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Phil Lesh & Friends 12/03/03
Beacon Theater, New York, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary flac16: Taper : Joe D'Amico ''AKA'' Joebeacon Editing : Joe D'Amico ''AKA'' Joebeacon Oade Mini Mics > Sony PCM-M1 Modified FOB Tascam DA-P1 > Sony Sbm 1 > Creative Extigy Soundcard > Cool Edit > Master Files > Adobe Audition CS6 > Ozone 5 > Traders Little Helper 
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Phil Lesh And Friends, Beacon Theatre, New York, NY 2003-12-03 Remastered

Taper : Joe D'Amico  ''AKA'' Joebeacon

Editing : Joe D'Amico  ''AKA'' Joebeacon

Oade Mini Mics > Sony PCM-M1 Modified FOB

Tascam DA-P1 > Sony Sbm 1 > Creative Extigy Soundcard > Cool Edit > Master Files > Adobe Audition CS6 > Ozone 5 > Traders Little Helper

I Had Just Bought These Mini Mics From Oade Brothers Figured I Would Try Them Out .

Setlist :
Set 1:
01. Jam
02. China Cat Sunflower
03. Jam
04. Box Of Rain
05. Jam
06. Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys
07. Jam
08. No More Do I
09. Jam
10. Uncle Johns Band
11. Doin' That Rag
Set 2:
12. Blue Sky
13. Patchwork Quilt
14. St. Stephen
15. Millenium Jam
16. The Eleven
17. Cryptical Envelopment
18. Jam
19. Tomorrow Never Knows
20. Jam
21. The Other One
22. I Know You Rider
23. Donor Rap *
Encore :
24. Stella Blue *

* Patched In From  B&K(DPA)4021s Source . My Copy Had Bad Digi Noise On Those Two Tracks .Rest Of Show Is Fine.

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plf20031203.02.china cat sunflower.flac:0a36b221a9e958e3c3236ba8ff04ef7b
plf20031203.03.jam.flac:7b17cf759063272ac603c81e873791ab of rain.flac:0743a198c32b6ebc4c411ddb5e6e2b05
plf20031203.06.low spark of high heeled boys.flac:1ea52a10489bf695a5b3dd92ca940e59
plf20031203.07.jam.flac:50109549f7b326689127ca49a478c1bc more do i.flac:5f8fc2fe3cc488994305694e1ce29674
plf20031203.10.uncle johns band.flac:9daf9f1d7dd56ec8f7fe33dd392bd704
plf20031203.11.doin that rag.flac:e8e6eaf7894e3f146342c1d532deef0f sky.flac:878bee687dd5b690207936828c20535e
plf20031203.13.patchwork quilt.flac:d0c885296fddd2ba76fa987e8865d764 stephen.flac:c2991cbe92ca59d70a84b68e3e3bab87
plf20031203.15.millenium jam.flac:70eb37be2a302e0b982642987e150988
plf20031203.16.the eleven.flac:c400807487284c4c970568c25b79b7e1
plf20031203.17.cryptical envelopment.flac:3f0037beaee327421ceea2182bd2448a
plf20031203.19.tomorrow never knows.flac:c4c543e99601c0327df5a1cc28b5e8e2
plf20031203.21.the other one.flac:84c8b20bedf01ba5be12e5667590ab4b
plf20031203.22.i know you rider.flac:e8b4f468791e001427bc1957c1a5b485
plf20031203.23.donor rap.flac:ce0035e78af491a53c828f0b85fcd87b
plf20031203.24.stella blue.flac:54af8ae0689b30987f9618a98459c534
f79d7fd2d1f5109ffa5d123825fc5131 *plf20031203.01.jam.flac
d5ba71df2c36068a52fc44a92fd6bf75 *plf20031203.02.china cat sunflower.flac
b1f0cf82a80131523b736c6bba4793dc *plf20031203.03.jam.flac
e8567352748dc0d54beae50f6823c03f * of rain.flac
cbf17435d07c18c7386893cad105b47e *plf20031203.05.jam.flac
c86da852782750decdee936f362a3589 *plf20031203.06.low spark of high heeled boys.flac
d83557534c7ed92131d3cf2aab22721b *plf20031203.07.jam.flac
96b9c85578bb447c6b67a20d35724ae0 * more do i.flac
2b21ba3e1f34fed42dfc5fccf5a5fdbc *plf20031203.09.jam.flac
b51d3eae3b74995eec01bfffb44ef525 *plf20031203.10.uncle johns band.flac
8ffa406eaacb933cdf717b0f4b76410e *plf20031203.11.doin that rag.flac
1c2bf36575477f4432d29a2e953537e7 * sky.flac
e52c681fec7820fb4309bfb072bb863d *plf20031203.13.patchwork quilt.flac
9a44ae01b861989e1a74833f0d7c1b24 * stephen.flac
1e1c184a2118a0695f474b44eda67143 *plf20031203.15.millenium jam.flac
0a09163237ad5f4183bce5d8399b5ff4 *plf20031203.16.the eleven.flac
734a8fe763f398043c636c382d780ed7 *plf20031203.17.cryptical envelopment.flac
a200a7296bb342a0988e736e921bacd7 *plf20031203.18.jam.flac
b182857f2bd191083798b22987b0f15e *plf20031203.19.tomorrow never knows.flac
3fcb9417e8a6cade6883725361980c72 *plf20031203.20.jam.flac
b20f548a25c4e514e0a54eecc5ab3a43 *plf20031203.21.the other one.flac
3316280e87732e79ef4cf3e3416726a6 *plf20031203.22.i know you rider.flac
b5e842b3252e6c46981870e8d9d4033b *plf20031203.23.donor rap.flac
69cfe027078e89fa56c8078e6eff8c97 *plf20031203.24.stella blue.flac

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