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Phish 10/25/94
Atlanta Civic Center, Atlanta, GA
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Source # 13257 Other Sources
Entered by Terry Watts
Checksums SHN
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary Set One: Schoeps mk4 > SV255, Set Two: Neumann km184; DAT > MIT Terminator s/pdif > M-Audio Delta Dio 24/96 > Cool Edit 2000 > CDWav > mkwACT > SHN; Transferred by Jered Haddad [fixed seed] 
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Civic Center
Atlanta, GA

Source: (from dat with unknown generations)
Set One: Schoeps mk4>SV255
Set Two: Neumann KM184

Conversion: dat>mit terminator s/pdif> m-audio delta dio 24/96>
cool edit 2000>cd wav>mkw v0.97
by: Jered Haddad ([email protected])

Original SHN files resampled from 48 > 44.1 kHz and shntool -fix'ed

Disc 1:
1. Fee
2. Llama
3. Horn
4. Julius
5. The Horse >
6. Silent in the Morning
7. Split Open & Melt
8. The Lizards
9. Sample in a Jar

Disc 2:
1. Mike's Song >
2. The Mango Song >
3. Weekapaug Groove! >
4  City of Gold >
5. Glide >
6. Axilla Pt. II >
7. Jesus Left Chicago >
8. BBJ >
9. If I Only Had a Brain

Disc 3:
1. Possum
2. Foreplay/Longtime
3. Golgi Apparatus

Notes from converter:  these are both good sources! Do not pass up
this Weekapaug

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04523f719cefeb4b2eb5f567768a8705 *ph1994-10-25d1t01-resampled-fixed.shn
3eff91652de569b680f444f97bef02e0 *ph1994-10-25d1t02-resampled-fixed.shn
8f2a309b5341ba0e69e61eda7205fd46 *ph1994-10-25d1t03-resampled-fixed.shn
241913e86fa519212a9f6a5e24960ad8 *ph1994-10-25d1t04-resampled-fixed.shn
3df8b07e9c1388803ad68b9b0fed933b *ph1994-10-25d1t05-resampled-fixed.shn
34dc2d40f898b3310491208302a5973b *ph1994-10-25d1t06-resampled-fixed.shn
c74d1197ff0156cf7cf5ad0ce838918c *ph1994-10-25d1t07-resampled-fixed.shn
d4e847d74b4a738cbea25b63a49c1b93 *ph1994-10-25d1t08-resampled-fixed.shn
e9f54c97aa67da525080254174da984d *ph1994-10-25d1t09-resampled-fixed.shn
1cb5a5694e6ee14e204cb5d5036b93f5 *ph1994-10-25d2t01-resampled-fixed.shn
ef904ccab2bc66c9480802c748544851 *ph1994-10-25d2t02-resampled-fixed.shn
24a61be19ed9650723845dffbfafa03b *ph1994-10-25d2t03-resampled-fixed.shn
64cf769254c75bcbb3149616c9d5127d *ph1994-10-25d2t04-resampled-fixed.shn
f828e622add760cb3156d9626f86afd9 *ph1994-10-25d2t05-resampled-fixed.shn
bde6b569f897243c8a30bf20dcaa9194 *ph1994-10-25d2t06-resampled-fixed.shn
464011e4be59a3e4176725a5d4e3be3f *ph1994-10-25d2t07-resampled-fixed.shn
a8088a30c407c8779fcffd8e4fe46e39 *ph1994-10-25d2t08-resampled-fixed.shn
048e6dac4947e272740b51e9c5d1f8a6 *ph1994-10-25d2t09-resampled-fixed.shn
0a5b5418489a384085a9e2721a7f575d *ph1994-10-25d2t10-resampled-fixed.shn
88d1cef942d80b457be44177da8503cc *ph1994-10-25d3t01-resampled-fixed.shn
e7d89c9166714010147f5318d56d7a0a *ph1994-10-25d3t02-resampled-fixed.shn
7e8b71c03d1f08cf6229eba358f6f5db *ph1994-10-25d3t03-resampled-fixed.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Set 1: Schoeps mk4 > SV255,... (0) AKG 460b/ck61 > AKG b18 >... (0) flac16; NAK 300/cp4... (0)
Date User Comment
11/20/2002 Daniel Shay This seed is a fixed version of this seed. The fixes were: resampling from 48>44.1 and SBE correction.