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Phish 07/21/15
Les Schwab Amphitheater, Bend, OR
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Entered by Jeff Mitchell
Checksums md5 , ffp
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Source Summary flac16 44.1kHz FOB/DFC > Ak40 (NOS) > Lc3 > Km100 > Eaa PSP2 > Sd 702 @ 24/48; Cf Card > *Wavelab 6.0 (resample, UV 22 HR) > Cd Wave > Traders Little Helper > 16/44 FLAC *lowered gain by -1db; recorded by gotfob 
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Les Schwab Ampitheatre
Bend, Or

*Brought to you by gotfob*

FOB/DFC > Ak40 (NOS) > Lc3 > Km100 >
Eaa PSP2 > Sd 702 @ 24/48

Cf Card > *Wavelab 6.0 (resample, UV 22 HR) >
Cd Wave > Traders Little Helper > 16/44 FLAC
*lowered gain by -1db

Set I
t01 Sample In A Jar
t02 Sand
t03 555
t04 Rift
t05 Halfway To The Moon
t06 Horn
t07 Devotion To A Dream
t08 Blaze On*
t09 Tube
t10 Wolfman's Brother

Set II
t12 Birds Of A Feather
t13 Mike's >
t14 The Wedge
t15 Fuego >
t16 Shade *
t17 No Men In No Man's Land *
t18 Weekapaug Groove
t19 Boogie On A Reggae Woman
t20 Chalk Dust Torture
t21 Them From The Bottom

*1st Time Played

Show Checksums
753ba65bdd3e5a11512ef54d977ee3ca *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t01.flac
8d23464ee49df9d7b81ebcf9bdba32ec *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t02.flac
9965352dd1c3eeec2e02e3a0757d82af *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t03.flac
f97a72d4c1dbc639ca194e86c3017869 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t04.flac
dfaee57e02d38ec1fc89a263b2a6ec6f *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t05.flac
c002515d869a577df9b33e82864f6c78 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t06.flac
67ba684a565f42c7020cc0d8668183d1 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t07.flac
8c6481c8271323df6fc07793c51c6a60 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t08.flac
f32dc1a6156587f1c7d57644b9e77ed6 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t09.flac
6629eadb8d579aa92dd9e056f421ffdb *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t10.flac
0402b9cf55bf372f6b5ae4f0505d6544 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t11.flac
ab2a9aa20be7a14990b9ddd170d5831a *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t12.flac
4a70b164f8d27162cbc70b8edfc6bc5b *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t13.flac
b4baf368b03466711a9ea4c17769b8c0 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t14.flac
f931af14ec9fade09211572204e89117 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t15.flac
990aab16d851fcfc3cadffbf2ec81eff *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t16.flac
cf610c457bf3313f311892f3c00c10ba *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t17.flac
464be397334a7bcdfe684afe2e587fed *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t18.flac
d510b7e229e494fb821b3559a393423f *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t19.flac
201e75a742d68520b65ea05fe4f27246 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t20.flac
3b942dee8c8ec5deb6cc1ca9e3d07f74 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t21.flac
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t01.flac:2d6a79634817bf83e7a2bf67529f10b5
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t02.flac:8b4f6e0d2009ec00415762d9ff48e727
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t03.flac:69b87002d55ddcac996013558dcb9a33
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t04.flac:541c1418360e6a31d66aceddb7bbf4f9
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t05.flac:a02c8cc341de61f857ee5a653207a1e9
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t06.flac:2477cab11a2196af0d88c31a3b51e298
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t07.flac:980a1914e6fbabe525106620134a585f
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t08.flac:9e4fb981d2601d77899e5aff4fecdcc7
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t09.flac:90a779738ea1cb31a0d2751e09b709d7
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t10.flac:affffbcc6226467040af13fa33c70096
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t11.flac:d4f7a47c144205fb8ec60904c7b4080c
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t12.flac:9926bf18c3419f95348f4b52ad6cbf1c
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t13.flac:92cbc90e4e281d58465fd4b3b225607b
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t14.flac:2ab8234b7326889964aa204e2fde8a40
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t15.flac:d979291f70d3eee71b5608d07edb113d
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t16.flac:cd229f0bb2312316a6bbde38d3843103
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t17.flac:0d14af58e49b02a3f22ac01b0fa146cf
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t18.flac:49b0b7bbad58d16c08e3f3ad2580e408
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t19.flac:bcab74af9b9ba2563216d4f68a8fd30d
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t20.flac:78072907cf8af45bef46ec1e0d30f7f1
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or t21.flac:9c2aafd1e0bfbc75e7560c7c77410b7d

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