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Phish 09/30/95
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
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Entered by Terry Watts
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Source Summary flac16, 44kHz; Sony ECM-727p > Sony TCD-D7 > DAT(m); DAT(m) > Tascam DA302 > Sound Blaster Audigy > SoundForge > FLAC; Source and Transfer by Don Olker 
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September 30, 1995
Shoreline Amphitheater
Mountain View CA

Set I:
1.  My Friend My Friend
2.  Cars Trucks & Busses
3.  Chess Intro/White Rabbit Jam
4.  Reba
5.  Uncle Pen
6.  Horn
7.  Run Like an Antelope
8.  Blue & Lonesome*
9.  Sample in a Jar

Set II:
1.  Runaway Jim
2.  The Fog That Surrounds
3.  If I Could
4.  Scent of a Mule
5.  Mike's Song
6.  Keyboard Army
7.  Weekapaug Groove >
8.  Suspicious Minds** > HYHU Jam >
9.  Cavern
10.  Crowd Noise
11.  E:   Amazing Grace
12.  E:  Good Times Bad Times

* - Dedicated to Jerry Garcia
** - First time, Elvis Presley? cover sung by Fishman, with cape...

There is a large chessboard on the back of the stage.  The band will
be playing the audience during the tour, one move per show.  The
band's collective move (white) will be made during the first set, the
audience (black) decides on a move by group decision at the Greenpeace
table during the setbreak and moves just before the second set.  Page
and a tourhead named Pooh played a 3-4 move intro to set up the board
during the White Rabbit jam in the first set.

Recording info:
Recorded from seat Sec 102 Row N
Sony ECM-727p -> Sony TCD-D7 (Sony DG90M DAT)
Tascam DA302->COAX->Sound Blaster Audigy->Sound Forge 8->Flac Front End level 8->you

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01 My Friend My Friend.flac:eda848be705d19b9386ebfd99cdcc4fc
02 Cars Trucks & Busses.flac:e7df1fc510e71e92211f4aacecd4a8a2
03 Chess Intro-White Rabbit.flac:ab16e2e93a0ec151479baffe8b43aecb
04 Reba.flac:9bb8cf209d5d15b83111ca6a49c28270
05 Uncle Pen.flac:48a2a067ac72014a4616d1c99eb32549
06 Horn.flac:76aed880ff5217d21cbbe5b15c9ddbd8
07 Run Like an Antelope.flac:5ddb59e432ad4af6614764a911da9d11
08 Blue & Lonesome.flac:69a675fb81b231516b546055c95dd05e
09 Sample in a Jar.flac:31a8eed4439b2d197f43d78568ef5951
10 Runaway Jim.flac:5590ebd3cb1a52102343fe53ee841bb7
11 The Fog That Surrounds.flac:a8722259b4e44d82f3bfa6669e1fda0d
12 If I Could.flac:caaf80c90327e3e4a1de2d63741f894b
13 Scent of a Mule.flac:9f8a28095fd737a772f44a2513f1c56a
14 Mike's Song.flac:6e344f13263780d6835e1190b984267b
15 Keyboard Army.flac:646f338ce6505610b03b9c9ed9519f26
16 Weekapaug Groove.flac:e426fe64a3ab3880f95a9a5469752fd7
17 Suspicious Minds - HYHU Jam.flac:e5c47006d04e5f9d4295cd8b910787b0
18 Cavern.flac:0b7045e66c0022d1772540166a6d8d6d
19 Amazing Grace.flac:014f9af588560698cc24595e2ebb9586
20 Good Times Bad Times.flac:87c76b2fabc5afee6e621504840fc6c3

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