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Phish 07/26/14
Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD
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Entered by Jeff Mitchell
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Source Summary flac16 44.1kHz OTS (Center Orch, Row CC Seat 131)(right back corner of board); 7 foot up on the mega stand; Neumann AK50-lc3-km100-xlr-sd442 ch1&2(xlr out)-SD744(ch1&2) recorded at 24/96; Editing done in SF11; Taped BY: Nate Evans 
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July 26-27, 2014
Merriweather Post Pavilion
Columbia Maryland

Taped BY: Nate Evans ([email protected])
Loc: OTS (Center Orch, Row CC Seat 131)(right back corner of board)
7 foot up on the mega stand

Source info:
Source 1: Neumann AK50-lc3-km100-xlr-sd442 ch1&2(xlr out)-SD744(ch1&2) recorded at 24/96
Source 2: Neumann AK40-lc3-km100-xlr-sd442 ch3&4(xlr out)-SD744(ch3&4) recorded at 24/96
Editing done in SF11

07/26/2014 • Merriweather Post Pavilion • Columbia, MD
Set 1: Sample in a Jar, The Moma Dance, Wombat, Backwards Down The Number Line, Roggae, The Wedge, Wolfman's Brother, Nellie Kane, Lawn Boy, The Line, Stash, Suzy Greenberg
Set 2: Carini > Ghost, Steam, The Mango Song, Sing Monica, Light, Also Sprach Zarathustra, Harry Hood
Encore: Julius
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phish2014-07-26 set1 ak5001.flac:46dd53c47cb228d74046749ec67850a9
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak5002.flac:cd29dd0a420501dab15a669b2e91dbbb
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak5003.flac:aa57d028f947ec42d398397fbe5ce5a8
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak5004.flac:2cd8a2fbb149e76ef6ee99938a839ac0
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak5005.flac:a3671f99671095aa519ce02104839eb9
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak5006.flac:cfd6e1996c7737970bb408aef85ab54e
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak5007.flac:1f9306ed5068c69ee300947f94378f93
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak5008.flac:27ebe6aa34de3843d2f2a80b0c0c26c8
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak5009.flac:a65ec77301531964efe0d76ee178d7bb
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak5010.flac:7f65b920bc0e6cb50b2a2cdc09bd1e05
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak5011.flac:adc5c8ac762a21f51a501df3dc8a3e1e
phish2014-07-26 set1 ak5012.flac:2092fb3c35c552542a1df39553e9b949
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak5001.flac:8b97242c23382e1b6db924f4003d2643
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak5002.flac:c772644367b82ef8dc93a214de065e10
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak5003.flac:160dd86f3d5f14485c20fdc4aae41fe1
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak5004.flac:8d58b9df27ff3d8e6b61a876edcb3505
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak5005.flac:94bcb0c00aa2b4c79f348b66a7532c75
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak5006.flac:138146497b3f980d39058d1e8dadc280
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak5007.flac:bdce05b2e072e62d2fe609bb3aaec9d1
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak5008.flac:a1abe913a76b40944c556005087886ae
phish2014-07-26 set2 ak5009.flac:47194d70153f7af0ef9b1a655916d87a

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