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Grateful Dead 06/10/73
Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, Washington, DC
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary flac16; Partial Sets 1 & 2; source: aud cassette master; taped by Jimmy & Laurie Cooper, & Arti; Arti’s akg 200 series mics > hitachi trq-222; maxell ud-c90; nakamichi dragon > benchmark adc1 24/96 > mac > adobe audition cc > fission > 16/44.1 > xACT flac; power by furman p-2400IT; transfer & mastering - Rob Berger 
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Grateful Dead
6/10/73 partial*
RFK Stadium,
Wash., DC

source: aud cassette master
taped by Jimmy & Laurie Cooper, & Arti

Arti’s akg 200 series mics > hitachi trq-222
maxell ud-c90

nakamichi dragon > benchmark adc1 24/96 >
mac > adobe audition cc > fission > 16/44.1 > xACT flac
(power by furman p-2400IT)
transfer & mastering - Rob Berger 6/2016

end set I
01 - /Playing’ In The Band
set II
02 - Eyes Of The World >
03 - Stella Blue
04 - Big/River
05 - Here Comes Sunshine
06 - Around And Around
07 - Dark Star/

notes:* as per Jim Cooper, the story of why
this is an offering of only part of this epic

This is my most frustrating concert ever. Arti offered to use his AKG's for this as an experiment with the Hitachi, as I had never used premium mics before.
(the database needs to be changed regarding the mics)
We were not able to go Saturday, but went on sunday. My old friend and his girlfriend offered to drive us all there.  Laurie, Arti & I, with our gear and a full cooler (thank goodness) sat in the backseat.
At the show, My friend & his GF went into the stands, as she couldn't take the heat, which was excessive.
Laurie Arti & I found a sweet spot about halfway between the stage & the soundboard, arti had poles.
The opening act sucked and played longtime. ABB came on and played a long time. we did not record them due to limitations on our resources, although a group of die hard ABB fans with a R2R and a dead car battery begged us to.
We were tripping of course, as were most. The duration and heat combined to create a very challenging experience, thank goodness for the large woman who befriended us and sat on the cooler, keeping out the baked refugees all around us. There was no water provided.
As the night came, cooling things down the dead began and they were UNBELIEVABLE, They were experimenting with phil's sub sound and the heat combined to produce a very soothing effect on the brain each time phil plucked a sustained bass note.
The stadium echoed the sound (Stella Blue) to enhance the trippiness of the 2nd set especially.
We recorded everything, we were so thrilled as we observed the levels with the AKG's, man we were psyched.
THEN about almost just before the encore, my friends found us and wanted to leave, the GF had to take an exam in the morning in NYC,
WE did not want to go, they left us there.
Show was over and we went out and started hitchhiking, with all our gear and the cooler.
NO Rides
We walked around the parking lot and found a van with NY plates and asked the people if they had room. They said yes, but they wanted to crash for a while.
We said OK and sat down and began playing tapes of the show, I had brought the speakers along for the car ride.
We were listening to this very tape when we 3 fell asleep. We awoke when we heard car noises and our ride was getting ready to go, we gathered up our stuff and got into the back of the van.
We slept off & on to NYC, it was almost 7am as we hit the GWB.
I went looking for something in my pack, (a cassette carrying case, about 24 tapes.) and it was missing, I had brought a bunch of live shows, including GD soundchecks from nassau coliseum with a few "box of rain" and other gems.
We checked our stuff, artis mics were gone as was our canon slr and all of the fuckin tapes which we just recorded, EXCEPT this one.
We cried once we heard how  good the sound of the tape was, and we all knew all knew just what a great show it was.

Show Checksums
127cb8311a10932255578af1b9e894ac *gd1973-06-10.t01.flac
1c1a4597a3e620afa95acff9c8135340 *gd1973-06-10.t02.flac
3a9e3d6170b79303aa4ef1a8aab132e9 *gd1973-06-10.t03.flac
2e18fdad5a62045a4920e4879cba94cc *gd1973-06-10.t04.flac
6575efd52489037f564b611109291330 *gd1973-06-10.t05.flac
042246a9605a08391c4132946936dd56 *gd1973-06-10.t06.flac
b5da1c8384559a239cc7f7dcfd04a101 *gd1973-06-10.t07.flac

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