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Garcia 11/16/79
Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums d1 , d2 , wavs
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: AUD (SONY ECM99's) > Sony TCD5 > Master Cassette > Roland UA-30 USB A/D > MAC G3 Powerbook > WAV > CDR > WAV > SHNv3. Taper: John Angus. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
Keystone - Palo Alto
Palo Alto, CA

Source:  AUD(SONY ECM99's)>Sony TCD5>Master Cassette>Roland UA-30 USB A/D > MAC G3 Powerbook>WAV>CDR>WAV>SHNv3
Taper:  John Angus

Disc 1 - Set 1
01 //After Midnight
02 Catfish John
03 Simple Twist Of Fate
04 How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

Disc 2 - Set 2
01 Sugaree
02 They Love Each Other
03 That's Alright Mama
04 Sitting Here In Limbo
05 Tore Up Over You

Muchas garcias and gracias to the Angus bro's (John and Harry).
DAE (EAC 0.9 beta 4, offset corrected high n' secure) > shntool (boundaries confirmed) > SHN (shorten 3.4) > FTP via C. Ladner/candyman FTP.
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18fb9644278522a60a937df4b54153a4 *jgb79-11-16d1t01.shn
75ae5e717a22d02e3f16bccae7a6bc66 *jgb79-11-16d1t02.shn
5b038c8c0a9c73fbccbc2d3bd04e50df *jgb79-11-16d1t03.shn
0da8370a0d44e7d24ff809cc640601da *jgb79-11-16d1t04.shn
02a1e52de7fb481ecf21d0e20547603c *jgb79-11-16d2t03.shn
0446a3103e77adfeb0e768b63abc0116 *jgb79-11-16d2t02.shn
eaa259dba448f88c8f75e154acf86afe *jgb79-11-16d2t01.shn
c09547ffc3d0d7ff12d487d70ba3fd03 *jgb79-11-16d2t04.shn
fa3275c4a9ae6638081d87bb11885e7c *jgb79-11-16d2t05.shn
8ecd72f82092cb8a7341d64dd67d0bb1 *jgb79-11-16d1t02.wav
0b910a377da53071032525a396653c35 *jgb79-11-16d1t03.wav
4cfb9e0102f1c82f959c71200ea2fe1a *jgb79-11-16d1t01.wav
94a08c8c203d27ea4d2e5c4b0e26e5b6 *jgb79-11-16d1t04.wav
4c278b14a24864af64d4fdd0eb8c0fb5 *jgb79-11-16d2t01.wav
83a856f9919fe201b668fcfe4d4e54cf *jgb79-11-16d2t02.wav
7a565a08b3d2b59c3c2e3d8a8b621553 *jgb79-11-16d2t04.wav
74ae2430338a9e5efc18018e7e63c50b *jgb79-11-16d2t05.wav
1567ead0da14b06d24a5f65a6e6508cb *jgb79-11-16d2t03.wav

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