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Phish 11/27/98
Worcester Centrum, Worcester, MA
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Entered by Jeff Mitchell
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Source Summary flac16 48kHz Sennheiser K6RD/ME64>SBM-1>D8 sampled at 48k; Master DAT>DA-P1>SPDIF>M-Audio Audiophile 192>CD Wave>flac level 8>TLH - slight level boost w/Audacity; Taped and transferred by Greg Nash 
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11/27/1998 • Worcester Centrum Centre • Worcester, MA

Source: Sennheiser K6RD/ME64>SBM-1>D8 sampled at 48k

Transfer: Master DAT>DA-P1>SPDIF>M-Audio Audiophile 192>
CD Wave>flac level 8>TLH - slight level boost w/Audacity

Taped and transferred by Greg Nash. Fresh tansfer
uncirculated source as of 2-11-2015.

Set 1: Funky Bitch, Ya Mar, Carini, Runaway Jim,
Meat, Reba, Old Home Place, Dogs Stole Things,
Vultures, When the Circus Comes to Town,
Birds of a Feather

Set 2: Buried Alive, Wipeout, Chalkdust Torture >
Mirror in the Bathroom > Chalkdust Torture >
Dog Log > Chalkdust Torture> Sanity, Buffalo Bill, Mike's Song >
I am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Run Like An Antelope

Encore: Wading in the Velvet Sea, Golgi Apparatus >
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01 Funky Bitch.flac:2f0afe1a7b12569095182b55915c279d
02 Ya Mar.flac:94473ff0c5f30a568e9745171a11fde0
03 Carini.flac:3e7ce2ccbb0323ddf864193f8ea3622f
04 Runaway Jim.flac:90bf209b776e891dd81e417c7fa0778a
05 Meat.flac:83c6eb579d256abf9b27c6b9a9d571e2
06 Reba.flac:a8aa7a29eba91dcd1f0952f1850eb5dd
07 Old Home Place.flac:a910c8db46ce68b96d66b7951209dd69
08 Dog Stole Things.flac:d09378292e0efc22b7261ed4f801d67b
09 Vultures.flac:5448ea1e0dfbaf346d08f6e97baeb91e
10 When The Circus Comes To Town.flac:dc71586c9a4d9706820938e96df7d772
11 Birds Of A Feather.flac:f618dd5a08e14a9fa27fa95f133ec042
12 Buried Alive.flac:51d60173b5039bb14d647d5e20b5efc3
13 Wipeout.flac:70292b08efe703caf882a01dae9dc54d
14 Chalkdust Torture.flac:1068b90de0a62708a44066a82804d983
15 Mirror In The Bathroom.flac:97b189c496c73247f49466668e1ddc69
16 Chalkdust Torture.flac:d34a7d279badb6331882d09544769d5a
17 Dog Log.flac:68cd23c4238f2c80721a6fd2c0462577
18 Chalkdust Torture.flac:9a724260ee6a5e94756877f13cbd902a
19 Sanity.flac:0b3aaf5c94e0c149fd846e84976c80c3
20 Buffalo Bill.flac:896de8f058658ca3c230d7bfc61b1797
21 Mikes Song.flac:549b1c9d2361603f19713fa2f9f6fc39
22 I Am Hydrogen.flac:245317a0895d0e61afa994ff38ba264a
23 Weekapaug Groove.flac:41669caae668ccef9451223ff1312b95
24 Antelope.flac:baa6961f6071a64dd9e9079ee574b209
25 Encore Break.flac:aa6ce2c97343a91f9cd8427c1ae3ccd2
26 Wading In The Velvet Sea.flac:58d03debe1c40c2df0f7f6317c6448b5
27 Golgi Apparatus.flac:9f1e583b09510b7a00091922e2fd8bcf
28 Wipeout.flac:b11c61fd1bc11e43883061a3046a9c47

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