4e486f083069 [shntool] gd-1979-01-18-d303.shn
00a3f913d08e82c194bdd8779dd8b25b [shntool] gd-1979-01-18d102.shn
6e4529fbe5cce8c3a2004d6f8fb600e0 [shntool] gd-1979-01-18d103.shn
9c56a311a44e76845fdbc5a103268e01 [shntool] gd-1979-01-18d104.shn
b041298e0b323780b2612d154f8a39e7 [shntool] gd-1979-01-18d105.shn
a22d968eb45db4fef51a2a7ed20eda98 [shntool] gd-1979-01-18d106.shn
5b700a2ac1ea006d0a98235dd9180433 [shntool] gd-1979-01-18d107.shn
97e44d31656daa81af6b03ca42caa4ef [shntool] gd-1979-01-18d108.shn
c1250bba94f56554405d16218f874d2f [shntool] gd-1979-01-18d109.shn
38201cc71a0785735b8d042fb3fa5dda [shntool] gd-1979-01-18d110.shn
04a379fc23fcf50cfef2acb9be8f3eed [shntool] gd-1979-01-18d111.shn
ed1be08b2be3991a0a52f8eadfbb49b3 [shntool] gd-1979-01-18d116.shn

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