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Phish 12/31/94
Boston Garden, Boston, MA
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Entered by Terry Watts
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Source Summary flac16, 44kHz; AKG c460b/ck63's > AKG B18's > Shure FP-11's > Teac DAP-20 > DAT(m); DAT(m) > Tascam DA-20mkII > Tascam CDRW700 > CDR(m) > Wavelab > CDWave > FLAC; Source and Transfer by DATBRAD 
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Boston, MA

"Boston Garden"

(OTS) First row behind SBD-dead center-stand at 9'

AKG 463s(PAS)>AKG B18s>Shure FP-11s>Teac DAP20>
DAT>Tascam DA20MKII>Tascam CDRW700>CDR>
Wavelab 6(Waves Q10-de/pre-emphasis)>
CDWave>Flac Frontend(Level 6)

Recording and transfer by DATBRAD

Set 1

d101 Rock & Roll Part 2*
d102 Golgi Apparatus
d103 NICU
d104 Run Like an Antelope**
d105 Glide
d106 Mound
d107 Peaches en Regalia
d108 Divided Sky
d109 Funky Bitch

Set 2

d201 Crowd intro >
d202 My Old Home Place
d203 Maze
d204 Bouncing Around the Room
d205 Mike's Song >
d206 Buffalo Bill >
d207 Mike's Song >
d208 Y-Rushalayim Schel Zahav >
d209 Weekapaug Groove
d210 Amazing Grace

Set 3

d301 Stage banter (Fishman's hot dog order)>
d302 My Sweet One > stage banter (hot dog delivery)
d303 Also Sprach Zarathustra >
d304 James Bond Theme* > countdown >
d305 Auld Lang Syne >
d306 Tropical Hot Dog Night* >
d307 Chalk Dust Torture > Jam
d308 The Horse >
d309 Silent in the Morning
d310 Suzie Greenberg > Jam >
d311 Slave to the Traffic Light

d312 Simple >
d313 Auld Lang Syne (reprise)


*pre-recorded/played over PA system

**W/Tom Marshall

Show Checksums
Phish 12-31-94 d101.flac:28300748ca970bf05362ff6f4d532fa0
Phish 12-31-94 d102.flac:999b075d9d4f5258c9e0ce99c61e74e3
Phish 12-31-94 d103.flac:46f8a4e3729dc769fce5105bed01ba96
Phish 12-31-94 d104.flac:2fc756fbbf39badde200fc93f63efbb9
Phish 12-31-94 d105.flac:dd16ab23effe7c8a5a819d43cf502e49
Phish 12-31-94 d106.flac:37177d67310491ef7ac03304be906e16
Phish 12-31-94 d107.flac:c2ac36499525e898d01f82c382901e31
Phish 12-31-94 d108.flac:0bc232388b046949cf3a6057ebf7534f
Phish 12-31-94 d109.flac:acdd4db1649f197e60c23b4747efd019
Phish 12-31-94 d201.flac:3256ed5957f9fd4b43c4607d4dd46090
Phish 12-31-94 d202.flac:eacf0b0931c260416d000a31b328e32c
Phish 12-31-94 d203.flac:a9ccdd168dcff8042c3697778fa977db
Phish 12-31-94 d204.flac:0c69e9d70e1be3286f6ba838bd15922e
Phish 12-31-94 d205.flac:ec83e0a6e2936aa1d6332e28c2ad4d63
Phish 12-31-94 d206.flac:6499dffe9ce09d5b533d6bf888719734
Phish 12-31-94 d207.flac:3879ce499b324b3ed1e5b1b592bcdd58
Phish 12-31-94 d208.flac:27b1361e108bb3b431e55eceb4eea216
Phish 12-31-94 d209.flac:2834a2d07dc197b25ea0f6e5f8def44a
Phish 12-31-94 d210.flac:886c53312f5ff76f1495c02504633721
Phish 12-31-94 d301.flac:af0052f17ffeb4b45efce79aa0bea8b0
Phish 12-31-94 d302.flac:59891ff4b6f2e3d1074254a217a750ce
Phish 12-31-94 d303.flac:fee70ada3e1f2f57746bae3fc4fde26c
Phish 12-31-94 d304.flac:3566ff1db057597bcd7977808edaaee2
Phish 12-31-94 d305.flac:040f40448abc0f9f21c0dc84452f76e4
Phish 12-31-94 d306.flac:e42e3f7ef8b38f40acac526c0949fe0e
Phish 12-31-94 d307.flac:97214a6ba814378489ea8bf431805e66
Phish 12-31-94 d308.flac:0be6928e4962626379b634144ac0bd52
Phish 12-31-94 d309.flac:9012a157f20dd73b0c3a0b8df090fa2e
Phish 12-31-94 d310.flac:d838b085be853d975ac660b5b71f3f4e
Phish 12-31-94 d311.flac:fbb86e36345a58f29937c9fd241469d2
Phish 12-31-94 d312.flac:7d92b752b2b5a12f526d6b1796ee0479
Phish 12-31-94 d313.flac:082b55917dd1b069cb369eeb66c93894

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