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Grateful Dead 02/05/66
The Questing Beast, Berkeley, CA
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Source # 136661 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 272.51 MB (285744052 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; Soundboard Master-Reel > DAT (48 kHz) 
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Grateful Dead
The Questing Beast
Berkeley, CA

Studio Rehearsals

Soundboard Master-Reel > DAT (48 kHz)

01  Talk & Tunings
02  Viola Lee Blues #01 verse 1 - aborted
03  Viola Lee Blues #02 verses 1 & 2 - aborted
04  Talk & Tunings
05  Viola Lee Blues #03 with harmonica - aborted
06  Talk & Tunings
07  Viola Lee Blues #04 with organ verse 1 & harmonica - aborted
08  Talk & Tunings
09  Viola Lee Blues #05 verse 1 - aborted
10  Phil & Tunings
11  Viola Lee Blues #06 verses 1 & 2 - aborted
12  Viola Lee Blues #07 verses 1 & 2 & 3
13  Short Takes On The Last Verse (You May Know By That I've Got A Friend Somewhere)
14  Viola Lee Blues #08 verse 1 - aborted
15  'Pigpen Leavin' The House'
16  Viola Lee Blues #09 verses 2 & 3 - aborted
17  Short Takes On The Last Verse (You May Know By That I've Got A Friend Somewhere)
18  Viola Lee Blues #10 verses 1 & 2 & 3 / Jam
19  Cardboard Cowboy #01
20  Cardboard Cowboy #02


- this version has been provided by an anonymous source
- there is no cassette gen. in the lineage of this documented source
- the original sound has not been altered in any form
- a number of level adjustments have been made and speed issues addressed
- occasional static had been removed
- the first minute is mono, as the left channel has been copied over the right channel
- all files are tagged

edited and mastered
May 2013

Show Checksums
645cf67431d898447bdde366878afff0 *gd1966-02-05_t01_Talk_Tunings.flac
b9f0ceab8ce19fea1d68eebb809a03f2 *gd1966-02-05_t02_Viola Lee Blues01.flac
f5963339451bf00224d8938d2cf369a3 *gd1966-02-05_t03_Viola Lee Blues02.flac
4920dac15273b439e43a0bee94480f50 *gd1966-02-05_t04_Talk_Tunings.flac
49a6211e00534cea98d217be9e012e4b *gd1966-02-05_t05_Viola Lee Blues03.flac
34618fa4b512b0019f4ebb1c7317176e *gd1966-02-05_t06_Talk_Tunings.flac
e58a8e19735e852a8643aae175c99edb *gd1966-02-05_t07_Viola Lee Blues04.flac
4d2dba9b2a7868f588a71838b6fa180c *gd1966-02-05_t08_Talk_Tunings.flac
6a3460dbea61a80127ffca9438c87266 *gd1966-02-05_t09_Viola Lee Blues05.flac
d991e6c319ffbd972565b3acb868a3dc *gd1966-02-05_t10_Phil_Tunings.flac
6d3ef1c5768098b102b6630d90599027 *gd1966-02-05_t11_Viola Lee Blues06.flac
f7cbd53a4e104d70a4eb34c8e68674af *gd1966-02-05_t12_Viola Lee Blues07.flac
fade8d34ac97271cc3fa22a94535c838 *gd1966-02-05_t13_Short Takes On The Last Verse.flac
c6cad08a9ede38d108ec2fd494331db6 *gd1966-02-05_t14_Viola Lee Blues08.flac
e186c9ab3244519cfe44a4227df5dd80 *gd1966-02-05_t15_Pigpen Leavin' The House.flac
151a9a52eb464a65d38a38709496c9f4 *gd1966-02-05_t16_Viola Lee Blues09.flac
0cb33fde735829fea119be52aec43d6f *gd1966-02-05_t17_Short Takes On The Last Verse.flac
61adbf70a0897f91decfacc13b127b3b *gd1966-02-05_t18_Viola Lee Blues10.flac
ba786c0ce87b1749f098c1395bdcb0bc *gd1966-02-05_t19_Cardboard Cowboy01.flac
ce59318ffa40cc36d9e79f622bd63a33 *gd1966-02-05_t20_Cardboard Cowboy02.flac
gd1966-02-05_t02_Viola Lee Blues01.flac:70eae7dd1bd02f2b0dd397e5f63cde80
gd1966-02-05_t03_Viola Lee Blues02.flac:f9b4d7be0f1eb48bfbd631d6671f18c8
gd1966-02-05_t05_Viola Lee Blues03.flac:e669d15d34d07891acdad1c1c367c63d
gd1966-02-05_t07_Viola Lee Blues04.flac:b36c987d379620d129ae48ec696be5fd
gd1966-02-05_t09_Viola Lee Blues05.flac:c56330aa3543545818f5b59b36b13e63
gd1966-02-05_t11_Viola Lee Blues06.flac:e0ed4164aec653539dcfec65604e5a71
gd1966-02-05_t12_Viola Lee Blues07.flac:e92f2ea048d8528bcc2cd2655c1dc4ec
gd1966-02-05_t13_Short Takes On The Last Verse.flac:fc1fec7036afb60e35f6c4c3c1ee036b
gd1966-02-05_t14_Viola Lee Blues08.flac:64668aaeab358db6f1a9bc1159c03353
gd1966-02-05_t15_Pigpen Leavin' The House.flac:33a1c9f466b117cf402b86903fb66660
gd1966-02-05_t16_Viola Lee Blues09.flac:24355da47657c2e793f279967d8c1618
gd1966-02-05_t17_Short Takes On The Last Verse.flac:da40fc075d0c541b19fcdbb1312ae72c
gd1966-02-05_t18_Viola Lee Blues10.flac:c03b70c188bbc24b26578e2193e1b7fd
gd1966-02-05_t19_Cardboard Cowboy01.flac:ade55c1913623021c5883c8fef03fcf2
gd1966-02-05_t20_Cardboard Cowboy02.flac:f767900d5ae782fa2775cc81592683af

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