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Phish 12/10/94
Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA
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Entered by Terry Watts
Checksums SHN , WAV
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Source Summary shn16, 44kHz; (FOB/ortf) Schoeps cmc5/mk4's > Sonosax SX-M2 > Apogee AD-500e > Sony TCD-D10 > DAT(c); DAT(c) > Tascam DA-20 mkII > M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 > Soundforge > CDWave > SHN; Source by unknown; Transfer by Dan Marquardt 
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Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA
This show is included in the 1994 Phish Project.

Source:         [DFOB; Master DAT]
                Schoeps CMC5/Mk4 (ORTF)-> Sonosax SX-M2-> Apogee AD-500E-> Sony D-10 @ 48KHz

Conversion:     Tascam DA-20 MkII-> Monster Coax-> M-Audio Audiophile 24/96->
                Soundforge 5.0 (48KHz->44.1KHz at highest setting [4 of 4],
                with anti-alias filter)-> CD Wave-> mkwACT v0.97
                **No DAE at all**

Minor Edits: Fades (in/out at begginning/end of sets)
Transferred by Dan Marquardt , please contact me with questions/comments.
There are also 48KHz shn's of this seed for archival.

CD/Set 1: 63:13
01. Fee 06:26
02. Rift 05:45
03. Stash 11:01
04. Lizards 10:21
05. Sample in a Jar 04:46
06. The Divided Sky 15:21
07. Lawn Boy 02:42
08. Chalk Dust Torture 06:50

CD/Set 2: 68:53
01. Simple 04:55
02. Maze 10:23
03. Guyute 09:57
04. Also Sprach Zarathustra 03:53
05. Mike's Song-> 07:47
06. I Am Hydrogen-> 03:10
07. Weekapaug Groove*-> 07:03
08. Why Don't We Do It in the Road-> 03:22
09. HYHU 01:04
10. Poor Heart 02:17
11. Slave to the Traffic Light 09:19
12. Cavern 04:56

13. Crew Acknowledgment** 05:36
14. Good Times Bad Times 05:11

*Jam at the end develops into a vacuum jam,
which segues into a quick "HYHU" into"Why Don't We Do It in the Road."
**Trey thanks the crew by name, stopping periodically to do a build-up jam;
Trey announces that this is a "Chalk Dust Torture" reprise.
Show Checksums
7a9cc0bd4fed67f270221a9eaaeaa0a5 *ph94-12-10d1t1.shn
efbe7b74c5a77f40ca3f71d030579be9 *ph94-12-10d1t2.shn
ee2c388ff658cb8ec2a7e2897fc7ce44 *ph94-12-10d1t3.shn
4539708f289adea85956065b1daeefd6 *ph94-12-10d1t4.shn
626627bd72aefe422ea57a92e005d1c5 *ph94-12-10d1t5.shn
f50e82087c23f3ddac2be130d87ee0bd *ph94-12-10d1t6.shn
be8d098dd7dfe5fa2e90f517a6c2c33d *ph94-12-10d1t7.shn
9706155d20e2dacd07899fcc257eaa44 *ph94-12-10d1t8.shn
92f0f96ab0827823d6479f7da7950c35 *ph94-12-10d2t01.shn
c719d12622ad8f836e0a42b0d6f25d70 *ph94-12-10d2t02.shn
23ff648e9913ef57f22fe91c749923be *ph94-12-10d2t03.shn
3cf75d98939b8dda23815d22ef4e9153 *ph94-12-10d2t04.shn
6335ef0d81b0cad4d2cba0bb2762b912 *ph94-12-10d2t05.shn
97791843d5eedf79226b47a5e7a5ab22 *ph94-12-10d2t06.shn
1c55d54a26cbc03eb094b4713cf02085 *ph94-12-10d2t07.shn
91e40682de575108572ee09b3bc595fc *ph94-12-10d2t08.shn
37cd1137ff2a916316bbc23a93fb4cf0 *ph94-12-10d2t09.shn
fef8c41c58fc334eda4d3b131bb1817d *ph94-12-10d2t10.shn
b021466d628c36cceda67fc2ba89176d *ph94-12-10d2t11.shn
9b9bd341c48061a189dab1e1543f2bce *ph94-12-10d2t12.shn
120d757c8d2770029cb3b429654c5887 *ph94-12-10d2t13.shn
9470eaf91e164f4de5984289e15f36a7 *ph94-12-10d2t14.shn
3ef97cb2eb9bd797eac8a91ed754eaee *ph94-12-10d1t1.wav
37a691667eef1356ad1636938ce7c2c3 *ph94-12-10d1t2.wav
0d6cd0f14065616ed4ce2695b8491468 *ph94-12-10d1t3.wav
f9db89a0d40a5ef585464afc3f155d77 *ph94-12-10d1t4.wav
ef5bcefaf0ddbfed3d84ed59ca955f0a *ph94-12-10d1t5.wav
9f4fc7038c3203e5c8dc06c373b2fa0b *ph94-12-10d1t6.wav
7894cbdfde63169f1027bb71a0797b85 *ph94-12-10d1t7.wav
280e177e5e4823bbd48428f69c5027c7 *ph94-12-10d1t8.wav
6326589d46f68ef8e3c03f7acbb99e67 *ph94-12-10d2t01.wav
d73bc90898cba0d227848259f4704b65 *ph94-12-10d2t02.wav
df75e6d7289a6f0d3e7092c39ad08ccd *ph94-12-10d2t03.wav
9a040c36d8612a9672dc3c4bb0ccb832 *ph94-12-10d2t04.wav
f1b03b9b741a3f6bba8b876ec375b961 *ph94-12-10d2t05.wav
d0a255a670606f966d56a68dc41b5e6b *ph94-12-10d2t06.wav
a207e9398e2003edeb1926998840c135 *ph94-12-10d2t07.wav
a248c3917dbcff384362e996ed136605 *ph94-12-10d2t08.wav
012ec51273d05ad5c5e14c10090dcf28 *ph94-12-10d2t09.wav
e55b9d420ac0ffc5de85943ed14406c3 *ph94-12-10d2t10.wav
f1b73ce826ee336a89eeeffd3599c83f *ph94-12-10d2t11.wav
ca4c3c0c0257156482ee9b987db2c3b5 *ph94-12-10d2t12.wav
1b4b3f71f0b4cf4b27928c2772c9435e *ph94-12-10d2t13.wav
b17bd38ee59e28b4a1d5ee33ae476afd *ph94-12-10d2t14.wav

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