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Grateful Dead 10/06/80
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Source: Recording (attributed to) Bob Menke: Nakamichi CM700 Mics (3)>Mixer>Sony D-5 tfrom Balcony, Center. Remaster: 1st Gen. Cassette>JVC TD-W309 (w/pitch correction)>Tascam DA-20mkII>Tascam CD-RW700 by Douglas Ferguson. shn conversion by Matt Vernon via Raoul Duke 
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BAND Grateful Dead
VENUE Warfield Theatre
CITY San Francisco
DATE 10/06/80

Taper: Most probably Bob Menke
Location: Balcony, Center  
Source: Nakamichi CM700 Mics (3)>Mixer>Sony D-5
Remaster: 1st Gen. Cassette>JVC TD-W309 (w/pitch correction)>Tascam DA-20mkII>Tascam CD-RW700
Conversion: CDR > EAC (secure) > Cool Edit (minor clean up) > cdwav (retracking) > mkwact > shn (seekable)

Remastering and pitch correction by Douglas Ferguson
Shn Conversion by [email protected]

shntool confirms tracks cut on sector boundaries

Part of The Music Never Stopped Project - Thanks to Raoul Duke for the disks.

Disk 1 [78:25]
01. [05:05] Dire Wolf ;
02. [05:41] Cassidy %
03. [05:21] Jack A Roe ;
04. [03:15] Monkey And The Engineer ;
05. [04:26] I've Been All Around This World ;
06. [07:00] Heaven Help The Fool %
07. [05:58] China Doll ;
08. [03:09] On The Road Again %
09. [08:07] //(fades in)Bird Song >
10. [04:38] Ripple

01. [05:13] China Cat Sunflower >
02. [05:09] I Know You Rider >
03. [08:04] New Minglewood Blues %
04. [07:12] They Love Each Other% (disk fade)

Disk 2 [69:07]
Set 2 continued
05. [05:44] Beat It On Down The Line %  
06. [06:22] Peggy-O %
07. [03:19] Lazy Lightning >
08. [05:37] Supplication ;
09. [05:18] Brown Eyed Women ;
10. [09:01] Looks Like Rain ;
11. [06:32] Deal

01. [08:01] Samson And Delilah ;
02. [06:15] It Must Have Been The Roses ;
03. [06:22] Lost Sailor >
04. [06:31] Saint Of Circumstance >

Disk 3 [72:59]
SET3 continued
05. [11:40] Terrapin Station// >
06. [12:06] // Drums >
07. [09:17] Spa//ce >
08. [08:45] Truckin' >
09. [05:36] The Other On//e >
10. [09:37] Black Peter >
11. [05:40] Sugar Magnolia >
12. [04:47] Johnny B. Goode %
13. [05:26] U.S. Blues

- overall a clear picture of the show except there are bass rumbles throughout (but waveforms aren't clipped) and occasional nearby audience discussion, usually about the setlist, that does compete for ones attention.  i'd rate this a solid B (A- if there was no bass rumbles and chatter).  Very good transition jam between Truckin and TOO.

- set1t3 a few seconds with numerous brief drop outs from tape decay or damage 1:25 - 1:31
- set2t1 volume picks up after 10 seconds
- set3t1 right channel lost or dips at 4:57 and 5:13-6:00
- set3t5 8:18 brief rc partial loss, bass rumbles, 11:39 tape cuts
- set3t7 4:24 splice right after big pa squelch
- set3t9 brief drop out ~ 5:21
- set3t11 4:09 several short drop outs 4:55 brief drop out
Show Checksums
fbb855f18e22f7ccdb223f72fed55dc5 *gd80-10-06set1t01.shn
deab967f5ac2a7f2c14173172c996c99 *gd80-10-06set1t02.shn
2b8ec3613f524d800c070a0489822003 *gd80-10-06set1t03.shn
88ccc5cd5bb8c15e1f325b69e4759841 *gd80-10-06set1t04.shn
1f3ed076e030038003edffe45ee927b7 *gd80-10-06set1t05.shn
37003c32a527e094c693ee6e89d55260 *gd80-10-06set1t06.shn
a460448649ce4d5cc9c9ddac8cf42811 *gd80-10-06set1t07.shn
6e2cf155145c348929cd8f07a6a4b757 *gd80-10-06set1t08.shn
ca3fc8ba0b5d3065020a6df9a6c5c0e8 *gd80-10-06set1t09.shn
8a4103739c1ac8aa2b86cabbf28b42b3 *gd80-10-06set1t10.shn
57164b1178c9cc614b75914de22f9d03 *gd80-10-06set2t01.shn
3672820adf74084e04ba125fcfead74c *gd80-10-06set2t02.shn
e90295db02635f2ac2a5b5d7f7c348bb *gd80-10-06set2t03.shn
1c2084a9034764e16de1628e993a9a84 *gd80-10-06set2t04.shn
f2fcbc616ebccab2f2971b19f50f97e3 *gd80-10-06set2t05.shn
a262517073840b9b32b8f76dd5021a17 *gd80-10-06set2t06.shn
359ea17212e89c84ed72f1a1ba8328c8 *gd80-10-06set2t07.shn
42c08369ac617a3b5570cf63b245a7e9 *gd80-10-06set2t08.shn
14f28bf83170db90c7d0a0655eaa8179 *gd80-10-06set2t09.shn
e4d992f00efdf872a63187c6eb4b80ca *gd80-10-06set2t10.shn
80d7499826ec2c47598fac3a2374a3b4 *gd80-10-06set2t11.shn
8a7029153bfa3d12e6b36c16759ea4e8 *gd80-10-06set3t01.shn
d02db8d43706f12ce1893c0ca5a113ce *gd80-10-06set3t02.shn
4ec14405039d569971abf041245a2f20 *gd80-10-06set3t03.shn
19b2ec17b0df69adcf880a33b999a824 *gd80-10-06set3t04.shn
7e6d65ae4e66f0fbdb5a4975b24deb69 *gd80-10-06set3t05.shn
a8c65771802a7d594a7d9643922e48e5 *gd80-10-06set3t06.shn
e55110ddd94471ac0f88ae1f1051e4d7 *gd80-10-06set3t07.shn
066ed94c38a502ef5c9eb7636083a00b *gd80-10-06set3t08.shn
62aa1d65f7e7a2a3c030061a08243ad1 *gd80-10-06set3t09.shn
3e8c564793e019effdeafc84fd3fe58f *gd80-10-06set3t10.shn
a2a51f883b73b2fb9612865dd58bd1e2 *gd80-10-06set3t11.shn
4f02f05ed45396400d40d60cc98dfd1f *gd80-10-06set3t12.shn
7338746bdc0b72b416d10b240d92995e *gd80-10-06set3t13.shn
e8fdd4f477a00f6cfdbd3c68b1a1109c [shntool] gd80-10-06set1t01.shn
7595e4d098e131700983d7993a8928a8 [shntool] gd80-10-06set1t02.shn
5651ce991f2c8d3425e6d6771a6d88ff [shntool] gd80-10-06set1t03.shn
3d27bb980962204829e1f3febdf2eadc [shntool] gd80-10-06set1t04.shn
ca900bf9481eb013f0fa649194899801 [shntool] gd80-10-06set1t05.shn
32d7e4616c3ec4a1ca1b8e9e714c282b [shntool] gd80-10-06set1t06.shn
9c378065e8042c1edaf750fb095836df [shntool] gd80-10-06set1t07.shn
b5605213b149f378742f1d5c7e30c798 [shntool] gd80-10-06set1t08.shn
d6ac6e40ccb4b7fed7e41370a2317990 [shntool] gd80-10-06set1t09.shn
a68f65cc34a52a3668fca929e5735132 [shntool] gd80-10-06set1t10.shn
bf28ad8d455fdf6a7be0b56c9c95eeff [shntool] gd80-10-06set2t01.shn
1083f0b71f8ac85d9d934eeb723fa9b5 [shntool] gd80-10-06set2t02.shn
8b56aac7be6833737a5227caac137566 [shntool] gd80-10-06set2t03.shn
39f4256c3a043a60a191e3d505b3d4ef [shntool] gd80-10-06set2t04.shn
c8e15038f2823974281744774933b33d [shntool] gd80-10-06set2t05.shn
f874437e48da967858267575eb9ca933 [shntool] gd80-10-06set2t06.shn
77cbdda56192371555105a791502fb12 [shntool] gd80-10-06set2t07.shn
2ecc4db405d9c401688fafdd9c4c3365 [shntool] gd80-10-06set2t08.shn
ddbe2896b221239a7a0ae9b3cf0666a9 [shntool] gd80-10-06set2t09.shn
50de2a98b37a7a6f184fac6778724ebc [shntool] gd80-10-06set2t10.shn
e2bd7c4b949bb9cc49cb1f9399bc0dbe [shntool] gd80-10-06set2t11.shn
6fbd9ad82448d4b417bf9c8bbfc3fd12 [shntool] gd80-10-06set3t01.shn
0f5f7af1c9a94a2e2cb6d02c53df22f4 [shntool] gd80-10-06set3t02.shn
d8c57d695076fe2af455089ced268618 [shntool] gd80-10-06set3t03.shn
29003b96c91e2c5070d4c819c970559f [shntool] gd80-10-06set3t04.shn
482481a77b60980b9ad77dc83df7fd09 [shntool] gd80-10-06set3t05.shn
d92e5c48a8a9bd9404edbb518028d8c8 [shntool] gd80-10-06set3t06.shn
4a7e3778de57b9f0b05b04a5391d043e [shntool] gd80-10-06set3t07.shn
07c336e492cfb72c2e64c6fe83f1d75d [shntool] gd80-10-06set3t08.shn
263aa8e1398fbf858aa81c3f9d344d61 [shntool] gd80-10-06set3t09.shn
f2159dfb28ce5bf190c744493b8c2f5e [shntool] gd80-10-06set3t10.shn
987ff3eba6a1470241db1cd8d2d245f1 [shntool] gd80-10-06set3t11.shn
e4a9f77eafd1e27ee2e7ab7a0c04e88f [shntool] gd80-10-06set3t12.shn
561bc3634fe28380c5b11287fb6550ea [shntool] gd80-10-06set3t13.shn

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01/03/2003 peter mandell It is possible this show was recorded by Ron Ellner. I recorded his master audience cassete on Reel in November of 1980 and made cassettes for a few people I traded with last year. Ron recorded 14 of the 15 nites and I have about 9 or 10 of them. They all sound quite good. If there is a way I can get them all circulated, please let me know. It is possible one of the persons I traded with got this circulated.