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Robert Hunter 05/08/81
Substrata, Evanston, IL
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums rh1981-05-08.st5 , rh1981-05-08.ffp , rh1981-05-08.md5
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Source Summary flac16: Nak mikes > Nakimichi 550 on Chrome Tapes > ? > FLAC 
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Robert Hunter
May 8, 1981
Northwestern University,
Evanston, IL
Late Show

"Mason B. Taylor was a taper from Chicago that recorded concerts by many bands in the Chicagoland area and on Dead tours. He used a Nakamichi 550 with Nakamichi 300 mics with shotgun capsules for most of his earlier recordings. In later years he used Sony D-5 and Sony D-3 cassette recorders with Nakamichi 300 mics.

Mason captured spectacular musical moments and loved to share them with his closest friends. In honor of Mason and all the love he put into his recordings we are now able to share these moments with those who can appreciate them most.

As the shows get uploaded we would love for you to share your stories about the epic times the music evokes so we can all dial back into that moment when the magic was happening.

Thanks to Mason’s family and his Chicago and Cleveland friends for opening up Mason’s Jar…"

Recorded By Mason Taylor on a Nakamichi 550 Cassette Deck,
on chrome tapes, with Nakamichi microphones.

Transferred on Mason's restored Nak500 properly.

-Late Show-
01 -tuning and banter-
02 Touch Of Grey
03 Jack Straw
04 Keep Your Day Job
05 -banter-
06 Reuben And Cerise
07 -banter-
08 Rum Runners
09 -banter-
10 Box Of Rain
11 It
12 -banter-
13 Slack String Quartet
-tape flip-
14 -banter-
15 I Never See You
16 -banter-
17 Black Peter
18 Ditty >
      Animal Fair >
      Wild Bill >
19 Sugaree
-tape change-
20 -banter-
21 Mississippi Half Step >
22 Mr. Charlie >
      Easy Wind >
23 Ripple

Notes:  Short drop out at the end of Reuben And Cerise, roughly half a second.
The first line of Ripple is missing, I can't hear the edit, but in comparison
with the Ripple on the other, soundboard source of this set, shnid.100856, I
know there is a line missing.  There is a minute of applause and 10 seconds of banter missing at the tape chage after Sugaree.

Also note that shnid.100856 is misidentified as the early show.  The Dire Wolf
may be from the early show, and there is an audible edit between Dire Wolf and
Jack Straw on shnid.100856.  On this audience source, from the opening tuning and banter, where Hunter asks to have his monitor turned up only to realize he hadn't plugged in yet through the end of Reuben And Cerise sounds like one continuous piece of tape.

In the banter between Day Job and R&C, he mentions wanting to tune up because he
changed strings between shows.  This is present on both sources.

In the banter before Slack String Quartet, he said he wants to play the song because he had to abort the song in the last set because he broke a string.   This is present on both sources.

In the banter before Mississippi Half Step, he asks "How many people are leftover from the first show here." befor he decides that then he need to play something he didn't already do in the Early show.

Show Checksums
e2bb40bb59d7d5c5fb287769af23d94a [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t01.flac
f66f0a709acd7e1be7e25a26838f316b [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t02.flac
747a5ecd2ba4e13bb2d433402c5f26a4 [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t03.flac
0fde7f942e07d1fe1b131f08dfdf3cad [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t04.flac
724afbb12f702fbf3390ce868b1f914a [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t05.flac
023a3c071a6cc644ef7d007a3ef77059 [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t06.flac
6f5eaac5779b1a2c94595deb1b16f965 [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t07.flac
96f003b50e30dbe4ff43989b812742e9 [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t08.flac
181c355287dad7dc3edd56feba541b86 [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t09.flac
67ee59c042110b4e5a4f041f45a3f789 [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t10.flac
dbaaba1cd6451e17c0064b2ff2d24358 [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t11.flac
5b1726f004f128cc95a10feb30df05e3 [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t12.flac
5cb8f3908fe4cf516a5a188a6a27c5bf [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t13.flac
4fc51d01de91a70c83a9fa3ad4435b15 [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t14.flac
499057c6a0a2344eb716ad827f2cb080 [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t15.flac
55f6b0330950f63bf8f0d8e5fcc41fe0 [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t16.flac
58994e5829fdb54b7a828a6a4eca7d29 [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t17.flac
3b527a5ca3268f8cd138928c0c711e92 [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t18.flac
401c5f5bac8fbf59aa58b2c29a8856c2 [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t19.flac
733c1ee9c75716cfd3ff67fa2ff9917f [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t20.flac
4a44dfa98f21291aa72634c4c84c5e6c [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t21.flac
efd76518fe94844af578afc3052a5cba [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t22.flac
dbe0fe02f0bf4e65ec5749d2a2e92ca8 [shntool] rh1981-05-08.s2t23.flac
b8d1956b05d943d5ee58106c3dc77695 *rh1981-05-08.s2t01.flac
8fb68bc169e1bfae79d9038abaebbd46 *rh1981-05-08.s2t02.flac
9e52f8e7fbf2bba0a4db13b5a8e8d5ef *rh1981-05-08.s2t03.flac
edf91c629851307d61d4b583e9eb86f6 *rh1981-05-08.s2t04.flac
5decf20501d19dc56322b71fda3f740e *rh1981-05-08.s2t05.flac
cb4a7d9c099e30a5c1cc86dc4960e53e *rh1981-05-08.s2t06.flac
22fe1c94fefb2e7f3dc4270f157b6d7d *rh1981-05-08.s2t07.flac
19e6ebc8937767710653acadf2404168 *rh1981-05-08.s2t08.flac
580c9ecdec97a3bb9730bbdc3121f7d6 *rh1981-05-08.s2t09.flac
e7db1bc4f5c5ab194e95f2c12615d76f *rh1981-05-08.s2t10.flac
9691980c5c8a925d52043851ac4318ec *rh1981-05-08.s2t11.flac
0a60e1aad53eaadc0bec1f617ebce5af *rh1981-05-08.s2t12.flac
809cbd502b44f362c08b2a7c8aa3757f *rh1981-05-08.s2t13.flac
893e895e9acf70e63bb0e399b8560e2a *rh1981-05-08.s2t14.flac
23e9f774957b179f6ba177490ca0b415 *rh1981-05-08.s2t15.flac
752761f0315558110aff14a9f5cadbc4 *rh1981-05-08.s2t16.flac
80935b3823bdbb4cef8d6f2b1d521c3c *rh1981-05-08.s2t17.flac
47cbe49ae89b2f24b9b66751f1704c5d *rh1981-05-08.s2t18.flac
310578bb3da6de862c66231729eeb9f8 *rh1981-05-08.s2t19.flac
6faa4235f0049be75992490c82580877 *rh1981-05-08.s2t20.flac
705c4a068ff88b8e594ba247cee05599 *rh1981-05-08.s2t21.flac
01dedafb3d98e53401bf72874d255f03 *rh1981-05-08.s2t22.flac
b2e08b49d02948d662b759c8d05720c1 *rh1981-05-08.s2t23.flac

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