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Grateful Dead 03/17/95
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary AUD (Schoeps MK4)>DAT>CDR>WAV>SHNv3 via Paul B and Candyman 
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Grateful Dead
The Spectrum
Philadelphia, PA

Source:  AUD (Schoeps MK4)>DAT>CDR>WAV>SHNv3

Disc 1 - Set 1
01 Here Comes Sunshine
02 Wang Dang Doodle
03 Peggy-O
04 Queen Jane Approximately
05 Lazy River Road
06 Eternity
07 Loose Lucy

Disc 2 - Set 2
01 China Cat Sunflower >
02 I Know You Rider
03 Samba In The Rain
04 Truckin' >
05 New Speedway Boogie >
06 Drums >

Disc 3 - Set 2 (cont'd)
01 Space >
02 All Along The Watchtower >
03 Standing On The Moon >
04 Sugar Magnolia
05 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Comments:  Minor to moderate crowd intrusiveness.  Fairly decent audience recording considering the venue.
d1t01 - beginning of Here Comes Sunshine missing.
d3t02 - SOTM d/o @ 03:45.
D2>D3 transition restored to seamlessness.

Thanks to Paul B. for the seeds.
DAE(EAC0.9 beta 4) > soundforge 5 (dropout repair) > tracking (cdwav) > SHN (shorten 3.4) > FTP via neo_levo/candyman FTP.
Another installment of TMNSP.

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da623c95564851a6e8ab7891bb89ce33 *gd95-03-17d1t02.shn
ed69703983de1c6066a0cdc2985d6d16 *gd95-03-17d1t03.shn
139b78fdfb12bc852f16f1f6d50e5045 *gd95-03-17d1t04.shn
204ffdd4f393c35221a0eb1e69d215fa *gd95-03-17d1t05.shn
45ed04f2a7c197bf5f30b25352904ae4 *gd95-03-17d1t06.shn
1603be6bc6559f7175993ea2b19eb80b *gd95-03-17d1t07.shn
cdfd288767cc833ff138eb6d10885e39 *gd95-03-17d1t01.shn
ad08189353fd6da763397dee374cd70e *gd95-03-17d2t06.shn
1c36a71b62c61b76fa3c4cd04f3c7575 *gd95-03-17d2t01.shn
893375c411b09aaa582cf306a91afd65 *gd95-03-17d2t02.shn
00e782f6c43bf85a0d87c2cb492e8e4a *gd95-03-17d2t03.shn
a95532bade5b06ee9219c7032c3d0e05 *gd95-03-17d2t04.shn
f5159e8d70dd0a94f49f145280dae5a1 *gd95-03-17d2t05.shn
ced91a4210e14ecb4c5523c607f7b103 *gd95-03-17d3t01.shn
bd93c04b0f43bc0cd6e2e6b5430490ad *gd95-03-17d3t02.shn
f9413f81b6658383e7dd5d10fff77081 *gd95-03-17d3t03.shn
bb74b37242a6480196689c27c8ec7ff8 *gd95-03-17d3t04.shn
17352496f41659db09dafb699827f339 *gd95-03-17d3t05.shn
bec6b2fd227644284446c15165752ed7 [shntool] gd95-03-17d1t01.shn
cff69219ff5efa914206c7641f7206f6 [shntool] gd95-03-17d1t02.shn
77787601e3f21b84ef437e31cef62a6a [shntool] gd95-03-17d1t03.shn
d94471a6475da266fa8afff31c9662d3 [shntool] gd95-03-17d1t04.shn
9a4e083725f1c1c31533bf392c9f3125 [shntool] gd95-03-17d1t05.shn
b5c1b4254c78c9f5b4c4cd37cd2419cb [shntool] gd95-03-17d1t06.shn
50d648aba729f8ccb18cf5a8de209a98 [shntool] gd95-03-17d1t07.shn
09f6386f5da4f4f0003567e59f57e6bc [shntool] gd95-03-17d2t01.shn
735e55c808cdd013668487019f028cef [shntool] gd95-03-17d2t02.shn
523793c091f0397399c69739ff884c31 [shntool] gd95-03-17d2t03.shn
c499476bed47b91d620ee194e40685d5 [shntool] gd95-03-17d2t04.shn
c12a1f5077f1abdb5e53682eac42f130 [shntool] gd95-03-17d2t05.shn
8b1b3ae9af60254dc2bc4601f8f29c1d [shntool] gd95-03-17d2t06.shn
f138ca755a422729851d1f18bc336626 [shntool] gd95-03-17d3t01.shn
415c132988fd6123610316b04f8912f8 [shntool] gd95-03-17d3t02.shn
54f99764bae7c0376a1397899fa80f44 [shntool] gd95-03-17d3t03.shn
32add0c676c8bf63b021f90c0e998c60 [shntool] gd95-03-17d3t04.shn
a5c037e1ed3b220aa17f59a0f09ea3c8 [shntool] gd95-03-17d3t05.shn

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