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Grateful Dead 10/13/80
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Source # 137297 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 1.06 GB (1135224513 bytes)
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary flac16; sbd composite upgrade by Alan Bershaw; see info file for details 
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The Grateful Dead
October 13, 1980
Warfield Theater,
San Francisco, CA

Upgraded Soundboard Composite - Complete Show TRT: 03:20:32

Set 1 (Acoustic)
1 stage banter about Weir's anniversary 00:52
2 On the Road Again 03:03
3 Bird Song 07:48
4 El Paso 04:32
5 To Lay Me Down 08:32
6 Heaven Help the Fool 06:16
7 Jack A Roe 04:25
8 The Race Is On 03:02
9 Deep Elem Blues 04:23
10 Ripple 04:23

Set 2 (Electric)
11 Sugaree 10:04
12 New Minglewood Blues 06:58
13 Peggy-O 06:34
14 C.C. Rider 07:06
15 Big Railroad Blues 03:40
16 Lazy Lightnin' -> 03:22
17 Supplication 05:39
18 Deal 06:39

Set 3 (Electric)
19 Cold Rain & Snow 06:25
20 Jam -> Samson & Delilah 11:23
21 Ship of Fools 08:08
22 Lost Sailor -> 06:34
23 Saint Of Circumstance -> 05:53
24 Drums -> 12:31
25 Space -> 06:58
26 He's Gone -> 10:40
27 Jam -> 04:41
28 The Other One -> 05:23
29 Stella Blue -> 10:26
30 Around And Around -> 03:51
31 Johnny B. Goode 04:30
32 Casey Jones 05:39

This show has only circulated in bits and pieces and no set from this night has ever circulated with all the songs in complete form. For the fun of it, I ventured into making a complete composite utilizing the best existing sources, including a couple of patch sources that have not seen much, if any, circulation prior to now.  Ripple, Sugaree and Stella Blue required patches from room recordings to seamlessly complete them, but otherwise, every song is soundboard sourced here.  All three sets now have every song complete for the first time, with a great deal of the electric sets in superior quality to any previously circulating source.  That about covers it.  Thank you to Bob, Scott, Charlie and Chris for their source tapes.    Alan Bershaw - November 2016

Thank you to Charlie Miller for the primary 1st set source.
Thank you to Scott Clugston for the primary 2nd set source and part of the 3rd set.
Thank you to Bob Gurman for the new 3rd set source and patches for both incomplete
songs in the 1st set.
Thank you to Chris Cate for the 2nd generation audience cassette for pre-1st set
stage banter and the two patches to complete Sugaree and Stella Blue.

Source and Patch details:

Set 1 SBD Master Reel -> PCM -> DAT -> CD (Miller)
pre-1st set stage banter (00:00 - 00:50 patch Cate)
The Race Is On (patch 0:00 - 0:04 patch Gurman)
Ripple (patch 3:37 - 4:23 patch Gurman)

Set 2 SBD > unknown generations > Cassette (Clugston)
Sugaree (00:00 - 01:34 patch Cate)
C.C. Rider (patch multitrack mix)
Lazy Lightning patch (multitrack mix)
Supplication (patch multitrack mix)

Set 3  1 Video Master with stereo SBD/room mics mix direct -> 1st Generation Umatic Video (Gurman)
1st 4 songs (patch Clugston)
Saint (0:00 - 0:33 and 5:34 -5:54 patches Clugston)
drums-> space (patch Clugston)
Hes Gone (0:00 - 0:43 patch Clugston)
Stella Blue (00:07 -10:26 patch Cate)

No processing was applied other than speed correction to the Clugston source on the following:
New Minglewood Blues (+1.9%)
Peggy-O (+1.9%)
space (+2.9%)
Hes Gone (0:00 - 0:43 patch +2.9%)

Show Checksums
8a7313c6b9a06c7db23f61bb34694bb1 *gd80-10-13s1t01 banter-Bob's Anniversary.flac
932c4a2d69da307cc9e0cc15d4e2f380 *gd80-10-13s1t02 On The Road Again.flac
6ae3801c350f43d65e95e40933aeba47 *gd80-10-13s1t03 Bird Song.flac
89ef6f1c931b72744d7c695ffed8cd30 *gd80-10-13s1t04 El Paso.flac
50583e0ab06b63718faf424f37e9624e *gd80-10-13s1t05 To Lay Me Down.flac
9a22b64479d04e92bbbfb0e430a573ff *gd80-10-13s1t06 Heaven Help The Fool.flac
62857e6a57ea54f901ad464a8bffa53c *gd80-10-13s1t07 Jack-a-roe.flac
5c7f6c9260792e51c82a991227a10744 *gd80-10-13s1t08 The Race Is On.flac
2cb8f4df0cfd28cfbed0aab6b2d24a23 *gd80-10-13s1t09 Deep Elum Blues.flac
139c315224c2d62f87a28f4a53430f0c *gd80-10-13s1t10 Ripple.flac
5f40bb48ad056d8cb6b35fbb569ba041 *gd80-10-13s2t01 Sugaree.flac
52318ef6bf4492433de741b1cd44a12b *gd80-10-13s2t02 New Minglewood Blues.flac
ab678537e4b4b3867a65ff0b8951fc69 *gd80-10-13s2t03 Peggy-O.flac
dd791a7a0873ac85e6cc8b80214ac518 *gd80-10-13s2t04 C.C.Rider.flac
9e3e33612de518a18e0e31a1aa6adf33 *gd80-10-13s2t05 Big Railroad Blues.flac
15e8b2ec9bd686111d9789843013ae2c *gd80-10-13s2t06 Lazy Lightning.flac
6608e41dcc016329bbea5d7b28e9cc06 *gd80-10-13s2t07 Supplication.flac
c4d875af3db71709795d4c1585ee9c3f *gd80-10-13s2t08 Deal.flac
089fa21b6ad89285ebdf83ce5e716ea9 *gd80-10-13s3t01 Cold Rain and Snow.flac
67ce69b6ce328ff2b5fd7ac78e9e9df3 *gd80-10-13s3t02 Jam-Samson & Delilah.flac
cba7fbe7739de71088da40c89bea05c0 *gd80-10-13s3t03 Ship Of Fools.flac
b4d6c51f8c27e37e9b9d0043a43ee4be *gd80-10-13s3t04 Lost Sailor.flac
3a3d5e8081661f9217742a7f36e63cbf *gd80-10-13s3t05 Saint Of Circumstance.flac
70396b67852eae1515677517d3900218 *gd80-10-13s3t06 Drums.flac
13cb10430d82e74d995f09ea54db8796 *gd80-10-13s3t07 Space.flac
37474a2e64f537752680ee94b6e69607 *gd80-10-13s3t08 He's Gone.flac
6e88495a60b6462e6d4de583fbe853dc *gd80-10-13s3t09 Jam.flac
7165e623102a116e3e2a8a27bb6f9967 *gd80-10-13s3t10 The Other One.flac
7ca8e7f3116786fe038c13b1fa2b1363 *gd80-10-13s3t11 Stella Blue.flac
277b08a42250fb8e0d6aa2a983772116 *gd80-10-13s3t12 Around & Around.flac
7570df3c871f27a15980ca8f245569ae *gd80-10-13s3t13 Johnny B. Goode.flac
49f21832ecb30f6faea6d80d6ff9c1c5 *gd80-10-13s3t14 Casey Jones.flac
gd80-10-13s1t01 banter-Bob's Anniversary.flac:7f4163adbf57b91bb27403dd8c6a5dfc
gd80-10-13s1t02 On The Road Again.flac:3b622be7b2ce699effff005d8b88dff0
gd80-10-13s1t03 Bird Song.flac:27f73579c92f0f5583ffbbc40ea3d8b2
gd80-10-13s1t04 El Paso.flac:f19e73217aa407b879fff1dd1aedbb56
gd80-10-13s1t05 To Lay Me Down.flac:a2333a5f875a82437ef36a73c81e8a84
gd80-10-13s1t06 Heaven Help The Fool.flac:2806005f9df9a48448b3b0c9ad8051d6
gd80-10-13s1t07 Jack-a-roe.flac:c3b79a42c7229a2302de029bc3c6f331
gd80-10-13s1t08 The Race Is On.flac:1baeee7fc9579a7f24fcc0030eddce82
gd80-10-13s1t09 Deep Elum Blues.flac:1e018f4b58c3398960716f659e8d0fcb
gd80-10-13s1t10 Ripple.flac:230600db5a7d5cd8f6d55d7e1fd01390
gd80-10-13s2t01 Sugaree.flac:aeeb7fa383bd02e90ad651bcaf8e0fa6
gd80-10-13s2t02 New Minglewood Blues.flac:c365e1896b4bc2bff26ada002172b8ab
gd80-10-13s2t03 Peggy-O.flac:fd7bbafe9f9ec7c035200e61a30a037f
gd80-10-13s2t04 C.C.Rider.flac:52ea950bf0899e57ffa812f46689f33a
gd80-10-13s2t05 Big Railroad Blues.flac:2c6dfaaf10ac3580d750b69677b2c6a3
gd80-10-13s2t06 Lazy Lightning.flac:dbfb1e5bd4cea6242b2bdd316aa4ac63
gd80-10-13s2t07 Supplication.flac:92cbc9c23451f3999a2d8e2c3c33ac5e
gd80-10-13s2t08 Deal.flac:1dbf366d2f184956fafe3ed02f765b34
gd80-10-13s3t01 Cold Rain and Snow.flac:3d0762a41edcb67664fd3b17a9eead0d
gd80-10-13s3t02 Jam-Samson & Delilah.flac:d83fdd6a188087d1d22217820a4d8b8b
gd80-10-13s3t03 Ship Of Fools.flac:c9f06a72b6074494d9704b5711626808
gd80-10-13s3t04 Lost Sailor.flac:a37a954be89c04bc2a5cdc6c4692f591
gd80-10-13s3t05 Saint Of Circumstance.flac:e8b1d9470a8176dd04903347ba369ff9
gd80-10-13s3t06 Drums.flac:d9cfc8d17e8c92828a4acfa3a6d945e7
gd80-10-13s3t07 Space.flac:bcd7af5e390dccd1763d13616cacedf0
gd80-10-13s3t08 He's Gone.flac:91825ad43a150c2e51cb2f21c26c3a7a
gd80-10-13s3t09 Jam.flac:e66f15cd433648cbb259d8f51b0b4f0a
gd80-10-13s3t10 The Other One.flac:b83f3b20aef4d2c4171966d29b485720
gd80-10-13s3t11 Stella Blue.flac:d6671116088406b5886be22e6c3585f0
gd80-10-13s3t12 Around & Around.flac:128febd7c11a2ff9a1f8171943ca4836
gd80-10-13s3t13 Johnny B. Goode.flac:d5d126b33d31a72c2f00abb51481c04a
gd80-10-13s3t14 Casey Jones.flac:c618e0cf6b4a018b2cd5b8751a976ede

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