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Mike Cooley 12/06/12
Hole In The Wall, Austin, TX
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Mike Cooley
Hole in the Wall
Austin, TX

Source: CA-14 omni > CA-9100 preamp > Edirol R-09HR > USB > Audacity

1. 72 (This Highway's Mean)
2. Gravity's Gone
3. Where the Devil Don't Stay
4. A Ghost to Most
5. Sounds Better in the Song
6. Self Destructive Zones
7. 3 Dimes Down/One of these Days
8. Uncle Frank
9. Cartoon Gold
10. Guitar Man Upstairs
11. Space City
12. Get Downtown
13. Birthday Boy
14. Drinking Coke and Eating Ice
15. Pulaski
16. Cottonseed
17. Women without Whiskey
18. Zip City
19. Shut up and Get on the Plane
20. new song (Senseless Notions?)
21. Everybody Needs Love
22. Love Like This
23. Behind Closed Doors

If you enjoy this artist, please make an effort to see them when they come
through your town and buy their records.

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MD5 (01-72 (This Highway's Mean).flac) = ac5b1af8ad896526bb6f0373db9cf7cc
MD5 (02-Gravity's Gone.flac) = 558858ccda22587b3f035c544e7b3257
MD5 (03-Where the Devil Don't Stay.flac) = d0b2af533cc0cfbbe2480ff258bf4878
MD5 (04-A Ghost to Most.flac) = 8a68437b899fbb2c94fe90dc4101d1af
MD5 (05-Sounds Better in the Song.flac) = f705279cae17a31e03e8b150ee24d73f
MD5 (06-Self Destructive Zones.flac) = 761154a6c5fce4c002f2184b1b585e36
MD5 (07-3 Dimes Down-One of these Days.flac) = 65ea28a487be888152c48a007ece9fe2
MD5 (08-Uncle Frank.flac) = d8280eaba909a3d10a059bc9ca87d9e3
MD5 (09-Cartoon Gold.flac) = bd85ec5764dd5693915fb88964897b96
MD5 (10-Guitar Man Upstairs.flac) = 5ee38b0ed2516e4929d085fd89925195
MD5 (11-Space City.flac) = a53b9a6a758357b7f5ac19af957af069
MD5 (12-Get Downtown.flac) = 5cb5f0a8c671ede7ba9bebabe520e2c8
MD5 (13-Birthday Boy.flac) = 350084e624550c89cdf966a1d3c1316c
MD5 (14-Drinking Coke and Eating Ice.flac) = 063efa79dfb202b1099e100f0ca89e53
MD5 (15-Pulaski.flac) = 7d313a2085c113e0dc4bd813c552e8b5
MD5 (16-Cottonseed.flac) = 553eef1510ab8e014fbf19c25bc15eb8
MD5 (17-Women without Whiskey.flac) = 1de2055806b8f32a893262cc13d6cee2
MD5 (18-Zip City.flac) = 78ecd817c725bf63ab7e5f79f191dbd8
MD5 (19-Shut up and Get on the Plane.flac) = bafa467484d43b0c54602e8f73bf59b9
MD5 (20-Senseless Notions.flac) = 580312051b299d25df4fb0f91f98865b
MD5 (21-Everybody Needs Love.flac) = 10ca68bf9073d3e6828ab82bb0293652
MD5 (22-Love Like This.flac) = 4349eea8065dfb11b943d812f33a05be
MD5 (23-Behind Closed Doors.flac) = d51f95873175c947b5862a9a384a426a

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