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Garcia 02/03/91
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums jgdg1991-02-03.set2.mtx.bltz.sbeok.flac1644.ffp
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Media Size Compressed: 401.6 MB (421108121 bytes)
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Source Summary JGDG; flac1644; s2 sbd-aud mix; SBD and Mic patch from another set of decks to Sony Walkman Pro/Maxell MX-S 90 -> JVC TD-W354 -> Zoom H6 96/24 WAV -> Audacity -> FLAC 96/24 -> to .wav2496 (TLH) to .wav1644 (r8brain, very high) to .flac1644 (THL, level 8, fix SBEs) 
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Garcia & Grisman, Warfield Theater, SF, CA, 1991-02-03, SET II ONLY, SBD-Aud mix (96/24)

Downloaded from 1/28/2016
with further processing: .flac2496 to .wav2496 (TLH) to .wav1644 (r8brain, very high) to .flac1644 (THL, level 8, fix SBEs)
by deadrat (LL) 1/28/2016

Original Master Rescue Project

Notes:  Off a previously unreleased Cassette AUD-SBD Master.
"Why?  Especially only Second Set?"  Debatably, the greatest Non-Dead Friend of the Devil.
A mass of imperfections:
-  Tape hiss.  Maybe I'm wrong or mixed tapes up and this is 1st gen?  Or is it just a long line of patch handoffs?  Anyway, you forget about it after a bit.
-  Only the second set.  Won't pretend I'm not bitter about this.
-  A bit mangled in spots - life is hard
"But, Why?"  You ask...  here is why:  It is some pretty amazing music and I don't see it in the various places.  So, possibly, rare.  Better to get it out for history.  Son of beech.  Sheet.  Download, or do not download.  But do not be Scottish and just complain.
Promised Quote:
""Friend of the Devil" made it's first live appearance in an acoustic set on February 28, 1970. It debuted on their 1970 album American Beauty which featured mandolin extraordinaire David Grisman."
"It is our opinion that this song was strongest in 1978 with the Grateful Dead. For acoustic versions nothing tops the Garcia / Grisman versions. Our favorite version is from 2/3/91, at the Warfield Theater."
End quote.
Judge your choice to download accordingly.

Source:  SBD and Mic patch from another set of decks to Sony Walkman Pro/Maxell MX-S 90 -> JVC TD-W354 -> Zoom H6 96/24 WAV -> Audacity -> FLAC 96/24.  Microphones were not mine, did not get detail.  It is a large 96/24 set, in the XXX GB range.  First set Cassette was damaged.  Some people upstream in the patch were, um, enjoying themselves a lot, but they were having a much better time than I was, which was fine and fun.
Only posting in 96/24 to keep the sound quality up, feel free to convert it if you like, I hear there are open-source CD-burners that convert on the fly.  Mastered with Bose Quiet-Comfort 20 Headphones with NC on.  Thanks, Pete-O!
Tracked and Seeded by:  bltz

Jerry Garcia: guitar, vocals, banjo
David Grisman: mandolin, vocals, banjo
Jim Kerwin: bass
Joe Craven: violin, percussion

SET 2 Only:

1. The Thrill is Gone
2. Old Rocking Chair (minor dropout)
3. So What? (2-second tape rumble)
4. Off To Sea Once More
5. Friend Of The Devil
6. Banter -> Dawg's Waltz
7. Russian Lullaby (minor dropout at end)
8. Arabia
9. E: Ripple
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