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Phish 08/13/97
Star Lake Amphitheatre, Burgettstown, PA
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Entered by Jeff Mitchell
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Source Summary flac16 48kHz Sennheiser K6RD/ME66>D8 sampled at 48k (Patch is from DATm>Cass same source); Set I: Repaired Master DAT>DAP1>SPDIF>DR100MKII>Soundforge 10>CD Wave>flac level 8>TLH; Set II: Master DAT>DA-P1>SPDIF>M-Audio Audiophile 192>CD Wave/Direct Wav>flac level 8>TLH; Taped and transferred by Greg Nash 
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Wednesday, 08/13/1997
Star Lake Amphitheatre, Burgettstown, PA

Location: Audience OTS
Source: Sennheiser K6RD/ME66>D8 sampled at 48k (Patch is from
DATm>Cass same source)
Set I Repaired Master DAT>DA-P1>SPDIF>DR100MKII>Soundforge 10>
CD Wave>flac level 8>TLH
Set II Master DAT>DA-P1>SPDIF>M-Audio Audiophile 192>
CD Wave/Direct Wav>flac level 8>TLH

Taped and transferred by Greg Nash

This was my first attempt at recording Phish. Just my
luck, the first set DAT snapped during transfer. I thought
this was the only tape from this source but I recently
came across a cassette copy in a box of old tapes so I
decided to try splicing a broken DAT for the first time
and patching in the cassette source at the splice. I uploaded
set 2 a while back as DB #128760. The patch is at the
4:40-4:54 mark during Amoreena. It isn't the cleanest sounding
patch job but I'm psyched that I was able to preserve and
share a (complete show) tape that I thought was gone forever.

Set 1: Amoreena[1] > Poor Heart, Stash, Water in the Sky,
Gumbo -> The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Beauty of My Dreams,
Crosseyed and Painless > Wilson, Sweet Adeline

Set 2: Runaway Jim, Ghost -> Izabella, Sleeping Monkey >
McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters > Sample in a Jar >
Also Sprach Zarathustra > Golgi Apparatus > Frankenstein

Encore: Theme From the Bottom

[1] Phish debut.

ยท The Little Drummer Boy tease in Wilson

Notes: The end of Wilson included a Little Drummer Boy tease.
This show featured the Phish debut of Amoreena.
Show Checksums
01 Crowd-Tuning.flac:0fbd1ac764e88931e9da241af3f6d90a
02 Amoreena.flac:b9a0ec8a90a52b115b2b34c4a45d83bb
03 Poor Heart.flac:4b6f2596932ca458fdc2d9414fa9c0f9
04 Stash.flac:3f7792eb23467f78cff1ea80281f5620
05 Water In The Sky.flac:c47592ce864c054f6fed2e209aabd073
06 Gumbo.flac:ff9f1933efebdeb40240e0aa2c00c142
07 Horse.flac:455719460fef93672fdd5683b7767d03
08 Silent In The Morning.flac:11a70df91cbd18855f0694c4816295f8
09 Beauty Of My Dreams.flac:831b0dd9e97135900776181c833815fb
10 Crosseyed And Painless.flac:c1276056dfa48ad8743e49f5e1318d45
11 Wilson.flac:5763273885403bcf732e67c91a45e522
12 Sweet Adeline.flac:7bb874e6f428e52528aa5f437280fcb1
13 Runaway Jim.flac:1fa7ed227c4de4776f6ecc700ec861af
14 Ghost.flac:1881ff4a61c45f77c20e7e7adf7ed1fb
15 Izabella.flac:7308fc9d9c0fb1785c24db74cd192ab8
16 Sleeping Monkey.flac:f7f9cf6aa0e7f80f0023b2892ea5d024
17 McGrupp.flac:cd2fcd72c8faee764fcde4ec074091c3
18 Sample In A Jar.flac:f1da13d5ba7b1d86ae8fbca20a89a4cd
19 2001.flac:cc35bf6f59bd7923856b2cdbcdc06f6c
20 Golgi Apparatus.flac:8a804dc30606a5edff0f2a5a885fbbe4
21 Frankenstein.flac:b3727639ea3c66d6b247c45012748de8
22 Encore Break.flac:c9ef8378b2e1afdf689eb3debfb9326c
23 Theme From The Bottom.flac:37786e0f89c8f665557eba1d02114ffa

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