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Phish 10/29/14
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Jeff Mitchell
Checksums md5 , ffp
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Source Summary flac16 44.1kHz FOB/DFC > Neumann Ak40 (NOS) > Lc3 > Km100 > Eaa PSP2 > Sd 702 @ 24/48; Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 (resample, UV 22 HR) > Cd Wave > Traders Little Helper > 16/44 FLAC 
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Bill Graham Civic Aduitorium
Sf, Ca

*Brought to you by gotfob*

FOB/DFC > Neumann Ak40 (NOS) > Lc3 > Km100 >
Eaa PSP2 > Sd 702 @ 24/48

Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 (resample, UV 22 HR) >
Cd Wave > Traders Little Helper > 16/44 FLAC

Set I
t01 Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan
t02 Moma Dance>
t03 We Are The Champions >
t04 Moma Dance
t05 Free
t06 Back On The Train
t07 Yarmouth Road
t08 Strange Design
t09 Taste
t10 The Wedge
t11 The Line
t12 Wolfman's Brother

Set II
t13 1st Tube
t14 Down With Disease
t15 Theme From The Bottom
t16 Spilt Open And Melt
t17 Heavy Things
t18 Light
t19 Possum
t20 Contact
t21 Meatstick
t22 Character Zero

Show Checksums
1ec04e9be9f6c73ea0c8b09fd5da08de *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t01 Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan.flac
56fb75ac5833ee9b9f7a6f09bb8f2505 *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t02 Moma Dance.flac
5959cba8d538872112ada51c9ac686b3 *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t03 We Are The Champions.flac
51986b0586655ad0e9f73105e3461e89 *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t04 Free.flac
a47449a066b99c8386ffde33c7546e0a *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t05 Moma Dance.flac
415bd4bac5c1d6bbcf8d1c91bdbbad5e *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t06 Back On The Train.flac
987c6d81084007704d83f8939854697f *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t07 Yarmouth Road.flac
c838b25c6427bfacfc39d984d2cf2cea *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t08 Strange Design.flac
d910e85f89afbbdfa5bc6e0fdb699383 *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t09 Taste.flac
f6677594a11824890e9fe95a4cfbfaad *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t10 The Wedge.flac
24ef6b1b40a6add354c5d917eac90b0b *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t11 The Line.flac
caef076ce86006243d3702e133afae38 *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t12 Wolfman's Brother.flac
843e8020fd3337e71b0cecd27e91f4f4 *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t13 1st Tube.flac
4d8722af44fc462f082d046857afcd4a *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t14 Down With Disease.flac
db47646456981a4a5908950ddc4520b6 *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t15 Theme From The Bottom.flac
965c19eeeb92637e763e4ae9c89de349 *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t16 Spilt Open And Melt.flac
dd854df864a5b26f254d32ae2eb77d47 *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t17 Heavy Things.flac
5e013ac0d31ed9a6de5371c17b48cf96 *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t18 Light.flac
04634616a28457ae50a89778aecfc9df *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t19 Possum.flac
bf1d38fb5dc3723971b0ad8f7feacff1 *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t20 Contact.flac
bd559be69ee8d3d620b49126a943adb4 *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t21 Meatstick.flac
f446767994d66303584b960be41f30ce *Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t22 Character Zero.flac
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t01 Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan.flac:f6fe6d440a0621f608b73b3bae26a396
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t02 Moma Dance.flac:1dcc2e9f6628083b64f93be73477a2c7
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t03 We Are The Champions.flac:32dc0db08e86044af8b653165dc6cf7e
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t04 Free.flac:aad6ecdb8b839151f1d3dcc911311c35
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t05 Moma Dance.flac:c9b3c9c44d2c9ba9094fe5fd6f4b0fa6
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t06 Back On The Train.flac:abf7e54b77aa69b2158450cc8f0136c5
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t07 Yarmouth Road.flac:787a685563155560c13fc8ed4eb3161b
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t08 Strange Design.flac:7bd2187f04dbea9709a60359be5494de
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t09 Taste.flac:9baf2e97b336abb7589c1a2e1eb0c99b
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t10 The Wedge.flac:dd2dbe69245c69f9d9dead2bf94b532b
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t11 The Line.flac:91de5ccb1b027d242a934bf16e1cf751
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t12 Wolfman's Brother.flac:8bc24102f1c3b844eb873218a9d5d2a8
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t13 1st Tube.flac:e96f3436e14a9c15e0311756a77ab093
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t14 Down With Disease.flac:ed2ded478ad6826db68c858e2d09aad8
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t15 Theme From The Bottom.flac:ab108d40f33556e132697427283b7e9a
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t16 Spilt Open And Melt.flac:7901eb8396a91b377eec792686d4e3c7
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t17 Heavy Things.flac:e384f69713fe1d8fc9021f16cc22d189
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t18 Light.flac:f0999f4f67929b3ff772548c3f2342fe
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t19 Possum.flac:5ec6c7ffd303f0fc4d719423f69a84d0
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t20 Contact.flac:d98b668ae41080c0f0e3eeeffd7c5596
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t21 Meatstick.flac:b9acaad33045f9cfac4de76f13023b8c
Phish 2014-10-28 Sf,Ca t22 Character Zero.flac:82aed66e48ffd3a84fa54d4dd0ef944d

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