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Phish 06/23/94
Phoenix Plaza, Pontiac, MI
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d1wav
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary Set 2 only; SBD > Cass/0 > DAT; Tascam DA-20 mkII > Monster Coax > M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 > Soundforge 5.0b (48>44.1kHz) > CDWave > mkwACT > SHN; Transferred by Dan Marquardt 
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Phoenix Plaza, Pontiac, MI
This show is included in the 1994 Phish Project.

Source:         SBD>C0>DAT (Unknown DAT generations)

Conversion:     Tascam DA-20 MkII-> Monster Coax-> M-Audio Audiophile 24/96->
                Soundforge 5.0b (48KHz->44.1KHz at highest setting [4 of 4],
                with anti-alias filter)-> CD Wave 1.61-> mkwACT v0.97
                **No DAE at all**

Minor Edits: Fades in/out at cassette flip, as well as the start/end of set.
Transferred by Dan Marquardt , please contact me with questions/comments.
There are also 48KHz shn's of this seed for archival.

***REQUIRES AN 80MIN. CD, or about a 20sec. overburn***

CD 1/Set 2 Only: 74:19.33
01. Frankenstein 04:41.17
02. David Bowie 13:39.15
03. The Mango Song 07:11.45
04. Axilla [Part II] 05:59.38
05. Uncle Pen 03:58.70
06. Tweezer* 11:08.38
07. Lifeboy 08:08.70
08. Slave to the Traffic Light 12:17.61

09. Sparkle 03:53.63
10. Tweezer Reprise 03:19.66


*cassette flip cuts out the end of Tweezer
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1cabb0aea47dd18e5651188bbdd5f30e *ph94-06-23s2t09.shn
a52e3142130e4c5c4c1071a0394b5fce *ph94-06-23s2t03.shn
5d64897ab46f71bac93f87112e2e5156 *ph94-06-23s2t04.shn
b02e18c26ef83e831a6aec718889711a *ph94-06-23s2t05.shn
7fcb4b03e120cf086aec0f307cd443a0 *ph94-06-23s2t06.shn
48f21b8cbe38ca9f881a4eccf4fa8ca3 *ph94-06-23s2t07.shn
8aa81420535907987470446c01c8dbb2 *ph94-06-23s2t08.shn
69ec43ac3d564f8847162f22dcdfdce6 *ph94-06-23s2t02.shn
2830101787e09e64895533db966940fa *ph94-06-23s2t10.shn
af84373819b48c40291a4ac252979bb0 *ph94-06-23s2t01.shn
82f87fbd9130526bcf6f4defc416a46b *ph94-06-23s2t10.wav
6988efb5c88e5bdac99ebe16f5d0396a *ph94-06-23s2t02.wav
1a610684d6ceb70255a0566880e1a02f *ph94-06-23s2t03.wav
ab220f80c803af5f1d38bc2a7e42d1a5 *ph94-06-23s2t04.wav
be2a7994896f192eddab8e8d417e588c *ph94-06-23s2t05.wav
59ad723ab79bc523782a4a46edeaae1f *ph94-06-23s2t06.wav
1dca8620d12f4680b006df70f31297f8 *ph94-06-23s2t07.wav
ad620183c2cb43019710c38ea90d2eb7 *ph94-06-23s2t08.wav
01a415ad51f0b72beb086be624920821 *ph94-06-23s2t09.wav
d123674cd280e4d06e5fd619d50b856c *ph94-06-23s2t01.wav

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