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Phish 07/21/15
Les Schwab Amphitheater, Bend, OR
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Entered by Jeff Mitchell
Checksums md5 , ffp
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Source Summary flac24 48kHz FOB/DFC > Ak40 (NOS) > Lc3 > Km100 > Eaa PSP2 > Sd 702 @ 24/48; Cf Card > *Wavelab 6.0 > Cd Wave > Traders Little Helper > 24/48 FLAC; recorded by gotfob 
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Les Schwab Ampitheatre
Bend, Or

*Brought to you by gotfob*

FOB/DFC > Ak40 (NOS) > Lc3 > Km100 >
Eaa PSP2 > Sd 702 @ 24/48

Cf Card > *Wavelab 6.0 > Cd Wave > Traders Little Helper > 24/48 FLAC

*lowered gain by -1db
*swapped channels

Set I
t01 Sample In A Jar
t02 Sand
t03 555
t04 Rift
t05 Halfway To The Moon
t06 Horn
t07 Devotion To A Dream
t08 Blaze On*
t09 Tube
t10 Wolfman's Brother

Set II
t12 Birds Of A Feather
t13 Mike's >
t14 The Wedge
t15 Fuego >
t16 Shade *
t17 No Men In No Man's Land *
t18 Weekapaug Groove
t19 Boogie On A Reggae Woman
t20 Chalk Dust Torture
t21 Theme From The Bottom

*1st Time Played

Show Checksums
995c0d73daddf2d103e4fbbb39c5ce71 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t01.flac
bfe7745629336cef8dcb7af9f0a4b28a *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t02.flac
00b47ae56c18287a46c41389b697a17b *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t03.flac
8a8df0da80a5be62a8bf16eca804791c *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t04.flac
9e9bdfc74133522ae20d3fca845d977e *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t05.flac
0b9c27b44bb46d940af92b2c2684ddd4 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t06.flac
9022b22cefd79c136b6285c1bd7a8f89 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t07.flac
4dfa193ff332cd5e77f9658e3c3531c7 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t08.flac
d89c49f42e3c3a7281f86f86d2446337 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t09.flac
edf9c4370dc64ba0c04fce253d9daa89 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t10.flac
466a586598ae18d0c8f039434674e759 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t11.flac
35ab0d574e2854dd1c7bf491dd276b9c *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t12.flac
a627e49ed4c99d0d413a9b2c2f0f9269 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t13.flac
f36f443aea19f71be88004d5482921ff *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t14.flac
2dee4c9609c9e9be0846d5cacedba772 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t15.flac
364f14e65d528c61b2df58aa61e82e51 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t16.flac
357d8b1c2ebd75a3822ecc108b5cf628 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t17.flac
c2a9bab703d4c067bef18d8055572205 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t18.flac
953348454cb8a42a0277a23fefaa219f *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t19.flac
53c12b558881a15028d4a4a249ab39d0 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t20.flac
26ceae474cf354af2612f1d808abc708 *ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t21.flac
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t01.flac:62d6fc393b8f2f8b016f4613b16853db
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t02.flac:396e96f20e207d953d074c71dd1a634f
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t03.flac:da403d1b88ed3879d92ca26db2efaec0
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t04.flac:cef0600cc7b25ac52d44c8d2e1426dde
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t05.flac:48168097689107f36e830a2be0f8c9c3
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t06.flac:f90ed03beaeae27925704d2acb5f4694
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t07.flac:e10071612b1257c20441ac68c1ecdf43
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t08.flac:d8c3fa4f30c953637a0b281821d8056f
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t09.flac:fa2bf4b80881b149c10a0e927efc0bfa
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t10.flac:dc0fdfc57a98cd53998a33faccabf4c2
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t11.flac:21d2363d42d068904894cef54996729b
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t12.flac:5ea1e516db32e1a787ee6da636e15ab4
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t13.flac:cd3bdec6b1bef0190d76118b242cf38c
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t14.flac:c89458742dd4510aba4b22d613a0573d
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t15.flac:facfbc6e99a2555db1076497e5fbda0f
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t16.flac:3b9459c6b4669df18a9d2a52a8b052f1
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t17.flac:c1dee63aa8b026df31e5a0994eb04a55
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t18.flac:2619f964cd753359e41b64a8961d3959
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t19.flac:ca29bf462319d90c371297fc3e7507f6
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t20.flac:ed71e562c5aaf7aebb8d7e9d6546ad33
ph2015-07-21 Bend,Or 2448 t21.flac:dff8f12444bb65f451a1a6a05e0d07d6

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