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Grateful Dead 02/10/89
Great Western LA Forum, Inglewood, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Source: Master Cassette SBD>DAT(Fostex D-10 playback)>CD-R (hhb800 standalone)>EAC 0.9>SHN (via MKWACT) 
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Grateful Dead
Great Western Forum
Inglewood, California

Source: Master Cassette SBD>DAT(Fostex D-10 playback)>CD-R (hhb800 standalone)>EAC 0.9>SHN (via MKWACT)

CD 1
Set 1
Stranger >
Franklin's Tower
Walkin' Blues
To Lay Me Down
Let It Grow

CD 2
Set 2
Just a Little Light (without Weir - due to Guitar Problems)
Truckin' >
Crazy Fingers >
Drums >

CD 3
Set 2 continued
Wheel >
Gimme Some Lovin' >
Wharf Rat >
Sugar Magnolia
e: Baby Blue

Editorial Comments:

This recording has a somewhat unique stereo mix.  
The mix is more muddy than other winter/spring '89 recordings due to more audience blended into the recording than the
usual matrix recordings from that period. Still this is a fine listen.  

DAT Transfer to CD and SHN generation by JR Fishman, NY, NY
[email protected]
Send all inquiries to above e-mail
upped to the crypt Aug '01 by Steve Barbella
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e00bfacd2a95a1cf024d2b54336da8f0 *gd890210-d103.shn
159f014abdf94c94f785a1fa83cd4edf *gd890210-d102.shn
409e4aad098b14cc054780c0f64d7f12 *gd890210-d101.shn
01513bdfd36f551ca4b098401a82a0ea *gd890210-d104.shn
07560e7b770c22c668967b2f386a1cb0 *gd890210-d105.shn
2c057854a13346dea9be1edccd4652f4 *gd890210-d106.shn
444b28d1cea1dd12fc64ddcf8175d377 *gd890210-d107.shn
23d880de92d8f9d3dcd015ff10c47abe *gd890210-d108.shn
eb2ae0246e98e5e3cf1a4d461de1f565 *gd890210-d201.shn
40a575cbb7d7d63c849dbf943e59aa00 *gd890210-d202.shn
45b5ba06a382b98bf91a443a339f3fdb *gd890210-d203.shn
522f5895a4e3de3cae07e478d159bdaf *gd890210-d204.shn
b93a00edc932433dbd96db235c6c819c *gd890210-d205.shn
c102c30a9983df892eaed2c7a981ff9e *gd890210-d206.shn
ea088f10a314c0a8c662011ebf926590 *gd890210-d207.shn
569e712e773bf3d2917814ad0cec88e7 *gd890210-d208.shn
e708fce1ac2bb1722ffef21d1bc5b88a *gd890210-d301.shn
7a7c8331401576b959603f61d0814533 *gd890210-d302.shn
88d9b38b6c98f54766b6e6fdd7d7ad10 *gd890210-d303.shn
5d1c5832932ff37f1f236e16c536e53e *gd890210-d304.shn
68b0acf50b885c8bb7c2fb8801ca6501 *gd890210-d305.shn
f688cd8c596b1fb7a4bb41eae9d68091 [shntool] gd890210-d101.shn
851e10699ce06816fab899ea5ed3c788 [shntool] gd890210-d102.shn
a85f6cc577252459dad393a78b0769eb [shntool] gd890210-d103.shn
ae139cf1ec4295776d6c478ffbdcd2bc [shntool] gd890210-d104.shn
68870c35bd66f03e222bc1764baae552 [shntool] gd890210-d105.shn
bb386e0ebb5ca2613da9705a55ae26be [shntool] gd890210-d106.shn
65e7d7b0a1817e543d7b6df7c34dd66f [shntool] gd890210-d107.shn
e3a34f6452ec018995cfccbda67f401a [shntool] gd890210-d108.shn
1d03202c570699b086544ba74507f4f2 [shntool] gd890210-d201.shn
74e79454ac92cc204570b7f4f9d227d0 [shntool] gd890210-d202.shn
589054f11cdfdda238fa921781526f6c [shntool] gd890210-d203.shn
ec03722097a9c3aa50748ab3460d76fd [shntool] gd890210-d204.shn
1a6b686a9a1b7e06a49147107cf47caf [shntool] gd890210-d205.shn
8a3e7698ab5c4b3eb7f2e935d8558fc0 [shntool] gd890210-d206.shn
f0c2aff7e8c22e03dcbf42352a4e17c0 [shntool] gd890210-d207.shn
07c269d47cd1bb28f668e87df7165320 [shntool] gd890210-d208.shn
ab982bd9241fd9a63c8885afee8473d7 [shntool] gd890210-d301.shn
0ab4fc94316b701aa2528653b7b4a086 [shntool] gd890210-d302.shn
8034137c53210161e32cd154652b5a68 [shntool] gd890210-d303.shn
57c12d3593111368fd44f3cd2d29c8f1 [shntool] gd890210-d304.shn
a4a55a4850c35c326eb36a8098cb5b98 [shntool] gd890210-d305.shn

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