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Phish 12/13/97
Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY
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Entered by jeff mitchell
Checksums ffp , flac_md5
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Source Summary flac16 44.1kHz Neumann U-89is > Sonosax SX-M2 > SBM-1 > DA-P1 @ 48k; DA-30 mk II->Digi002 rack->Pro Tools LE 6.4 (fades, resampled at Tweak Head-highest setting)>CDwav->FLAC w/ md5summer checksums; taped by Dan Estrin; transfer by Dave Schall 
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Knickerbocker Arena
Albany, NY

source: Neumann U-89is > Sonosax SX-M2 > SBM-1 > DA-P1 @ 48k
(I believe this was taped by Dan Estrin)

transfer: DA-30 mk II->Digi002 rack->Pro Tools LE 6.4
(fades, resampled at Tweak Head-highest setting)>
CDwav->FLAC w/ md5summer checksums

transfer by Dave Schall 12/20/05

Disc 1
Set 1:
1.  Yamar
2.  Yamajr jam >
3.  Axilla 1 >
4.  Theme From the Bottom
5.  Ginseng Sullivan
6.  Strange Design
7.  Sample in a Jar
8.  Vultutres
9.  Tube
10. Good Times, Bad Times

Disc 2
Set 2:
1.  NICU
2.  Punch You in the Eye >
3.  Ghost >
4.  Mike's Song (Bring the Dude Jam) >
5.  Llama
6.  When the Circus Comes to Town
7.  Weekapaug Groove >
8.  Catapult >
9.  Weekapaug Groove

Disc 3:
1.  Harry Hood
2.  E: My Soul
3.  Squirming Coil

Show Checksums
ph1997-12-13d1t01- Yamar.flac:6388e9ed62e9e5765334bc5d3131ed2e
ph1997-12-13d1t02- Yamar jam.flac:2ebd6f186e47ba7e08dcb81e474bad2c
ph1997-12-13d1t03- Axilla 1.flac:ebba2434d473044f4b12f993dbe35914
ph1997-12-13d1t04- Theme from the Bottom.flac:589c1610355cfb2084478cb61fad7644
ph1997-12-13d1t05- Ginseng Sullivan.flac:f0ccbff6770b024c9aed11375b95af13
ph1997-12-13d1t06- Strange Design.flac:332271a9cf1ed2347234cf4898cd3fea
ph1997-12-13d1t07- Sample in a Jar.flac:5e67b59157fb940a61b9a5cdff23fbe7
ph1997-12-13d1t08- Vultures.flac:e0e012706fcf93d5be19e9e02cee669c
ph1997-12-13d1t09- Tube.flac:a7964f2bda490027eac71daf6b2cc6db
ph1997-12-13d1t10- Goodx Badx.flac:3542e461187a75b855a9f5b32597c187
ph1997-12-13d2t01- NICU.flac:5db6a6879fd4aa9348e0b8b614dddc19
ph1997-12-13d2t02- PYITE.flac:d3a3190b77ca1e1ba9de99c54c8688cf
ph1997-12-13d2t03- Ghost.flac:36ce0a8d3cf7867c34df497e8f694463
ph1997-12-13d2t04- Mikes Song.flac:8f05d4f0726356934e7788129915aa66
ph1997-12-13d2t05- Llama.flac:8640a384b3ccd83f0cce6350054cd17c
ph1997-12-13d2t06- Circus.flac:920cdcdc01be7efb528143f881f6ad34
ph1997-12-13d2t07- Weekapaug Groove.flac:7a89829a29efb17e5feb041309247fdd
ph1997-12-13d2t08- Catapult.flac:1909393aa10423ec9bcdfc0957a185fa
ph1997-12-13d2t09- Weekapaug Groove.flac:fc730b0d16a1e1fabede7fb7f4b25b0e
ph1997-12-13d3t01- Harry Hood.flac:970110a4a19477e7d36edd58e60195af
ph1997-12-13d3t02- E- My Soul.flac:fe5afbccd7fdf68a9f7806c49fdc2064
ph1997-12-13d3t03- Squirming Coil.flac:e52d441af628d19b61ac79dc10d32c1a
c55725be8526243bc1c5582c3e58ffa4 *ph1997-12-13d1t01- Yamar.flac
c92da5313f43e704f60bb8c28ca3d08a *ph1997-12-13d1t02- Yamar jam.flac
50ed2f45caf0e0fa11da5f46a4e8747d *ph1997-12-13d1t03- Axilla 1.flac
d5d0611280225b5f170eae5525f4b5a8 *ph1997-12-13d1t04- Theme from the Bottom.flac
9277fec37ee18a7b354e0c1b238bc761 *ph1997-12-13d1t05- Ginseng Sullivan.flac
207db3203f9ee9a66623f07c1228602f *ph1997-12-13d1t06- Strange Design.flac
74c66dbd896970e777582e3f15f4b8b9 *ph1997-12-13d1t07- Sample in a Jar.flac
5eb285e53e616931fa6f6ecca314e3ff *ph1997-12-13d1t08- Vultures.flac
70098e4d99c00cc3b3f8e674b4ee8b02 *ph1997-12-13d1t09- Tube.flac
6c8c963e86084d7b2ca78fa0959c560d *ph1997-12-13d1t10- Goodx Badx.flac
23b03dd94ed8acd627f0300f58bf87aa *ph1997-12-13d2t01- NICU.flac
b47db6d4ded871c6a687f369a7b484ef *ph1997-12-13d2t02- PYITE.flac
7329791da4d2d16f36b2a88f844e035f *ph1997-12-13d2t03- Ghost.flac
5dd0aff88d7f42b809de6f20195f4337 *ph1997-12-13d2t04- Mikes Song.flac
07873f485fdcd999d2a619a894e99fa6 *ph1997-12-13d2t05- Llama.flac
47fddd7e4a4d8c0ba10157fb02a5a9da *ph1997-12-13d2t06- Circus.flac
6fb449b0beb6bec8985bfaceabbf33a3 *ph1997-12-13d2t07- Weekapaug Groove.flac
1800d219099bd6d89e71305feb993f91 *ph1997-12-13d2t08- Catapult.flac
def82e5c9b43be8089cf8a26357266d1 *ph1997-12-13d2t09- Weekapaug Groove.flac
e7be344438c8d4279ef34eb764d2149b *ph1997-12-13d3t01- Harry Hood.flac
9e8da34fcce8342f029571deb27d05ad *ph1997-12-13d3t02- E- My Soul.flac
a02d9ef1c0cd5dd41daa50ac49c03cc7 *ph1997-12-13d3t03- Squirming Coil.flac

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