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Phish 08/23/15
Watkins Glen International, Watkins Glen, NY
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Entered by Jeff Mitchell
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Source Summary flac16 Sennheiser K6RD/ME64 90*/20cm>Audient Mico> [email protected]>DR100MKII; Left rear of soundboard cage 9' high; SDHC>Soundforge 10>16-44.1>Cd Wave>flac level 8>TLH; recorded by Greg Nash 
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Aug. 23rd 2015
Magnaball at Watkins Glen International Watkins Glen, NY

Source: Sennheiser K6RD/ME64 90*/20cm>Audient Mico>
[email protected]>DR100MKII

Location: Left rear of soundboard cage 9' high

Transfer: SDHC>Soundforge 10>16-44.1>Cd Wave>flac level 8>TLH

*** During the 1st set until mid I Didn't Know the 80hz low pass
filter on the preamp was inadvertently turned on for the left
channel. I'm not sure if that can be fixed with software but
it doesn't seem to make much if any difference.***

Recorded by Greg Nash

Punch You in the Eye
Buffalo Bill
A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing
Limb By Limb
Waiting All Night
Theme From The Bottom
The Line
I Didn't Know
Character Zero

Martian Monster
Down With Disease >
Scents And Subtle Sounds >
What's The Use?
Mike's Song >
Fuego >
Twist >
Weekapaug Groove
Martian Monster

You Enjoy Myself
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01 Intro.flac:befe04dd79d17b1e632ecd227fc14aec
02 PYITE.flac:9cfeeb1671bd707fde00b1e5405ae736
03 Buffalo Bill.flac:7e92c1545fca730784655a753c3c07cb
04 The Song I Heard The Ocean Sing.flac:beca809daa118f2beb91c0026d2bc23d
05 Limb By Limb.flac:4bfe53b14d17acb2f78490db3461b3b3
06 Waiting All Night.flac:5e41b57126818410ca9818acf47e25e0
07 Theme From The Bottom.flac:54bd3aa82f65dfc3a2eb144e6c3ee696
08 Maze.flac:5dc0c8306a24c13ecbae220a186495e1
09 The Line.flac:18f0fc0f6d24e962183e532de0216419
10 Stash.flac:2cc2c057715769f017185455dcb43ad7
11 Reba.flac:53b9ba8aa2346bd03ac7c772765de681
12 I Didnt Know.flac:2b0112b99135f2a48fece2619205201a
13 Character Zero.flac:310c65f3a3d2128c5c9e52a5686399c4
14 Martian Monster.flac:426bcf6ad448747e2ebd1799ab6d611c
15 Down With Disease.flac:2e7fbcf1120db2a7ae6830e1912ec12b
16 Scents And Subtle Sounds.flac:c11dbe3e85f43b907743dfcb6bfd7b03
17 Whats The Use.flac:3ceb67593910160a90d99e9609dca1e4
18 Dirt.flac:268ee86dc704af7a5c446726bb2cc67f
19 Mikes Song.flac:f23ae2126794e77b8b3dcdf69bb80a46
20 Fuego.flac:76982693e93434ffa29b643639ee15b3
21 Twist.flac:43745224ba77b9e6308fc1022d8c2d05
22 Weekapaug Groove.flac:e1c7da24e35becf9bd9b88d2df45d49e
23 Martian Monster.flac:83d615be495fdeaa99128910945b9c15
24 Encore Break.flac:937348290099daab86b19f9216ffed9d
25 YEM.flac:73ba36775b06b19e4c64b2164af09af4

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