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Phish 12/12/97
Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY
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Entered by jeff mitchell
Checksums ffp , flac_md5
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Source Summary flac16 44.1kHz Neumann U-89is > Sonosax SX-M2 > SBM-1 > DA-P1 @ 48k; DA-30 mk II->Digi002 rack->Pro Tools LE 6.4 (fades, resampled at Tweak Head-highest setting)>CDwav->FLAC w/ md5summer checksums; taped by Dan Estrin; transfer by Dave Schall 
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Knickerbocker Arena
Albany, NY

source: Neumann U-89is > Sonosax SX-M2 > SBM-1 > DA-P1 @ 48k
(I believe this was taped by Dan Estrin)

transfer: DA-30 mk II->Digi002 rack->Pro Tools LE 6.4
(fades, resampled at Tweak Head-highest setting)>
CDwav->FLAC w/ md5summer checksums

transfer by Dave Schall 12/17/05
flac fingerprints and md5 regenerated 12/12/2016

Disc 1
Set 1:
1.  Funky Bitch >
2.  Also Sprach Zarathustra >
3.  Camelwalk
4.  Taste
5.  Bouncing Around the Room
6.  Tweezer
7.  Trainsong
8.  Character Zero

Disc 2
Set 2:
1.  I Saw it Again >
2.  Piper >
3.  Swept Away >
4.  Steep
5.  Prince Caspian*>
6.  Izabella
7.  Tweeprise

Disc 3:
1. E: Guyute
2. Run Like an Antelope

* - The unusual exploration into Izabella from Caspian negates
our usual  fall 1997 labeling of Caspians as Fuckerpants.  This one deserves respect.
Long live the Fuckerpants.

Show Checksums
ph1997-12-12d1t01- Funky Bitch.flac:e0d448993e7da758b2518d7e21b8e16c
ph1997-12-12d1t02- Also Sprach.flac:85c35492666a39356b017804cdcd0a22
ph1997-12-12d1t03- Camelwalk.flac:66bcfa6d57f1785238e339a48f383df6
ph1997-12-12d1t04- Taste.flac:9fd56c5b9e4ccf58fdbe320c17994e88
ph1997-12-12d1t05- Bouncin.flac:123b24193f6918f874343de1d2d6b8fe
ph1997-12-12d1t06- Tweezer.flac:d18d67788c356b0b27e0f8d8d529e7e3
ph1997-12-12d1t07- Trainsong.flac:e59674d88e2b1aecf278456a992be9ba
ph1997-12-12d1t08- Char Zero.flac:d8f1d918b15c0e9443cf578f0b946a0e
ph1997-12-12d2t01- I Saw it Again.flac:c52c910f1326c4bd268010febb81bfd3
ph1997-12-12d2t02- Piper.flac:48cf3f4e2cbe0395853dec2dd947ed94
ph1997-12-12d2t03- Swept Away.flac:f470f15a68d6ed083cf8b0edb600d43f
ph1997-12-12d2t04- Steep.flac:23127beff7d8e7a1f7cb07986f28ed05
ph1997-12-12d2t05- Prince Caspian.flac:134d56e445ff1df8a84759915278605e
ph1997-12-12d2t06- Izabella.flac:f9c11b538fdd3b5e43fa4aecf3596a46
ph1997-12-12d2t07- Tweeprise.flac:376844dcda74c54c2ed3675dc77123a8
ph1997-12-12d3t01- Guyute.flac:2fd2b22aee5f24089d243f93a4999359
ph1997-12-12d3t02- Run Like an Antelope.flac:d197a8809d2d290c00d038f1ea81df43
03091adeeabb3e75d4d9387035983c37 *ph1997-12-12d1t01- Funky Bitch.flac
14b087341c8fb6a0c14fe7b48a622bc1 *ph1997-12-12d1t02- Also Sprach.flac
43f132ee28922f70b804c7f00098424f *ph1997-12-12d1t03- Camelwalk.flac
25170b4bda05d6ce6f232dcb2b57ae20 *ph1997-12-12d1t04- Taste.flac
475423916c73ced535c639fbf9789947 *ph1997-12-12d1t05- Bouncin.flac
6f57f9112bb277675110bc7205704f59 *ph1997-12-12d1t06- Tweezer.flac
dc655098ff131d3ec2d4370ed3f8f18d *ph1997-12-12d1t07- Trainsong.flac
dc06088c78a36f695245a436ad809484 *ph1997-12-12d1t08- Char Zero.flac
532cfda7c2c8f57c25c3c528dd52d55e *ph1997-12-12d2t01- I Saw it Again.flac
662cec61d9521663bb99672eb116f943 *ph1997-12-12d2t02- Piper.flac
d86e92870d06917da24fbe123a4020f7 *ph1997-12-12d2t03- Swept Away.flac
d969faf4c0470117217e117978fdf223 *ph1997-12-12d2t04- Steep.flac
67a992038ef9eac277382f189c222bc4 *ph1997-12-12d2t05- Prince Caspian.flac
528e8b04b9c077f875ecbb0a892348d8 *ph1997-12-12d2t06- Izabella.flac
a830b2680d88754523420fc2dd1b6390 *ph1997-12-12d2t07- Tweeprise.flac
c85db275c522efbfe04062e29ee8809a *ph1997-12-12d3t01- Guyute.flac
940082250d54942195b2113fe726e11c *ph1997-12-12d3t02- Run Like an Antelope.flac

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