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Grateful Dead 03/26/73
Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD
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Source # 1373 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , orig-a2184-shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 3 / 4
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary SBD> MR> DAT> CDA> CDA> EAC> SHN; via Charlie Miller, Jay Ashley; note info file updated 9/13; see pub comments for flaw notes 
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Grateful Dead  3-26-73 (Disks: CDA-4/SHN-3)
Baltimore Civic Center  Baltimore  MD

SBD>>MR>>DAT>>CDA>>CDA>>EAC>>SHN - Sound A  Show A+
EAC and shortening by Jay Ashley, with CDA provided by
Charlie Miller.

...more on the DAT>>CDA>>CDA bit, from Charlie (13 SEPT 2000):
"Actually, I just remembered that 3/26/73 came to me on CD. I cloned it off of
a Sony CDP-XE500> Tascam CDRW700 via Monster optical cable. I have a Behringer
UltraMatch SRC2000 which has a jitter remover, but I didn't use it. I didn't
feel that it was neccesary. It also removes SCMS (so does the tascam) and the
track marks. I didn't feel like dealing with the track marks, so I didn't run
it through the jitter remover. The Tascam does bit-for-bit clones. Also, I
didn't have my 8x HP then.

This show circulates as MR>CASS>DAT>CD, but my copy is MR>DAT>CD. I don't think
that he would appreciate me giving out his name. Sorry. I am sure that you can

We understand :)


Disc 1 60:18 Audio, 330MB SHN

1.  2:59 The Promised Land
2.  7:54 Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo
3.  3:13 The Race Is On
4.  6:03 Wave That Flag
5.  5:49 Jack Straw
6.  7:36 Sugaree
7.  3:46 Mexicali Blues
8.  4:58 Box Of Rain
9.  8:32 Row Jimmy
10.  4:24 Beat It On Down The Line
11.  4:59 Brown Eyed Women

Disc 2 70:37 Audio, 390MB SHN

1.  6:06 El Paso
2.  7:52 China Cat Sunflower >>
3.  5:10 I Know You Rider
4.  7:09 Looks Like Rain
5.  3:37 Don't Ease Me In
6. 19:48 Playing In The Band


7.  8:25 Ramble On Rose
8.  4:24 Big River
9.  8:02 Here Comes Sunshine

Disc 3 71:55 Audio, 378MB SHN

1.  6:11 Greatest Story Ever Told
2.  9:38 Candyman
3.  3:01 Me And My Uncle
4. 14:13 He's Gone >>
5. 15:19 Truckin' >>
6.  8:09 Weather Report Suite Prelude >> Jam
7.  9:52 Wharf Rat >>
8.  5:28 Me And Bobby McGee >>

Disc 4 31:28 Audio, 170MB SHN

1. 14:22 Eyes Of The World >>
2. 12:25 Morning Dew
3.  4:40 One More Saturday Night


Seeded by Charlie Miller and uploaded by [email protected]
Show Checksums
1bedef66180bb2f5d41715b2ca952016 *gd73-03-26d1t01.shn
8a768d9504637bf93a2df2b9744888de *gd73-03-26d1t02.shn
715850d4e1a29fe36aae5b83ca551313 *gd73-03-26d1t03.shn
da54308df1905b57294496a992576b8d *gd73-03-26d1t04.shn
456fffdb1f8f0eb3e281c77d941a4b40 *gd73-03-26d1t05.shn
3f8410ab99e877da87f5ac12f1059b74 *gd73-03-26d1t06.shn
1849ecbc63fc88b0f621ac165f4be57f *gd73-03-26d1t07.shn
7db3c75899958906f489cab07dd96d37 *gd73-03-26d1t08.shn
639045513eea20fa461f59df73b1097e *gd73-03-26d1t09.shn
1bbb265ce6b0cb0de1ce01e16ff8a54e *gd73-03-26d1t10.shn
73152a221643175ea832a7ac2dde361e *gd73-03-26d1t11.shn
f8aa06af739d1af83b21c232e8bf6ee5 *gd73-03-26d2t01.shn
b0d25c3cf8ce184b09529cf3c769b6a5 *gd73-03-26d2t02.shn
ee888ae1f1d85e8173b8ca6a005b7e19 *gd73-03-26d2t03.shn
a38e0b6890bd552fb8cb9fdae77eccec *gd73-03-26d2t04.shn
05a9c73c9236085000e9d999bf3bc48a *gd73-03-26d2t05.shn
d9f07ec327462449d984bebd495f6502 *gd73-03-26d2t06.shn
6feabf6d8414a881a730ad77f6fd7a9e *gd73-03-26d2t07.shn
e32abf23b3d306f8453e9fd33e6c3101 *gd73-03-26d2t08.shn
45dfb8bed8fb0289708f45086ae88bbf *gd73-03-26d2t09.shn
3215722054a5892fa84eaefe12496b69 *gd73-03-26d3t01.shn
92d7aefc44216bb75d10a7d3c63456c5 *gd73-03-26d3t02.shn
2daf6a99b74fa3438526b223361cb5ee *gd73-03-26d3t03.shn
1f05ae8ddfa1367b92a475eaa09c8d5d *gd73-03-26d3t04.shn
6b32d859edfbdd8915f0b6cc4e3f5d7e *gd73-03-26d3t05.shn
519ac2e5e65a1995c619876a2af3c556 *gd73-03-26d3t06.shn
7cf5001a4a65720b7c34fdb337d47257 *gd73-03-26d3t07.shn
3b67a41f4791821159ab0fa65d6f74a8 *gd73-03-26d3t08.shn
47012d0ee5c616e244ed9c75d61c9cd3 *gd73-03-26d4t01.shn
6f5662c87859e2e9c6e4376af4e34e2d *gd73-03-26d4t02.shn
ce62cddbd882836826694150fa6d1939 *gd73-03-26d4t03.shn
c574716bc2a7fa1f9ea4b43c07f898e7 *gd73-03-26d1t11.shn
0a44d428e7a6fca4d8961b5251f895b2 *gd73-03-26d1t02.shn
589dbdc5b1a0b5f8933a238a52fcdce1 *gd73-03-26d1t03.shn
9148b9178b568ade1c22a2d9b8632fc4 *gd73-03-26d1t04.shn
314c3e8e7613492eebbd504e6bd1c648 *gd73-03-26d1t05.shn
524179032477db76d18b202d3edd761d *gd73-03-26d1t06.shn
097f781fb0116ba5025ccff6d01f93f9 *gd73-03-26d1t07.shn
e0626f4b57c4c981c4dd7f46d34c3615 *gd73-03-26d1t08.shn
6ff13b4edfe767db5d977f7ef3b0c16a *gd73-03-26d1t09.shn
b6310b90dba80153c7645d3b32f1fa14 *gd73-03-26d1t10.shn
61b3333dc90af3b326d0c06e2a46cd79 *gd73-03-26d1t01.shn
e8e3cf0983b41e0a94f838943919399c *gd73-03-26d2t09.shn
44739f3f0234b6c335266a062434cc0d *gd73-03-26d2t02.shn
0c053f1e3bc55a8af502178dcdcb8151 *gd73-03-26d2t03.shn
1aa3ee09164c45e3c7b6b7b7b6bb9893 *gd73-03-26d2t04.shn
f497b7224b9557d858bd882c9b9218ad *gd73-03-26d2t05.shn
6a4d505a08c00b64ad0bfa2cfbdd9748 *gd73-03-26d2t06.shn
b544fb8e4ca79cd88b78c865d1f287c5 *gd73-03-26d2t07.shn
f04e46df67079d4ef9c031254bd845b0 *gd73-03-26d2t08.shn
5e05a3fdf0a797e8bd33a2610e33bc9a *gd73-03-26d2t01.shn
4b1b51fcbbbed6bf65d07a7092f01544 *gd73-03-26d3t08.shn
b6cab710976ed5ea1b76949229aceba8 *gd73-03-26d3t02.shn
1c85bbe4b3049e132267b67a334ce5c6 *gd73-03-26d3t03.shn
17795b68aa7f49c6abb127cd1b46e47e *gd73-03-26d3t04.shn
1466f0f81dfa90475812a83b0affd0ad *gd73-03-26d3t05.shn
d4cd2abde9c4300d2f80beb0ddff9551 *gd73-03-26d3t06.shn
354fa3e631bb2f4113f787924df80bfb *gd73-03-26d3t07.shn
cff75f585c170c01e5e6d0af1fdd6ff4 *gd73-03-26d3t01.shn
b1cee96dc4c4196d2f20aaa8168b35a7 *gd73-03-26d4t03.shn
22b587dab768995dbb3aff26ef5c7452 *gd73-03-26d4t02.shn
676d64744ebabb87b153a4455d6803e5 *gd73-03-26d4t01.shn
e325216d5a2335d120e47591b0a3595b [shntool] gd73-03-26d1t01.shn
9e43dd3d9dacc7281de85d3bd4181ea2 [shntool] gd73-03-26d1t02.shn
e5c344db283a30947f9bedc2d759c93f [shntool] gd73-03-26d1t03.shn
c3a148bc668d8e9a2bd815acae3f8e1c [shntool] gd73-03-26d1t04.shn
67dc13f5d22d28d076b5096db0d57f37 [shntool] gd73-03-26d1t05.shn
2a22636cdccc5aac31d012a97cfb32e9 [shntool] gd73-03-26d1t06.shn
d08c32ed62c237c84a30f6a829f1b55f [shntool] gd73-03-26d1t07.shn
dca971aeace9d31a61eaadebb8b69404 [shntool] gd73-03-26d1t08.shn
3e04cbbe9b7c5cd11f22e6e11835ac66 [shntool] gd73-03-26d1t09.shn
3a8f4d8a080deefc640e25e60ecc053c [shntool] gd73-03-26d1t10.shn
1a81ecf81027974edd933a9e950b57c6 [shntool] gd73-03-26d1t11.shn
a2bd5ddb85e1f03b85cd770db2b10699 [shntool] gd73-03-26d2t01.shn
d0a4e638810e55d4890c037bd562eb4d [shntool] gd73-03-26d2t02.shn
5034513703279ec6b010406b273e42e9 [shntool] gd73-03-26d2t03.shn
54c9eed91b18e32f0cb2eb8e28360cc3 [shntool] gd73-03-26d2t04.shn
19d2e041f2fc938f76cc6ac3926f00f8 [shntool] gd73-03-26d2t05.shn
d4bea6a01ce5aad8968991a1b7ef8a1f [shntool] gd73-03-26d2t06.shn
8ca402af66db29094ff93809f20493bf [shntool] gd73-03-26d2t07.shn
4bcf851a9350553e6f7951517253632f [shntool] gd73-03-26d2t08.shn
05d84aed99d405951ed3635ce8e89f43 [shntool] gd73-03-26d2t09.shn
1f63fe9cdbde4fcb76e595d74eb931d7 [shntool] gd73-03-26d3t01.shn
7779838a27355688c608eb3e00ba7451 [shntool] gd73-03-26d3t02.shn
4f083d55e270bcb681feba9050339f12 [shntool] gd73-03-26d3t03.shn
0fd03de4051f36f92dc9b37cc991e2b4 [shntool] gd73-03-26d3t04.shn
0e1fa93c29af2c5a33304f2dfe380752 [shntool] gd73-03-26d3t05.shn
f64968dfa30c645513d4fbbcf4179a6b [shntool] gd73-03-26d3t06.shn
e17aff04f44f77dbbe9db314bdc638b5 [shntool] gd73-03-26d3t07.shn
eab4bc3562c606e794dd489243db6ebd [shntool] gd73-03-26d3t08.shn
89c0caa0c706a67fcfca77fd110799c1 [shntool] gd73-03-26d4t01.shn
34dd03be9600548c5b1db0a1e7f87b82 [shntool] gd73-03-26d4t02.shn
5b6a4d01db40ebaf8391d8803d8ac9e3 [shntool] gd73-03-26d4t03.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
flac16; Recording:... (1)
Date User Comment
11/14/2000 PainoMan There is a cut or a skip in D4T2 (Dew) at 04:13 Unsure if this is a CD skip from the CDA gens, but that's what it sounds like.
12/07/2000 Stephen Kinsch There is a skip or cut at 7:28 on D2T9 - Here Comes Sunshine.
10/28/2001 Jason Moleton Tracking starts too late on IKYR (begins at end of China Cat), and Big River (begins at end of Ramble On). Great sound and show, though.
06/24/2002 August West Pretty solid/standard 1st set. 2nd set is very exciting in a mellow, relaxed '73 kind of way. The entire 3rd disc is a great listen and makes up for any shortcomings the recording may hold. Dig the jam out of Weather Report Prelude.
10/22/2002 GDLIVE http download
from gdlive gd73-03-26

07/28/2003 Sean Cribbs Additional skip/splice at 11:50 in the jam out of Truckin'. I also note a few spots of static during Truckin' and the jam that follows it, as well as during Wharf Rat.
02/21/2006 Bzl. You can fit the show on 3 80-min discs if you move Sat Night to end of first set. It also gives you the whole Jam on the 3rd disc, which is nice.
02/25/2006 Joey Browning Still have not been able to determine if that was Wolfman Jack.Though i do rember he was a short kinda stout man!
02/25/2006 Joe Jupille It's definitely Wolfman Jack. I haven't heard this in ages, but he is introduced (or introduces himself). Definitely him. That voice. And then Jerry's inflection on it during Ramble on Rose, the cheer of the crowd.
04/08/2006 Joey Browning I was there and saw him!He seemed a tad short,i thought it might have been a local DJ goofing off.i'm not sure if the crowd,well,it seemed as if the whole crowd was trippin!
02/06/2008 charlie miller -- Last few notes of Looks Like Rain are cut
-- Reel flip in Here Comes Sunshine
-- Reel flip in Truckin' jam
-- Reel flip in Morning Dew