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Drive-By Truckers 10/01/10
Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, WI
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Entered by ziko
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Source Summary Schoeps MK41 (DINa) > KC5 > CMC6 > Grace Lunatec V3 > SPDIF > Sound Devices 744t INHDD > Sound Forge 10 > CDwave > TLH 
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Drive By Truckers
Pabst Theater
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
October 1, 2010

Schoeps MK41 (DINa) > KC5 > CMC6 > Grace Lunatec V3 > SPDIF > Sound Devices 744t
INHDD >  Sound Forge 10 > CDwave > TLH
Taper: Soling ([email protected])

Run Time: 121:11

Thanks to Bigdcbear for the set list help

01 Wednesday
02 Where the Devil Don't Stay
03 The Fourth Night of My Drinking
04 Gravity's Gone
05 Lookout Mountain
06 When the Pin Hits the Shell
07 Sink Hole
08 Three Dimes Down
09 The Living Bubba
10 One of These Days
11 Where's Eddie
12 Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife
13 Birthday Boy
14 Drag the Lake Charlie
15 Get Downtown
16 (It's Gonna Be) I Told You So
17 18 Wheels of Love
18 Zip City
19 Let There Be Rock
20 Call Back Banter
21  Used to be a Cop
22 Guitar Man Upstairs
23 World of Hurt
24 Shut Up Get On The Plane
25 Hell No I Ain't Happy

Patterson Hood (guitar, vocals)
Mike Cooley (vocals and guitars)
Brad Morgan (drums)
Shonna Tucker (vocals and bass)
John Neff (guitar, steel pedal guitar)
Jay Gonzalez (keyboards)

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Show Checksums
8fb06309179352c72812b246d66aa3cd *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk01.flac
20706ce75b59e2e7135088ffd693b68c *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk02.flac
73cabfeb4cecb87e539bacb37ecfec94 *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk03.flac
e2f136543eea1c5273e197ff441f7d41 *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk04.flac
cedc2f9c1d2d1398f2684b1c449bdd71 *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk05.flac
ed0b90d2f5f1db87d6e71223101a6a82 *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk06.flac
af51bad39a7bdb9a13154bda54edb37e *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk07.flac
09bfc3f32bba22a806402223599bdae2 *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk08.flac
7d65b4617b2bc650db9a9a154763f186 *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk09.flac
939543e427c0b95b875d5076c1316e3d *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk10.flac
a6da6e1ad7aaef62b4ee4932dd53363d *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk11.flac
284f07a65f452cc9c96c5cabbf89d5af *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk12.flac
e3dd1c1debec261685be4c40912206db *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk13.flac
f2ac7e7a71f3fdcda78e5bceb6805c88 *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk14.flac
8bd34707b35b43f3de4575a1d493afde *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk15.flac
e43d9e96878a83289a0f901bd3b5f4e9 *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk16.flac
f9d628bbe9ba1c2402fa49686d9bcbf9 *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk17.flac
406b4da42e84408be699220af4c208f1 *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk18.flac
e11983475ee5d7e91116313fa9b1a40d *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk19.flac
0caa112ffa63630641b8c83340ae9d2c *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk20.flac
2c36a971bdb196f763b51d1373a220bf *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk21.flac
51fa57e6ad1d789555597512bd4c65b7 *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk22.flac
3b658ed48e5396f7104021136101a8e1 *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk23.flac
52ce8258363d3fff8edaeda14914c469 *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk24.flac
fdd1ad68a49882b8539cfb20da77ca4d *DBT2010-10-01_mk41_16bit_tk25.flac

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