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String Cheese Incident 04/07/00
American Theatre, St. Louis, MO
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
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Source Summary Schoeps CCM 4's (FOB, 25' Back, 6' Up, ORTF) > SX-M2 > PCM-M1 @ 44.1; Transfer: Fostex D5 > SD 702 > CF Card > Wavelab 6 (fades,lowered gain by -1db) > TLH > FLAC16 
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String Cheese Incident
American Theater
St. Louis, Mo

*Brought to you by gotfob*

Source: (Thanks To JP for the Schoeps/Sax loan)
Schoeps CCM 4's (FOB/25' Back/6' Up/ORTF) > SX-M2 > PCM-M1 @ 44.1

Fostex D5 > SD 702 > CF Card >
Wavelab 6 (fades,lowered gain by -1db) >
TLH > 16/44 FLAC

Set I
t01. Smile
t02. Voodoo Chile >
t03. Ms. Brown\'s Teahouse
t04. Good Times Round the Bend*
t05 Latinismo
t06 Lost >
t07 Come As You Are

Set II
t08 Instrument Switcheroo**
t09 Blackberry Blossom
t10 Jellyfish^ >
t11 Soul Makossa# >
t12 I\'ve Just Seen a Face
t13 Drifting Away
t14 Outside Inside
t15 Land\'s End*** >
t16 San Jose
t17 Mountain Girls

* Acoustic
** Song Unknown. Features Billy - Mandolin, Kang - Acoustic Guitar, Keith - Drums, Travis - Bass.
*** Unfinished
^ Travis left stage and came back out with a bottle of rum and ordained Billy \'High Priest\'
in the temple of the Jellyfish, and everyone took a ceremonial shot of TEQUILA!.
# originally by African jazz trumpeter Manu Dibango, originally released around 1975.
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166a86b262bc2983547a91e0a9310ea2 *SCI 2000-04-07t01.flac
fe1541f6538b0fa2a22d9a7082a064e4 *SCI 2000-04-07t02.flac
94b900063169d603c4a32940ab4a78be *SCI 2000-04-07t03.flac
6b275034dda4d5f302084a4e05674df5 *SCI 2000-04-07t04.flac
9f3cffb543eeb1218ab7983947469db6 *SCI 2000-04-07t05.flac
56595a5afc396273a30f19e4aa8ec6b6 *SCI 2000-04-07t06.flac
aaffbc684d847ab66817ec33afcdab57 *SCI 2000-04-07t07.flac
697c76093af832bcea9953d7f795d12c *SCI 2000-04-07t08.flac
be1284a2cae0b6ad112bca016581378d *SCI 2000-04-07t09.flac
798bb3e79cdd0a95e2aa662fde9120e7 *SCI 2000-04-07t10.flac
ef5d8b50c27bcea521250c3ab7db0a2c *SCI 2000-04-07t11.flac
f137bae462dfa3d8ed8ca649ead9d69c *SCI 2000-04-07t12.flac
5dcdb14b8b1f97fb329c0e6d9fee2afa *SCI 2000-04-07t13.flac
8eaf89587377623ef6e8b318639354ec *SCI 2000-04-07t14.flac
3b80bc8833ef699f7cb5e9755b3ae41e *SCI 2000-04-07t15.flac
f3cfe6641b017657984bfdd289d2f450 *SCI 2000-04-07t16.flac
00066635ae003aa1300a430493b9ab5f *SCI 2000-04-07t17.flac

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