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Grateful Dead 10/13/80
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 1.27 GB (1360284652 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; Recording Info: 1st Electric Set & 2nd Electric Set partial (thru The Other One) SBD > many cassette generations > Cass; Transfer Info: Cassette played back on Nakamichi Dragon > Korg MR-1000 (DSF [1-bit 5.6448 MHz Stereo]) > Korg AudioGate > WAV [24/96] > Adobe Audition 6.0> FLAC encoding 
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Grateful Dead
October 13, 1980
Warfield Theater - San Francisco, CA

Recording Info:
SBD > many cassette generations > Cass

Transfer Info:
Cassette played back on Nakamichi Dragon > Korg MR-1000 (DSF [1-bit 5.6448 MHz Stereo]) > Korg AudioGate > WAV [24/96] > Adobe Audition 6.0> FLAC encoding

-Acoustic Set missing
-1st Electric Set
-2nd Electric Set partial (thru The Other One)

1st Electric Set:
d1t01 - //Sugaree
d1t02 - New Mingle//wood Blues
d1t03 - Peggy O
d1t04 - C.C. Rider
d1t05 - Big Railroad Blues
d1t06 - Lazy Lightnin' >
d1t07 - Supplication
d1t08 - Deal

2nd Electric Set:
d2t01 - Cold Rain & Snow
d2t02 - Jam > Samson & Delilah
d2t03 - Ship of Fools
d2t04 - Lost Sailor >
d2t05 - Saint of Circumstance >
d2t06 - Drums >
d2t07 - Space >
d3t01 - He's Gone > Jam >
d3t02 - Th//e Other One>
           S//tella Blue (missing) >
           Around & Around (missing) >
           Johnny B. Goode (missing) >
           Casey Jones (missing)

Technical notes:

Sugaree: fade in at 0:37.954
New Minglewood Blues: drop out at 4:16.165
Peggy-O: hot spots at 0:00.000-0:37.600, 2:03.946-2:31.074, 2:34.984-2:38.615
The Other One: cut at 2:09.570

I traded for the cassettes in 1988. The partial show spanned 3 cassette sides and I noted them in my spreadsheet as 11th gen. The first cassette side contained the 1st set, but cut a few minutes into Deal. The 2nd cassette side contained the entire Deal through the beginning of drums from the 2nd set, and the third cassette side contained drums through The Other One. The source for the complete Deal and the entire 2nd set is different than the source for the first set(and presented its own set of unique sonic difficulties). At the time, these cassettes filled a void in my analog collection, and I figured it would be relatively easy to upgrade my copy in the future based on the fact that my copy was, well, 11th gen. As it turns out, these 28 year old, multi-gen cassettes, have become a missing piece of the year that is 1980. To date, (11/2016) the acoustic set soundboard and a partial aud of the 2nd Electric set (thanks Charlie)is all that circulates for this show. Lossless Legs lists a complete 2nd gen audience source with ShnID 114417, however, there has never been a seeder, nor has anyone downloaded the show according to their stats. While this copy is far from a crispy, crunchy transfer from master or low gen soundboard cassettes, it is listenable and will have to suffice until better sources are unearthed. While hesistant to circulate an nth gen analog cassette transfer, these cassettes appear to be the lone source currently available, and hopefully, will only serve as a temporary place-holder for that crispy, crunchy, analog master transfer that I hope surfaces because of this effort (audience sources are always welcome as well). On the subject of effort, a big round of applause goes out to numerous folks who have had a hand in helping circulate this seemingly uncirculated bit of GD history. Thanks to Pat8track (and his wife Val) for having the perseverance and resolve of holding onto my analog collection for over 20 years and then were able to actually find the source cassettes, also to David Minches who, once again, admirably took care of the A>D transfer in 24/96, to audiohead22, who used a delicate digital brush to transform David's raw transfer into something that can be enjoyed and appreciated.

We did the best we could with what we had to work with.

This community is truly something special. Thank you all.

Seeded by Scott Clugston Nov 2016

The first 1:43 of Sugaree is unlistenable due to technical difficulties and has been removed.

Source cuts after the first few notes of Stella Blue. Stella Blue, Around & Around, Johnny B. Goode and Casey Jones are missing.

Show Checksums
5ccfa3ddb83b04b21ff0a0e6a481f0cf *gd80-10-13d1t01.flac
43ea814aa099557a88b2a73cc67a4749 *gd80-10-13d1t02.flac
8624cd8f2a76f24b7ca279f2b1e8db64 *gd80-10-13d1t03.flac
48e8d8fd9d41f7d673e904109f858714 *gd80-10-13d1t04.flac
25a92746bca2884198829eb300b19eaf *gd80-10-13d1t05.flac
83730781225697c83ab174115c268cbc *gd80-10-13d1t06.flac
5e48ee3a89d94c8f8c835ce477a6f3ff *gd80-10-13d1t07.flac
a361041ebed035a952016af8581b74a5 *gd80-10-13d1t08.flac
ca81824617fafd8480e90f13fb85c3ca *gd80-10-13d2t01.flac
1553232931ec37918b84432533f973b4 *gd80-10-13d2t02.flac
23f8e733c01f6c5f53914ed5b38b1c7d *gd80-10-13d2t03.flac
b70b31e21ad97cd4bff5d6f630fadbef *gd80-10-13d2t04.flac
a4accd45a7159d9281a09f99ed6a3b16 *gd80-10-13d2t05.flac
009425617b4cc32ee8452401dd866c74 *gd80-10-13d2t06.flac
26e1746f61152c9627e784a0e062d7f4 *gd80-10-13d2t07.flac
de8405071ea3a93225ba28ed3e98ed23 *gd80-10-13d3t01.flac
f9dae45dc00d568d4f2136bda65b05a0 *gd80-10-13d3t02.flac

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