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Grateful Dead 03/28/81
Grugahalle, Essen, Germany
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 3 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary updated lineage: copy of bootleg CD "Trippin Around", not SBRD> Pre-FM> DAT> CD-R> EAC> SHN ("unconfirmed"); to abgd by Jeremy Duncan; 3/01 note- upgrade now in circulation 
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Grateful Dead
Essen, West Germany
March 28, 1981

Disc 1
Set One
Alabama Getaway>
Greatest Story>
Me & My Uncle>
Mexicali Blues
Shakedown St.
Lil' Red Rooster

Disc 2
Set One (cont)
Looks Like Rain>

Set Two
Samson & Delilah
Ship of Fools
Estimated Prophet>
He's Gone>
The Other One>

Disc 3
Not Fade Away**>
Wharf Rat**>
Around & Around**>
Good Lovin'**

E: Saturday Night**#

updated lineage: copy of bootleg CD "Trippin Around"
(had been marked: un-confirmed lineage: SBRD>Pre-FM>DAT>CD-R>EAC>SHN)
** = With Pete Townshend
# - fizzles in encore
Show Checksums
dce599abfed9af4773603c1aaebeed16 *gd32881d1t7.shn
261e06b3d05a0205ec1a144a5d688b73 *gd32881d1t6.shn
ece8cd8cefa2ed51fc40f642f896a2e0 *gd32881d1t8.shn
b2ec0abc5f2c1272210772fbe09bfd44 *gd32881d1t4.shn
f0a3133694477ad5a337d287abfe2c77 *gd32881d1t3.shn
f33be1755ed42c4f14d294b87e5bd187 *gd32881d1t2.shn
f2f7f79c7ec7a2a7186c1da819f91733 *gd32881d1t1.shn
6f072e11592e8434c49f9557c7ad8325 *gd32881d1t5.shn
00c0958e2a76798a0cec722c05ee6cb3 *GD32881d2t5.shn
6a13459e08b1ab6328475cab6f5fe9e0 *GD32881d2t7.shn
fcf182d9e8c805f5f2ea26cd9c8303b6 *GD32881d2t6.shn
0e43e205b614ef7eb540764956b90b56 *GD32881d2t8.shn
7b63fa6610c91516b3beb56dea0d4493 *GD32881d2t4.shn
39b6f10daa5eaca450ac4565f9c92a8f *GD32881d2t3.shn
51043e29604960014656a40e20462db5 *GD32881d2t2.shn
77d86a1a574caafb01bb6702c5372dbf *GD32881d2t1.shn
5642b99e074edafaa5c848b86ddcbfc2 *GD32881d3t1.shn
483cfc3d96981c61d6e1bbc25458f6a7 *GD32881d3t2.shn
759d86a42407e342e49f786e714892c5 *GD32881d3t3.shn
37129b051b8d70cde963cd2b1a4e7061 *GD32881d3t4.shn
1ac09540f3207c65fbe63e7facdc433a *GD32881d3t5.shn
062d7607995b872f58d9d45c36107987 *GD32881d3t6.shn
d754bb758dd4cde4f81bf1a88379e850 [shntool] gd32881d1t1.shn
cc8666046f1152286553f58a1ec76bb3 [shntool] gd32881d1t2.shn
f3ae2452316eb71501a6ffcb45c76f62 [shntool] gd32881d1t3.shn
3437b1a677905ecaf859593406c5b4ec [shntool] gd32881d1t4.shn
b4ccea07c053c147ba696c4422f5be3f [shntool] gd32881d1t5.shn
cf006b04407f1fe1721677191117170b [shntool] gd32881d1t6.shn
9e65cc9fe055dc14d980b9ffa1d0e786 [shntool] gd32881d1t7.shn
ec72aa5bc28bd97695e7667cc426f3c5 [shntool] gd32881d1t8.shn
09e582011134252074ba77ce9b222a7f [shntool] GD32881d2t1.shn
41b163f33c699bdd5aedadc79360c79e [shntool] GD32881d2t2.shn
0157950a5ed40fdbf33baab86fb1fdd5 [shntool] GD32881d2t3.shn
f61540257fed7028512bc705fdf46296 [shntool] GD32881d2t4.shn
d165737398ed7b35c8076205bbbb4efe [shntool] GD32881d2t5.shn
88c68199232302f5eae16d1e813094e9 [shntool] GD32881d2t6.shn
7ab8aec66b8d790a74317a4e100b11b7 [shntool] GD32881d2t7.shn
bf0c0b84496a66ea9c33ced54028d6c3 [shntool] GD32881d2t8.shn
f155bbc26b441a5cd936fbd82971b462 [shntool] GD32881d3t1.shn
96fc7eada6b770f5308118e56ff73fa6 [shntool] GD32881d3t2.shn
a14b11f4a2fb5fa2b8d88cf75e476b40 [shntool] GD32881d3t3.shn
718d76e139f8d94cb8ee3717ffa55cec [shntool] GD32881d3t4.shn
d17f53264603d8c6f33e6764a38d0312 [shntool] GD32881d3t5.shn
1c8aa1a7aeff8fff8e999b47660faebe [shntool] GD32881d3t6.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
stereo FM -> reel master ->... (4) partial set 2 (post Drums);... (1) flac16; SBE fixed... (0) flac16; FM (live... (0) flac24; Recording... (0) flac16/48kHz;... (0)
Date User Comment
01/25/2001 Patrick Murphy I'd like to know how in the world this version of this show is thought to be a pre-FM sbd. It is far too muddy and the audience is too high in the mix.
Don't get me wrong, this show is definitely worth listening to, no matter What copy you've got. I've had a single tape of set 1 and the first two songs of set 2 for several years. It was THE worst quality tape in my collection, but I kept it and listened to it even though I had to crank my stereo all the way up and turn the treble way down to keep the hiss to a dull roar.
The Shakedown Street alone makes this show incredible. Check it out.
But DON'T call this a sbd copied directly to digital sources!
02/06/2001 Diana Hamilton Hanno Bunjes just posted this to [email protected]:

"the e-tree copy of gd81-03-28 Essen Germany making the rounds is a copy
of the bootleg CD "Trippin' Around". the lineage given is incorrect.

check for a new tape which I will compile
very soon."