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KVHW 04/30/99
Phoenix Theater, Petaluma, CA
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Entered by Alan Dorchak
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Nov. 2002
Source Summary {unknown placement} Neuman KM 254 > DA-P1 (DAT); Transfer: DAT > WAV via SEK'D PRODIF+ > Soundforge > SHN [no DAE] 
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Phoenix Theater
Petaluma, CA

Neuman KM 254>DA-P1>sek'd Prodif Plus>Soundforge>MKWACT
Recorded by Sandy Alexander
Transfered & Compressed by Scott Lewin

Disc 1:Set 1
1. Bad Hair
2. Somebody Got Hit
3. Five B4 Funk
4. Footprints
5. You're The One
6. Tangled Hangers
Disc 2: Set 2
1. High And Lonesome
2. Cissy Strut>
3. Poonk
4. Cissy Strut
5. What I Say

Notes: Jimmy Herring sat in because Ray White didn't show up
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bccbe4e5cbc94f571a854074a8c86152 *kvhh_cd1trk01.shn
28d95623cefc1fdb0f7d8de132b47dff *kvhh_cd1trk02.shn
f1cb393de484fee85b148aa671209803 *kvhh_cd1trk03.shn
79cd409b24c706b7dd8f8fca0bf9c049 *kvhh_cd1trk04.shn
ca90874fb038801d8464049a0d57f338 *kvhh_cd1trk05.shn
3840464aed02e1c35fc5a6eed0c39aaf *kvhh_cd1trk06.shn
92192f7fd0b5c84b0b7c46ae4fbe4b2d *kvhh_cd2trk01.shn
9f45c349d34b015c50317cc97786447d *kvhh_cd2trk02.shn
d530d3b2d73e8cf9c6c725d01b2ca846 *kvhh_cd2trk03.shn
99fdeb5eb3a8e1bff7cc7b9e098c144b *kvhh_cd2trk04.shn
c1fa75cde5c98b732613918397db3cb1 *kvhh_cd2trk05.shn

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Source & Transfer unknown. (1) (Stage) AKG C61/CK1 -> Dat... (0)
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06/20/2004 Jackson Does anyone know the guitar Steve is playing on for Bad Hair? I'd really like to know. Thanks.