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Phish 07/26/14
Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD
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Entered by Jeff Mitchell
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Source Summary flac16 44.1kHz OTS (Center Orch, Row CC Seat 131)(right back corner of board)7 foot up on the mega stand; Neumann AK40-lc3-km100-xlr-sd442 ch3&4(xlr out)-SD744(ch3&4) recorded at 24/96; Editing done in SF11; Taped BY: Nate Evans 
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July 26-27, 2014
Merriweather Post Pavilion
Columbia Maryland

Taped BY: Nate Evans ([email protected])
Loc: OTS (Center Orch, Row CC Seat 131)(right back corner of board)
7 foot up on the mega stand

Source info:
Source 1: Neumann AK50-lc3-km100-xlr-sd442 ch1&2(xlr out)-SD744(ch1&2) recorded at 24/96
Source 2: Neumann AK40-lc3-km100-xlr-sd442 ch3&4(xlr out)-SD744(ch3&4) recorded at 24/96
Editing done in SF11

07/26/2014 • Merriweather Post Pavilion • Columbia, MD
Set 1: Sample in a Jar, The Moma Dance, Wombat, Backwards Down The Number Line, Roggae, The Wedge, Wolfman's Brother, Nellie Kane, Lawn Boy, The Line, Stash, Suzy Greenberg
Set 2: Carini > Ghost, Steam, The Mango Song, Sing Monica, Light, Also Sprach Zarathustra, Harry Hood
Encore: Julius

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phish2014-07-26 set1 ak4001.flac:02e038d72c714061b5001558c16180cf
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak4002.flac:306068db5f61137221a8c528d65661a9
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak4003.flac:227762592da45911495bcf502640277a
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak4004.flac:b94e40730861d9d9d5beed5b0beb4435
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak4005.flac:556d3bb376bdfde604ceae93a1a537fe
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak4006.flac:6c9fa7479544b38d5fa3963c8f90126b
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak4007.flac:903c784acdbabaf098449808efdb6e84
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak4008.flac:f274319b04c75075a8c187a2a9da46dd
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak4009.flac:259a6aea8fc21d2beeafe56aee12e586
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak4010.flac:2ab1dd18ee18034926123ac5fba18ba9
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak4011.flac:39a7b393c5d4454b624eab7f49ba90a0
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak4012.flac:9b62180cbe152900ce7d2eececd91f47
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak4001.flac:650ec1b47028b2aa21a0d87d89002001
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak4002.flac:47241967451099f5de5d5c169619d1d5
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak4003.flac:545f35a1611a5c6a77e25db7aef167fd
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak4004.flac:3b1600c57730a950e09115b88de05e20
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak4005.flac:79e56a43611fa03943d8887976daa84e
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak4006.flac:4e704516fcb040ea9184f42b5269a41f
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak4007.flac:dfda33302850e409928ce2728cd1038f
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak4008.flac:6116d14c8bc6f2252814821ddf115dca
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak4009.flac:b95b72b91e4146f2ad5e03da94b45a79

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