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North Mississippi Allstars 06/27/15
North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic, Waterford, MS
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Entered by vanark
Checksums North Mississippi Allstars2015-06-27fm.md5
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Source Summary flac16 FM: WWOZ-FM > RadioShark 2.01 > MacBook Pro (2.3GHz, Intel Core i7 quad core, OSX 10.9.5) 
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North Mississippi Allstars
North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic
Waterford, Miss.
June 27, 2015

1 radio intro 0:13
2 Mississippi Bollweevil 0:47
3 Back Back Train 2:50
4 Shimmy -> 3:39
5 My Babe -> 1:50
6 Station Blues 2:22
7 Up Over Yonder 4:23
8 Rollin' 'n' Tumblin' 4:42
9 Psychedelic Sex Machine 7:44
10 K.C. Jones 6:23
11 Tree 4:21
12 My Life's A Wreck 7:01
13 Amazing Grace -> 1:18
14 Let It Roll 3:06
15 Preachin' Blues 5:11
16 You Got To Move 2:27
17 Shake 'Em On Down 4:37
18 Mean Ol' Wind Died Down 5:51
19 Snake Drive 1:17
20 Granny, Does Your Dog Bite? 5:47
21 radio outro 1:11

source/transfer: WWOZ-FM > RadioShark 2.01 > MacBook Pro (2.3GHz, Intel Core i7 quad core, OSX 10.9.5) > DSP-Quattro 4.2.4 (normalized by 7.3 db; split into songs) > X Audio Compression Toolkit 2.36 (sector boundaries repaired; level 8 compression) > flac

Editing notes: There was a 67-second dropout at 1:14 into Track 14. The track was faded out; the gap removed and Track 15 fades in.

The stage feed was broadcast out of phase (radio announcements were correctly in phase, however). To repair, I inverted the right channel. Any radio announcements during the broadcast are now out of phase, but at least the performance is correct.

The broadcast evidently does not include the encore.

Luther Dickinson: guitar, vocals, bass, bass drum
Cody Dickinson: drums, vocals, electric washboard
Lightnin' Malcolm: bass, guitar, vocals, drums
Sharde Thomas: keys, cane fife, vocals, drums

Stuart Cole: bass
Bill Steber: harmonica
Kenny Brown: guitar, vocals
Big Mama Hurt: vocals
David Kimbrough Jr.: guitar, vocals, drums
Cary Hudson: harmonica
Terrance Bishop: bass

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North Mississippi Allstars2015-06-27fm.md5
#MD5 checksums generated by xACT 2.36 on 2015-07-28 04:27:24 +0000

cc2216780861ce865b3f18c422b9bd5b *t01 radio intro.flac
5cbf79716e08551e7c81cdc65a166a5f *t02 Mississippi Bollweevil.flac
f8f1bf1d1af8d1284cc35928e28206b3 *t03 Back Back Train.flac
6905373fb960029bbfd044d9f27c1542 *t04 Shimmy ---.flac
67e0d1cbd130b08ec785c52e0ac7e613 *t05 My Babe ---.flac
aafa67f949f8fbc2e0465fe0d6a54ed8 *t06 Station Blues.flac
dc177f701842c9482651ef61f57e917b *t07 Up Over Yonder.flac
943ac1007610b8090a650ec615a505b5 *t08 Rollin' 'n' Tumblin'.flac
2cc11e73eb9de5a1c3b56d773f003355 *t09 Psychedelic Sex Machine.flac
a424aa477656cd08e64c29310923b9e1 *t10 K.C. Jones.flac
5812818c15d2c37426222c4bf2871cb7 *t11 Tree.flac
b331b2b2eda94ddc5e8d852a356ff170 *t12 My Life's A Wreck.flac
f3f12b2874dacff2d9bc3fc6c70a1f36 *t13 Amazing Grace ---.flac
8bf3ff99a7f9037073540cd81eb01566 *t14 Let It Roll.flac
dbddf1a1c3a59b941fc9660d631ac94a *t15 Preachin' Blues.flac
ee9372c1eb005e2357c17379c5540066 *t16 You Got To Move.flac
9e2f9ae309cfbffa9f158922716e3f1a *t17 Shake 'Em On Down.flac
47e74f02d880cd261f0b684a1d7106c4 *t18 Mean Ol' Wind Died Down.flac
6aada038ba54384dabce72a7b44d700e *t19 Snake Drive.flac
29f03915211ccd71b8539e09e93a33b6 *t20 Granny, Does Your Dog Bite.flac
c1b312fc3846f56bed1f8c6524db4706 *t21 radio outro.flac

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