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Phish 07/10/94
Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY
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Entered by Terry Watts
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Source Summary flac16, 44kHz; Nakamichi cm300/cp4's > Aiwa HD-S1 > Sony TC-D5 > Cass(m); Cass(m) > JVC TD-V661 > Tascam SS-R1 > CDWave > FLAC; Source by FreddySneaks; Transfer by FreddySneaks 
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Phish 1994-07-10 Saratoga NY USA.torrent
Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, New York, USA, 1994-07-10
Source: Nakamichi CP-4 Shotguns>Aiwa SDH1 DAT>Sony D-5 (tapes: Maxell XL-S90)
Location: Right of Board, 6' Stand
Conversion: JVC TDV661 Tape Deck to a Tascam SSR1 (44.1kHz stereo with 192Kbps bitrate)>CDWave> flac
Renamed and Organized via CD Wave Editor, converted to flac via Trader's Little Helper
Taped, Transferred and Seeded by FreddySneaks 2015-10-18

01. Chaulkdust Torture
02. Horn
03. Peaches En Regalia
04. Rift
05. Stash
06. If I Could
07. My Friend, My Friend
08. Julius
09. Cavern
10. Sample In A Jar
11. David Bowie
12. Glide
13. Ya Mar
14. Mike's Song
15. I Am Hydrogen
16. Weekapaug Groove
17. Bouncing Around The room
18. The Squirming Coil
19. Crimes of the Mind
20. Golgi Apparatus
21. Rocky Top

Trey Anastasio - guitar, lead vocals
Page McConnell - keyboards, vocals
Jon Fishman - drums, percussion, vocals
Mike Gordon - bass, vocals
Steve Pollak (aka "The Dude of Life") - guest vocals on "Crimes of the Mind"

This is the 2nd Phish show I taped with my buddy, and my first torrent upload. I've stored the masters for 20 years I figured its time to start converting. Plenty more where this came from so hopefully I don't mess this up. This was recorded at the show from the landing to the right of the Light board in the Tapers Section, using Nakamichi CP-4 shotgun capsules on the CM300 base, with a 6' stand, into my friends AWIS Dat Recorder and my Sony D-5, I believe they were in-line, which makes my master analog source actually a DAUD-0 generation. Digital Audience Analog Master. Tapes are Maxell XL-S 90 and the conversion was done from my JVC TDV661 Tape Deck to a Tascam SSR1, then renamed and organized with CD Wave Editor, converted to flac with Traders Little Helper. The Setting on the Tascam for the conversion was 44.1kHz stereo with 192Kbps bitrate. I didn't try to pretty this up in any way, just cut some of the extra space and give you the raw uncompressed files to do with as you will. Please share freely and responsibly.

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01 Chaulkdust Torture.flac:7fe7c043aeb006735f0800c2ecdf7b74
02 Horn.flac:88d2d933a89a08cea0126a1b6a1efe2e
03 Peaches En Regalia.flac:a405b690d3ce96acfbb56466f210e73c
04 Rift.flac:44e7c2bbddd7bbdf3a77d30b50ee1a27
05 Stash.flac:d91baf628c4e971f5915a4e3f42de32d
06 If I Could.flac:4aea506dfc77fe18840e1e692b5fbb21
07 My Friend, My Friend.flac:dae0413c33a98e307b1a2dea5b0ae714
08 Julius.flac:31d52e50d2ee7fde905eca8c533ccc48
09 Cavern.flac:e69e6573d7e2e198fe4f1a456e24aa07
10 Sample In A Jar.flac:020402ffb5858838beebdcad0f66fb2a
11 David Bowie.flac:e43c83dbeab134df3acab9dfa52c4c31
12 Glide.flac:71f768b2c1bc01c9aa4fb21e5ccf0aa0
13 Ya Mar.flac:0b7ec73196c68bdd74a172fdb14f46a5
14 Mike's Song.flac:eca8064809e79e68c9b0fc6419316373
15 I Am Hydrogen.flac:679e0d672f74db41d599e070de942a04
16 Weekapaug Groove.flac:b7e9cf279bf0138e3c09fee01009332e
17 Bouncing Round The Room.flac:c191612c1767cc2dc3a49089c97bc2f1
18 The Squirming Coil.flac:d1c6720f859f122211851c9cab9bac3b
19 Crimes Of The Mind.flac:02a2640615a93057e108883d0d49144e
20 Golgi Apparatus.flac:25c6fc60d614f8657c522cde8fc181fa
21 Rocky Top.flac:55e8f9cefd9dd5e464fc328e675bc9d0

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Set I: FOB Schoeps cmc5/mk4... (2) AKG460b/ck61 (TS) > Teac... (2)
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10/25/2015 TWATTS
12/04/2016 mvernon This source was banned at the torrent link posted by Terry. The reason was: "Without more details on the original format and at a bitrate of 192 kbps this one can't fly here"