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Robert Hunter 07/21/14
City Winery, New York, NY
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums ffp.txt , Robert Hunter 2014-07-21 seaweed.xxxxxx.flac16.md5
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 535.14 MB (561134960 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16: AT943cards>SP-SPSB-10>MM-AT-1>H2n(24/48)>wavelab>r8b>cdwav>TLH(8 )>flac 
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Robert Hunter
City Winery
New York, NY

Recorded by: Seaweed
Source: AT943cards>SP-SPSB-10>MM-AT-1>H2n(24/48)
Transfer: wavelab>r8b>cdwav>TLH(8)>flac
Location: mics split 2 feet on VIP rail, ~ 20 feet from left speaker

Set I:

s1t01 intro >
s1t02 Bertha >
s1t03 Easy Wind >
s1t04 Jack Straw >
s1t05 Cool White Water
s1t06 talking
s1t07 Days Between

set 2:

s2t01 crowd
s2t02 Candyman
s2t03 Deal
s2t04 talking
s2t05 The Wind Blows High
s2t06 talking
s2t07 Wharf Rat
s2t08 Mountains of the Moon
s2t09 talking
s2t10 It Must Have Been the Roses
s2t11 Brown Eyed Women
s2t12 talking
s2t13 Silvio
s2t14 Scarlet Begonias
s2t15 - encore break -
s2t16 Ripple >
s2t17 Boys in the Barroom

Soundcheck (already in progress)
Source: H2n internal mics(24/48)
Location: off to the side by the bar

sdchk01 Wind Blows High
sdchk02 talking, noodling, fixing mic, dead air
sdchk03 Bertha >
sdchk04 Easy Wind
Show Checksums
s1t01 intro.flac:00e2f7c5bd627c02e33f36b7a04ac527
s1t02 Bertha.flac:3e92e59fc0dbb419c7c4a03724aae7dc
s1t03 Easy Wind.flac:0289d386f82b3fd9f02c748418557777
s1t04 Jack Straw.flac:d48a5763572b39f2623e25ca8d4c8e40
s1t05 Cool White Water.flac:c58907c6791d6e56c773919d89e62d80
s1t06 talking.flac:9c3de3dadb3218c42a624389f360ece1
s1t07 Days Between.flac:0d4d99de3d73e40cfc49f8791a4f0ff4
s2t01 crowd.flac:7bd14ffc57215323ffccee7a221d2fde
s2t02 Candyman.flac:1050e7d05316479f734ea1aad4f7c5f9
s2t03 Deal.flac:599fae003bb234c1f0d7b9f4ad09001f
s2t04 talking.flac:f2f72855332bf093487814fd242973db
s2t05 The Wind Blows High.flac:ad763d88ed109a5ad2e37f030e0f1e20
s2t06 talking.flac:c2f475f9e29d1a7e813d085b328109db
s2t07 Wharf Rat.flac:9f43f49d421c08b5aecba1d5fcfd6e01
s2t08 Mountains of the Moon.flac:414ad73eb45b57cbcce88da22edb8751
s2t09 talking.flac:45b2bb9431110b24cf8ded8497d24a29
s2t10 It Must Have Been the Roses.flac:004f1e232644e599e7d19c4b3bd33257
s2t11 Brown Eyed Women.flac:ee3f7811891254fab3e7c9f81dda8ebb
s2t12 talking.flac:daec8816b61c0f6de55693a25edf2ca9
s2t13 Silvio.flac:1c68014f2149de4609b824f257c0c4f9
s2t14 Scarlet Begonias.flac:fffa41cf559843942facc2dffa41406f
s2t15 encore break.flac:eeb2b0cbf298298f47afa61b47abfc9b
s2t16 Ripple.flac:a30431198b37e94712851072876b00c1
s2t17 Boys in the Barroom.flac:907aa938433388026dbc74bbaa5f4c7e
sdchk01 Wind Blows High.flac:f9d80267c23aad18f526f0783641d384
sdchk02 talking, noodling.flac:07960fa0aae1b262eabfb34b50c178bb
sdchk03 Bertha.flac:9be612b5865a8cb0ea0bb159bcc1aba3
sdchk04 Easy Wind.flac:7c3e0e96303b2de1dd802aedd0ae967a
Robert Hunter 2014-07-21 seaweed.xxxxxx.flac16.md5
d07db4761cbe71a22532ba1eb3a05507 *s1t01 intro.flac
bc75aa24c700c67d1154989651431abc *s1t02 Bertha.flac
5c54d1c67da1059687949c25e8e8c4cc *s1t03 Easy Wind.flac
e41f62b7f6c31f1635ddb42d7547dca4 *s1t04 Jack Straw.flac
4a1e4d6cc4f5fcf94c3f6cc17717dcea *s1t05 Cool White Water.flac
46641ed8d59ede1fffd0c5f95a492cb1 *s1t06 talking.flac
28560077510d23f18b41aa39b62245c0 *s1t07 Days Between.flac
0f76f1fe0b0a6c40fd37b7c26d0d3ce3 *s2t01 crowd.flac
2d787b9ed597f67c47fbad8a5fa4a074 *s2t02 Candyman.flac
247ce8573ae39a5f25f0408a0238313e *s2t03 Deal.flac
072cf2162e4cc90328c50f85fc731863 *s2t04 talking.flac
b7339ddbc4a3209ab32545e17c9e572c *s2t05 The Wind Blows High.flac
aa4d6b00bb5dfc0cfc6f25081ca40dba *s2t06 talking.flac
f69e5ae7ac9fac98c2b6ad5148825b5f *s2t07 Wharf Rat.flac
31002bf642fb2886d9b8755a36165477 *s2t08 Mountains of the Moon.flac
285dd79d6b43dda75774550513deb721 *s2t09 talking.flac
93da1832ae0226ceed870c8395dc67bb *s2t10 It Must Have Been the Roses.flac
115c0e7b52a7a35a266adf3c7e0cbf08 *s2t11 Brown Eyed Women.flac
b1a193a0688aee77bfcbc0cd3ea961c6 *s2t12 talking.flac
9d9c01d7e9a52a6481651ce53d81b1d8 *s2t13 Silvio.flac
917719fa51143b8347b8ac50835be7ca *s2t14 Scarlet Begonias.flac
78799868075194620323e7241e49c034 *s2t15 encore break.flac
66febdce95eb306a4e56dabac938c784 *s2t16 Ripple.flac
96fe0c93a282447606359264b0e7cb09 *s2t17 Boys in the Barroom.flac
766b5de2b7de368a53dbc76b14471a05 *sdchk01 Wind Blows High.flac
31a975aea4ef16feeab7bd33b2f2c88c *sdchk02 talking, noodling.flac
838518179c98afdcd82c898a674e36f9 *sdchk03 Bertha.flac
43c445d4f6b51f7f651ea02a9bd06e3a *sdchk04 Easy Wind.flac

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