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Phish 10/22/14
Santa Barbara County Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA
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Entered by Jeff Mitchell
Checksums md5 , ffp
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Source Summary flac16 44.1kHz FOB/DFC > Neumann Ak40 (NOS) > Lc3 > Km100 > Eaa PSP2 > Sd 702 @ 24/48; Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 (resample, UV 22 HR) > Cd Wave > Traders Little Helper > 16/44 FLAC; recorded by gotfob 
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Santa Barbara Bowl
Santa Barbara, Ca

*Brought to you by gotfob*

FOB/DFC > Neumann Ak40 (NOS) > Lc3 > Km100 >
Eaa PSP2 > Sd 702 @ 24/48

Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 (resample, UV 22 HR) >
Cd Wave > Traders Little Helper > 16/44 FLAC

Set I
t01 Soul Shakedown
t02 The Wedge
t03 Undermind
t04 Horn
t05 Yamar
t06 Jesus Left Chicago
t07 A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing
t08 Winterqueen
t09 My Friend, My Friend
t10 Split Open and Melt
t11 Walls Of The Cave

Set II
t12 Drowned
t13 Theme From The Bottom >
t14 Steam >
t15 Waves >
t16 Twenty Years Later
t17 Scent Of A Mule
t18 2001
t19 Mike's Song >
t20 Runaway Jim
t21 Weekapaug Groove
t22 The Horse
t23 Silent In The Morning
t24 Run Like An Antelope

Show Checksums
a3b06d392532b7bf5561d0a0caf84f26 *Phish 2014-10-22 t01 Soul Shakedown.flac
b7d7b3756d8785b2a9f45eace9be404b *Phish 2014-10-22 t02 The Wedge.flac
676926923dd455da89b1debb0838f9c5 *Phish 2014-10-22 t03 Undermind.flac
da7e4c7ee255d0083c255c34b97a2ad0 *Phish 2014-10-22 t04 Horn.flac
c2fc7b3748361143fdbd641f1e8b7cb3 *Phish 2014-10-22 t05 Yamar.flac
ed722c0f2a28d9e25f9d7f575bbd16fa *Phish 2014-10-22 t06 Jesus Left Chicago.flac
1c76ea4e744098a34ab1390fe5cde5c8 *Phish 2014-10-22 t07 A Song I heard The Ocean Sing.flac
fc9209159703748ef042cb6a9861bbe3 *Phish 2014-10-22 t08 Winterqueen.flac
b9b20d4afb8edb03b4721d7f8878bbd7 *Phish 2014-10-22 t09 My Friend My Friend.flac
5d588d13b5595d9140fa740a20d8ca8b *Phish 2014-10-22 t10 Split Open And Melt.flac
f5e7ca199801ce19544638d720a0d0b1 *Phish 2014-10-22 t11 Walls Of The Cave.flac
9a8762e4eeda3caa37250d66399d980c *Phish 2014-10-22 t12 Drowned.flac
4f012c150022d561538f3873fe220dff *Phish 2014-10-22 t13 Theme From The Bottom.flac
9c2bd38c554d2b84540dc33e186d4b6c *Phish 2014-10-22 t14 Steam.flac
74e8c25f06fe444d633b905b33c3af75 *Phish 2014-10-22 t15 Waves.flac
98864fc84e6d22bbf00688c08aaeb263 *Phish 2014-10-22 t16 Twenty Years Later.flac
d03cdb71743bda9f84bc1a96895d33ae *Phish 2014-10-22 t17 Scent Of A Mule.flac
92d2d60c0eed19f24710a7110038bfd7 *Phish 2014-10-22 t18 2001.flac
404600911b404b915f9cb8c529f17472 *Phish 2014-10-22 t19 Mike's Song.flac
73430381e18e29045d4a600c85a88cf8 *Phish 2014-10-22 t20 Runaway Jim.flac
9a6f8d6d46777588362a5bd57518e251 *Phish 2014-10-22 t21 Weekapaug Groove.flac
ab32fbe79c5f0c018d55bf631a4c7f78 *Phish 2014-10-22 t22 The Horse.flac
aca9b8d217e870f42bb29cb0f3c0aeeb *Phish 2014-10-22 t23 Silent In The Morning.flac
f9881e4dbc7bcbe5e0ab640ba4ba50ab *Phish 2014-10-22 t24 Run Like An Antelope.flac
Phish 2014-10-22 t01 Soul Shakedown.flac:4bb520a1d3d54e9a6c8dd38bdcad43c3
Phish 2014-10-22 t02 The Wedge.flac:55fd1fc90918d8583183a9056b1fccb9
Phish 2014-10-22 t03 Undermind.flac:c4e42603af404e78d8a6f0a3d9ffcb6a
Phish 2014-10-22 t04 Horn.flac:f046efb757e349839dff829bdb7e5c0d
Phish 2014-10-22 t05 Yamar.flac:f79879e2240cc6728b703cdc5d5e1f83
Phish 2014-10-22 t06 Jesus Left Chicago.flac:21f38e8c17102fc1ee033bd084c11b30
Phish 2014-10-22 t07 A Song I heard The Ocean Sing.flac:567d6dca2a096f5df3404bc2d73f3abe
Phish 2014-10-22 t08 Winterqueen.flac:482570d4fde6191f15e2eb6443a8e11d
Phish 2014-10-22 t09 My Friend My Friend.flac:73632d43141efa6ba8596686c2d2c7fe
Phish 2014-10-22 t10 Split Open And Melt.flac:5f27d5e61c3b962e8a30b7dd254b554f
Phish 2014-10-22 t11 Walls Of The Cave.flac:ec17ddf6fcc5b141c53385e44d93ba36
Phish 2014-10-22 t12 Drowned.flac:ef8fb30606ee5ac188cbc3b50e1f760c
Phish 2014-10-22 t13 Theme From The Bottom.flac:68d54e9a26a4fc1816968aed6bdfb73a
Phish 2014-10-22 t14 Steam.flac:0506620643411796178f35c9c38bc2e7
Phish 2014-10-22 t15 Waves.flac:06987ce881f2703da44c67b40c58f217
Phish 2014-10-22 t16 Twenty Years Later.flac:0740df7b367a1751583d5aaaa335e2f9
Phish 2014-10-22 t17 Scent Of A Mule.flac:78878d5b7c5558f2cebe6931fa257cf9
Phish 2014-10-22 t18 2001.flac:909c328e3708e4eee0e12ad2804913a8
Phish 2014-10-22 t19 Mike's Song.flac:0f40356721d7bb15ba3ab46977609641
Phish 2014-10-22 t20 Runaway Jim.flac:3555d53afd9a736347ad57c1bec137ef
Phish 2014-10-22 t21 Weekapaug Groove.flac:83cdcba45666797868bb00d45758cd01
Phish 2014-10-22 t22 The Horse.flac:488d697e8401f1455714b10f18a35c11
Phish 2014-10-22 t23 Silent In The Morning.flac:bd6eef00ec5ccedf6784abd2870324df
Phish 2014-10-22 t24 Run Like An Antelope.flac:74de2016a5c908d7b4b046afac9b4f53

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