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Phish 07/27/14
Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD
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Entered by Jeff Mitchell
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Source Summary flac16 44.1kHz OTS (Center Orch, Row CC Seat 131)(right back corner of board); 7 foot up on the mega stand; Neumann AK50-lc3-km100-xlr-sd442 ch1&2(xlr out)-SD744(ch1&2) recorded at 24/96; Editing done in SF11; Taped BY: Nate Evans 
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July 26-27, 2014
Merriweather Post Pavilion
Columbia Maryland

Taped BY: Nate Evans ([email protected])
Loc: OTS (Center Orch, Row CC Seat 131)(right back corner of board)
7 foot up on the mega stand

Source info:
Source 1: Neumann AK50-lc3-km100-xlr-sd442 ch1&2(xlr out)-SD744(ch1&2) recorded at 24/96
Source 2: Neumann AK40-lc3-km100-xlr-sd442 ch3&4(xlr out)-SD744(ch3&4) recorded at 24/96
Editing done in SF11


07/27/2014 • Merriweather Post Pavilion • Columbia, MD
Set 1: Fee12, The Curtain With, 46 Days, 555, My Sweet One, Sand, Bouncing Around the Room, Saw it Again, Fuego, You Enjoy Myself3
Set 2: Wilson, Tweezer > Back On The Train > Tweezer > Back On The Train > Tweezer4 > Waiting All Night, Free5 > Simple5 > Free, Catapult, Slave to the Traffic Light, Down With Disease6, NICU7 > HYHU, Jennifer Dances8, HYHU, I Been Around9
Encore: Boogie On Reggae Woman, Tweezer Reprise
1with megaphone
2Trey missed "Milly turned and began to scream at Floyd" verse, but sang it after the last chorus; Trey commented "it may not have been in the right order, but it was all there"
3with Flash Light teases; Trey waved megaphone and used its siren during voice jam
4with Manteca tease
5with Tweezer tease
7with Under Pressure (Queen/Bowie) tease
8Fishman took center stage and admitted he hadn't practiced any songs; Trey requested Jennifer Dances from behind Fish's kit; Fishman on vacuum and ad libbing the lyrics, which he readily admitted he didn't know, singing "That's all the words that I know to this song, dong"
9band walked off stage and back on while Page sang and Mike played his bass
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phish2014-07-27 set1 ak5001.flac:24b1e6027e641c9a6815541d5710cf0b
phish2014-07-27 set1 ak5002.flac:702cc6f0469945da34f24a3a875db6c0
phish2014-07-27 set1 ak5003.flac:5bdb21873e44e88329f92e9c327cb464
phish2014-07-27 set1 ak5004.flac:a372d019c88a917914daf9b1121e544b
phish2014-07-27 set1 ak5005.flac:14ba866f3c33d5012a9569f03a6bb476
phish2014-07-27 set1 ak5006.flac:b448fb20ca69b54fd0f221377ad3ebdb
phish2014-07-27 set1 ak5007.flac:7a49c8d6d0e12a2de5bf0082542faa23
phish2014-07-27 set1 ak5008.flac:bf5b3d56ccd77167c740fe871a9c4d5c
phish2014-07-27 set1 ak5009.flac:e4768a8ad46ccc0b945eca3599ba7919
phish2014-07-27 set1 ak5010.flac:4473d99cfbe1864a1f80eef3e6e49fcd
phish2014-07-27 set1 ak5011.flac:25cc3c04a19bcf75754e3b6cada45146
phish2014-07-27 set1 ak5012.flac:782f1b2f3e9403d60588a719e6e60301
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5001.flac:51319b28d56013e45dd602fdcdd382f8
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5002.flac:5c648f63968cb8a34683148a8b68e2e8
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5003.flac:fd303183a107169b7283a0e04a53055f
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5004.flac:ebbfbd5fe260086652607900cd3fc149
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5005.flac:935ece8001b4fa74815b32dc20c3da5f
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5006.flac:141065543800520aa44eeb15c2ab1161
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5007.flac:ca4e9e119fe8294031ed6b63f57ce849
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5008.flac:55e5f5fa303a57b8bdeea9d8125b9f08
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5009.flac:119545d614caceddde73e7eef41ce020
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5010.flac:35c422020355f3a605c44dfb87b3d649
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5011.flac:528e970720626b0c66f9495d1370fe17
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5012.flac:73828c6356b71f031ff95d8a4c000954
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5013.flac:11ec4ef2ba09e732ae86e106be031470
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5014.flac:40fbdec96fb2669088ad54db5e03fd00
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5015.flac:e9e5fa46420e295b180285fa5f51dc03
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5016.flac:a0050e786d1b704f5f68051c777fb8f9
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5017.flac:d3ab1d93d8da391bcf109b3380ed8abf
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5018.flac:8ca307e9ea3a2eae4f39c508f4d50f36
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5019.flac:448d360422f410f81f25d74862961442
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5020.flac:b4041e758f349ea39b8e708b4c732263
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5021.flac:2b069ceaf41bc54e6436bc29795c47f6
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5022.flac:e01c149ef268d37e56b63540235a1461
phish2014-07-27 set2 ak5023.flac:87f4bdb84dda42a609ab1397806d0d72

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